Logline: LIWAYWAY, by S. J. Glenn

Four main characters have lives on a collision course.

LIWAYWAY is a serious and thought-provoking story about women and for women. It is a work that should be directed and otherwise crafted by women, so men may learn from it.

It’s a provocative and perceptive tale deftly written for the International market. The story is about the human condition and how we should be thinking about the overall relationship between men and women.

The character-driven situations and chains of events forge scenes of not just romance, but also wrongdoing. While indeed a unique, romantic, and heartfelt love story, the content would not be compelling if the antagonist did not exhibit misogynistic and androcentric behaviors that insult, vilify, or disparage women. A good story needs a bad guy for the movie-goer to hate. Other individuals, too, express gender, race, and culture-based biases. The resulting emotional impacts are intentional.

LIWAYWAY is championing the worldwide movement against sexual harassment and prejudice. And, the very last scene – statistics against a black screen – bears witness to just how true this story really is.

LIWAYWAY [LEE-way-way] LIZARO is a young pale-skinned Asian ingénue complete with the fawn-eyed innocence of a child, but also with a striking and potent sexual appeal. Ms. Lizaro is righteous and brave, quite savvy and smart, except for when she decided to become an international Internet bride. Liwayway is neither a damsel-in-distress nor a woman so strong and assertive that she can control the circumstances of that fateful decision. No stereotype in this one. She’s real.

ROMULUS GAGE is a compassionate and hardworking “graying-at-the-temples” middle-aged man. He may very well be one of the last survivors of the Good Man genocide. Nowadays, good men are more rare than dateless cheerleaders on prom night. But, Rom is one. Working the overnight shift, investigating money laundering in a casino’s High Roller Room, he comes home each day and tries his very best to provide comfort to his seriously ill and disabled spouse. He loves his wife dearly. Nonetheless, his empathetic disposition leads to a love misadventure that may just end-up in woe, ruin, and possibly even death. On the other hand, such a love entanglement could result in the most amazing and magical time of his life. Then again, perhaps, it will be a destiny of reckless fun – fragrant with such spices as sex and desire – only to end in utter disgrace? Who knows? And, not knowing infuses the story with intrigue.

CURTIS CONNER COOPER (a.k.a. “Triple-C” and “Coop”) is a man, who as a human being is counterfeit. He can be sweet, but he’s all saccharine. Coop’s really a black-hearted and depraved individual who nabbed Liwayway as a mail-order bride. He’s not a super-villain physically abusing Liwayway. Physical abuse comes with bruises you can see. But, Curtis’s emotional abuse, manipulative comments, and controlling behavior inflict deep psychological scars. Until Romulus appears, Curtis has Liwayway in a prison of self-doubt more than fear.

NATALIE GAGE is the spouse of Romulus who is afflicted with a rare, chronic, and severe disease. A disorder which is life threatening. Physically and cognitively impaired, Ms. Gage endures pain and suffering and lives a life completely absent of joy. Natalie is greatly depressed and bitter, with no signs or feelings of hope. And, she can no longer find purpose and meaning in life. Highly labile in mood, she can go from pleasant to nasty, with vile outbursts of angry tantrums. These eruptions are downright inappropriate or disproportionate to the circumstances and acutely stress the marriage.

MISFORTUNE and HAPPENSTANCE are the true antagonist and hero that drive this story. They are just as authentic as any flesh-and-blood persona.

Torn between lovers… Make room Dr. Zhivago… Here comes another honest and heartfelt love story worthy to be seen in your good company.


Wed to a repugnant American, a sensible but ill-fated Asian mail-order bride stumbles into a forbidden affair with a devoted and kindhearted man caring for his seriously ill wife.

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