SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Return to Sender, by Eric White and Gary Familathe

Return To Sender

Logline: Ukrainian female partners stumble onto the Russian missile launch site involved in an airliner shootdown and must escape Ukraine to avoid Russian operatives, only to return years later armed with skills and the support to turn the tide against the Russians and Russian-backed Separatist militia.

Ivanna is an aerospace engineer and her partner Darina is a fashion model. Out for a Sunday drive with Darina’s family, the group stumbles on a Russian vehicle parked in the family farm pasture. Without provocation, the Russians kill Darina’s Father, Mother, and Brother and attempt to molest her. Ivanna escapes her attacker and use his weapon to kill the four Russian soldiers — using a bayonet to finish the last one.

Ivanna and Darina are pursued by Russian operatives, but are taken in by the Australians, who value their intelligence information about an airliner shootdown. Ivanna and Darina end up in Western Australia, where Darina has an “Influencer” show, which is really a cover for passing along intelligence information to the Ukrainian National Militia and Military. Ivanna works on drone technology, using her avionics expertise.

Ivanna and Darina return to Ukraine after more of their family are killed and Ivanna’s teenage brother goes missing. Darina continues her highly popular Influencer/Intelligence show, and Ivanna helps with drone hijacking.

Ivanna spies her brother at a Separatist artillery site and intentionally flies her drone off course to avoid hitting the site and endangering her brother. Now that they have found Ivanna’s brother, they can rescue him and continue to fight the Russian threat to Ukraine

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