SERGEANT FREEMAN by Gloria Browne-Marshall

Feature Screenplay

Action / Drama

African-American Army Sergeant Stella Freeman’s college-bound daughter Keisha goes missing on the day Freeman becomes the first woman to train the Army’s new Urban Terrorism platoon. A single mom and widow, Freeman is fighting to find her daughter while the Army pressures her to represent women in this life-changing assignment to lead the platoon, filled with in-fighting soldiers. To rescue her daughter, Sergeant Freeman must enter the enemies’ lair of White supremacists led by a rogue ex-military criminal terrorizing a poverty-stricken Pennsylvania town he’s using to hoard weapons for a race war.

“Sergeant Freeman” captures the imagination and emotions of all parents who must fight to save their children while remaining a tense mystery that exposes the theater-goer to the frightening world of America’s domestic terrorists and as a compelling story of good or evil.

By pitchstory

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