Twitter Short Story: 280 Characters, by Frankie Jones

Performed by Val Cole Remy came home late after the party hosted by his wife ended in their house. Remy ate three cookies that were sitting out. Remy did not know they were marijuana edibles. After dozing off from watching tv Remy woke up having hilarious affects from the edibles, waking his wife.

Twitter Short Story: A Helping Hand, by Yolanda Reid

Performed by Val Cole Scientist Dad worked for NASA from 1961 to 2006, studying space weather and radiation for GSFC’s Theoretical Division. Though proud of the Apollo successes, he conceded that a partner in heaven helped when he got a letter addressed to him at the “Theological Division”.

HIGHLIGHTS: August 2022 Film Festival

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today. Audience Award Winners:Best Feature Film: BREAKING 10Best Experimental Feature: THE WORLD CRUZERBest Short Film: FACE TO FACE: FORGOTTEN VOICES HEARDBest Sound & Music: BROTHER RICKBest Direction: THE 100 MILE JACKETBest Cinematography: WOLF WATCHERS Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film: BREAKING 10, 90min., USA, DocumentaryDirected… Continue reading HIGHLIGHTS: August 2022 Film Festival

Logline: Cancel: Among Us, by Bec Aristotle

#Cancel: Among Us by Bec Aristotle Logline: Two teens with a conspiracy theory podcast, must team up with a group of blacklisted adults in order to expose the darkness in today’s society, when a mysterious social media challenge reveals extraterrestrial demons live among them. Genre: Comedy/Sci-fi/Horror