Logline: Tooz Pitch, by Francis Kenny

Light Drama Biopic screenplay, ‘Tooz’, based on the life of NFL footballer, John Matuszak.

Six foot eight, 300 pounds and coming to party in your neighborhood!

‘Tooz’ came to be known to millions, not only for his football skills as a ferocious six foot eight’ 300 lb Line backer (which earned him two Super Bowl rings) but for his cult status as Sloth, the friendly giant in the 1980s hit movie ‘The Goonies’. A further element to the ‘Tooz’s’ fame was his talent for creative irresponsibility which included booze, women and drugs.

Tooz’s escapades had the effect of him being portrayed in the media as a hostile misfit. His rebellious nature resulted in jail time, fist fights and being bounced around to four NFL Clubs in three years, spending just two weeks at the Washington Redskins! His adult life at times took on a madcap, chaotic and riotous existence. This was entwined with the extreme pressure, desolation and pain that can, accompany the demands and expectations of a sporting lifestyle at its highest level.

Tooz’s post-football life saw a shift into movies and TV (acting alongside Ringo Starr) but his escapades with drink, cocaine and painkillers continued, which resulted in his sudden death age 38.

By pitchstory

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