Logline: Operating System, by Ali Safari

The world has gone through countless wars. Humans are on the verge of extinction and environmental and natural resources are running out. People have to use microchips on their brains to survive in new living conditions. This tool allows them to choose different jobs. A gay man has a repetitive and boring life. The government has rejected him and he has to live alone. He hears the ad every day that if he buys a Stephen Hawking microchip, he no longer needs to work hard. Due to the loss of value for money, all of a person’s assets are the same as microchips. He has to give all his property to buy Hawking microchip.He eventually buys the Hawking microchip. But he made a mistake. He did not watch the ad completely and did not realize that this microchip was destroying all his physical abilities. In the end, we see that this is a mistake that everyone has made and now they have to find a way to evolve into a new life.

Writer Biography – Ali Safari

Ali Safari was born in January 1987 in Iran. He started writing plays at the age of 22. Works such as Auschwitz Women, Square, Holodomor, Invasion, Chronos, Joystick, Prize, Berlin at 10:10, Kebab, The Last Battle are among his plays that have been performed.

Six of her plays have been published in Iran, and the play Auschwitz by Women has been published in two languages, English and Ukrainian.

Natural Selection, Circus, Operating System, and Artificial Respiration are some of the screenplays written by Ali Safari.

In September 2021, she staged two plays, Holodomor and Auschwitz, by women in Kyiv, Ukraine, and at the Lviv Theater Festival in Ukraine. He won the Special Jury Prize of the Luivo Festival in Ukraine.

Writer Statement

This script is about the disappearance of modern man in the age of technology. A human being who accepts every great test in search of his identity.

This script tries to show the influence of the systems that govern the virtual world and show how this system takes people’s individual identities and makes them a learning tool. A human being who, after years of technological life, seeks his first individual desires such as love, affection and communication with other human beings.

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