Kane’s Theatre
Thriller Feature
By Stephen John Beyer

WeScreenplay hails, “Kane’s Theatre’s” concept is fascinating, intriguing, and introduces the audience to a world that they would not see in their everyday lives. It is also able to interlink periods in time that create a sense of nostalgia and the love of film, that many of the audience will more than likely also hold.”

The story of “Kane’s Theatre” is about an aspiring writer named Charles Foster who is trying to move forward after the loss of his wife, as he continues their dream of being theatre owners, and to fulfill his promise to love again. After the heartbreaking loss of his wife and hitting bottom of the barrel, Charles moves into an abandoned movie theatre. Charles and with the help of others, remodel theatre as more repairs become apparent, while many disappear and are murdered by an evil presence. As the theatre reopens and comes back to life so does Charles. Charles sobers up, regains his appetite, and finds companionship with a neighboring waitress named Donna.

Shortly after, theatre ticket sales decline and clues point at Charles’ involvement with the missing. Charles finds himself at the bottom of the barrel once again and decides to close the theatre. While at the brink of despair, the spirit of the theatre’s prior owner, and former hitman, Thomas Kane, appears and Charles makes a deal with the devil. Kane who is stuck between a personal oasis and hell is haunted by Chicago Crime Boss Les Townsend who shot Kane dead along with his lover in front of Kane’s Theatre back in 1941.

Kane helps Charles re-open the theatre with much success and in return Charles agrees to help Kane stop and defeat Townsend. As Charles learns to love again, his riches and dreams become true, bodies pile higher and suspicions continue to grow. Now, with time running out, Charles must redeem his soul by uncovering the truth about the missing and meet the end of Kane’s bargain. Or if Charles does not stop the bloodshed nor meet the end of the bargain, Charles’ soul may be lost forever.

By pitchstory

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