All Souls Day

Winner of 2020’s Hollywood Blood Horror Festival’s Best Original Screenplay
By Stephen John Beyer

“All Souls Day” is about a clairvoyant named Alice who struggles with and is determined to confront her visions. Her most recent visions bring her to Camp Forest Green during a Day of the Dead Weekend Celebration. While most of Alice’s friends are unaware of such visions nor her abilities, her friends have kept secrets and resentments of their own. After settling in at camp, an apparition immediately appears to Alice and warns her of an evil presence. Later in the evening, Camp Director Alfred shares a legend around the campfire. Legend has it, during a storm near the turn of the century, a few hunters not only spilled blood of a sacred animal on an Indian burial ground nearby but became possessed, tortured, and fed on fellow hunter William Wilkenson. Wilkenson took his vengeance, became possessed himself, and his spirit is rumored to roam the woods of Camp Forest Green ever since. After the campfire, Alfred stays behind and is murdered by a mysterious and blood thirsty killer.

The next morning, Alice awakes from a nightmare about a couple who was killed many years prior at Camp Forest Green, who forewarns Alice of her pending doom. Later in the afternoon, as campers decorate masquerade masks, they are watched upon by apparitions of the same couple who were murdered years prior. As resentments flare among the girls and sexual tension heightens between the sexes, campers separate into pairs. While separated, campers prepare for an evening celebration and become intimate with one another as they are stalked by apparitions and a mysterious killer.

Meanwhile, Alice and Camp Counselor Sean both head to Wilkenson’s lodge to find Alfred where he resides as Alice admits of her current and past premonitions. While at the lodge, an apparition appears and whispers
to Alice not to trust anyone.

Once Alice and Sean return to camp, bloodshed starts, and bodies quickly pile up. As distrust divides, secrets and resentments are revealed among best friends, and everyone becomes a suspect. Now, with time running out, Alice must uncover the truth and confront her visions once and for all and face the mysterious killer who is revealed as the supernatural force known as William Wilkenson. Or if Alice does not confront Wilkenson, spirits from his victims will never be at peace and Wilkenson will continue to prey on campers and roam the woods of Camp Forest Green forever.

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