Logline: LAST TOUR, by Jeremy Wade Rodman

A recently deceased rock star is taken on one last tour of the U.S. by a group of misfits.

A ragtag group of true fans of the late rock star “Hugo” liberate him for a last tour of the United states. They load into the Beast, a titanic 1970s-era car, for a drug-and-alcohol-fueled trip while finding the dream of the American road. Shenanigans and hilarity ensue—from within the car, at the morgue where “Hugo” is kept, and a variety of other locations.

Along the way, “Laney” and “Ethan” find love, “Shaun” realizes the jackass driving is a good guy, and memories are made during the innocence of youth in a bygone era.

Writer Biography – Jeremy Wade Rodman

At the age of 13 I attended puppetry camp in Michigan. That sparked an interest in storytelling, although the medium was rarely puppets as time went on. Instead, it was radio (and music), television and now video.

In college, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications, worked as a college disc jockey and owned a mobile DJ service. After college, I gained experience in theatrical lighting and stage construction while working for an A/V service. I worked in broadcasting as a production assistant for a local news station, and as a camera operator for the University of Nebraska Medical Center and as a up-link supervisor/special projects manager for a non profit television station.

From this experience, I discovered I really enjoy the content creation process, (story development, writing and scripting). As an avid student of movies of all genres, I’ve gained a deep understanding of pacing and intrigue, and how it relates to the storytelling process.

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