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OUTTA THIS WORLD, 5min., Animation
Directed by Brittany Christine
An animated sci fi comedy about a human woman, Astria ZonBerg, who longs for something. On a journey with alien Pike to find it, she discovers something else she never knew she was missing.

Get to know the filmmaker on what motivated her to make this film:
The Pandemic and being in lockdown! I very much felt the same way my character Astria Zonberg did, in the sense that I had already turned my backyard into a beach complete with a lounge set for tanning, bbq area for cooking, volleyball court, ping pong table, racquetball set, tennis court, & projector screen for outdoor movies, then on the inside of my house I bought a rower machine, elliptical, bike, treadmill, thigh master, free weights, dumbbells, work out bands, a bosu ball, weighted throw balls, a thera gun, vibration plate machine, every board game target had on sale that month etc. I was going bored out of my mind and even started picking up crafts like sewing, knitting, macrame, pottery, candle making, doing puzzles, the list just goes on. It was absolutely hilarious. My old roommate Dakota would laugh at me and join in sometimes when she had a night off from working but to give you an idea, I never finished any of the projects I’d start because I would get so bored of them half way through too! Same with ordering food from the restaurants closest to me, I’d be craving pasta but then once it was delivered took one bite and was like AGH! Nothing satisfies me anymore. Hence the reason it shows Astria eating the buffet, playing golf, playing with cats, (I worked for a couple animal shelters in real life during that time called Hoja Nueva as well as Peru Dog Rescue, but we thought the purring of the kitties would be the quickest, easiest, and most funny to imitate) we really played on that where she is missing planet life even though she has it all on the ship, because I was missing social life even though I had everything I could possibly want to keep me entertained and busy while trapped at home. I have always been a very independent person, and enjoy my own company being the introvert I am, however, during the first yr of Covid I quickly realized activities aren’t nearly as much fun to experiment with or experience by myself. I wanted the audience to see & feel that in a funny way, rather than a sad and depressing one.

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