Logline: The Fourteen Days, by Alexander Chernega

For forty-year-old bachelor Dave Woods, the owner of a brokerage company that gets into a car accident, a Private Emergency Hospital ”Michelle” is the place where he is destined to arrange his personal life and affect the fate of employees.


In the private emergency hospital “Michelle”, Lawrence Robins becomes doctor in charge of his former classmate Dave Woods.

Once Lawrence admits Dave in his addiction to alcohol. This revelation pushes Dave to implement his long-time idea – the original method of treating alcoholism.

To embodiment the idea, he turns to the owner of the hospital Michelle Lidenhoff. She decides to provide him with an office in the basement of the building for this purpose.

Daniel Bakker the son of Dave’s best friend, who jumped overboard into the sea while intoxicated, and works for Dave’s company.

Daniel meets in the hospital nurse Charissa Bress. She believes that all the troubles and problems of the hospital staff come from the local boggart, who has been interfering in people’s affairs since Michelle Lidenhoff changed the terms of the insurance contract by limiting hospital treatment to fourteen days, regardless of the patient’s condition.

Charissa accepts the wooing of Daniel and decides to use the knowledge and skills of a cute hacker. She convinces him to make a device with which it will be possible to detect the “hospital boggart” and persuade him not to harm people.

Meanwhile, Daniel installs special equipment according to Dave’s drawings in the basement room of the hospital. On night duty, the homeless Arie Wolter solicits alcohol from the nurse. Charissa decides to try on him new equipment.

A year later, Arie Wolter returns to a sober life, Lawrence Robins gets rid of the bad habit and connects their fate with Michelle Lidenhoff. Daniel Bakker marries Charissa Bress, Dave Woods and Anita Lidenhoff are expecting a baby and are getting ready for the wedding.

By pitchstory

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