Logline: JIGSAW PUZZLE, by Simona Mancini

When Alice returns to the city after her rehabilitation, she finds herself in a society that does not forgive the weak. Her addiction, now overcome, has marked her so much that she is unable to get a job in a period already hit by the economic crisis, nor to re-establish all her previous interpersonal relationships. The first abrupt return to reality occurs when, in addition to having to get back into the game, she realizes that everything that had been important to her up until that moment no longer counts for anything. Before the addiction, before the drugs, she led a simple life that centered on her passion for music, so much so that she started a band. Now that music is a distant variable even her old friends: Giada, Giacomo, Stefano, Benedetta, members of the band, seem to no longer want her with them. Alice reacts by leaving to visit her sister, who moved away some time before, and it will be the journey that will connect her with new realities and new people, such as Irene who will follow her to remedy her problem: she wants to have an abortion. While they are away, the guys in the band sign up for a music competition that will be unsuccessful. They too will be forced to face reality and decide what to do with their lives. Alice and Irene discover that they are more similar than they thought and both will give a decisive turn to their lives.

Project Type: Screenplay
Number of Pages: 100
Country of Origin: Italy
Language: English

By pitchstory

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