Logline: From height to lockdown, by Viktoriia Zykina

2021, Lockdown. Oleg has 3 days to get from the top of Nepal to his dying father in Ukraine through a cyclone, mass panic and bureaucracy. Based on real events. Consent to the use of personal data has been obtained. The consultants are professional Norwegian climber Erlend Ness and professional Slavs mountain guide and climber Dmitry Ermakov (Trips for Friends).

Oleg and 8 commercial climbers from Ukraine and Russia go to conquer the top of Island Peak in Nepal. During the ascent, due to a bloody cough, they lose one participant. Covid-19 was discovered on Everest. The authorities decide to close the country within 3 days. There is a transport collapse. Oleg learns about his father’s stroke and the closure of borders. He’s coming down. A married couple from the group gets sick. The rest of the group conquers the top. On the way down, Oleg gets injured. He’s waiting for the others. They descend together in the rain and fog, somewhere running, somewhere in helicopters. There aren’t enough helicopters, so they have to choose two who will stay. One woman injures her leg. Only Oleg and two friends get to Kathmandu. They barely have time to pass the covid-19 test. Oleg is supposedly ill and will not be released. One of them is taken to the Covid dispensary. The second one is stopped at the airport because of problems with documents. Oleg remains alone, but manages to board the last plane.

Writer Biography – Viktoriia Zykina

I’m Zykina Viktoriia Olegovna, born on 11.10.1990. I’m divorced, have a son of 1,5 years. I have two higher educations – public administration and law. Before the birth of the child, I worked in a state institution, wrote official answers to citizens’ complaints. Previously, I would never have thought that I could create something literary. It’s important for me to combine work with raising a child at home, so I just tried to write screenplays, while my son was sleeping. The first two scripts participated in many competitions and festivals. I have finished the third screenplay with which I’m going to move to the professional level.

I don’t have any unfinished scripts. I always finish work, don’t get distracted and don’t leave it halfway. I don’t have any unappreciated scripts. Since the first work, all my scripts have been included in competitions and festivals, and have also been awarded. I have commercially profitable ideas for work for the next 2.5 years.

I’m more interested in a good, exciting plot than a beautiful video sequence. I also like to look at familiar things from a different point of view, for example, to experience the story of Beauty and the Beast on behalf of the Beast, to see his experiences, doubts and choices.

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