Feature Film: IT CAME FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, by Joel Weiss

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Type: Feature Film


Back in the 1950’s, two college sweethearts are making out in their car, when they spot a meteor crash land in a local cemetery. The meteor leaks out toxic material causing the corpses to rise from their graves.

Feature Film: The Man with a Glove, by Suzanne Lutas

Title of film: The Man with a Glove

Written by: Suzanne Lutas

Logline: A gifted art intern is forced by a desperate necromancer seeking after a cure for her son’s deadly disease to restore a 16th century painting believed to contain the secret to the Fountain of Youth.

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

US Copyright Number : 1-6466265021

Feature Film: AFOAKOM: once lost never regain








A priceless sculpture, the sacred cultural heritage of the KOM kingdom of Cameroon, is stolen only to be found for sale in the gallery of a notorious Manhattan dealer in primitive art. Its return is the only way to restore the people’s dignity and put an end to the ongoing misery.


Joseph DANJIE         (E-mail : mediaprocameroon@gmail.com)




Feature film


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Tragicomedy and fantasy odyssey


Feature Film: THE MAGIC PUKA, by Frank Vespe


written by: Frank Vespe


After their father is killed in action, twin teenagers discover a puka bracelet he sold on the beach while in college. Magically, they’re hurled back in time 30 years to that same beach, convinced handing him the bracelet will change the past and save his life.

Feature Screenplay

Novel: The Last Prince of Atlantis Chronicles, by Leonard Clifton

Genre: Young Adult, Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

Type: Novel


Allen King is an unassuming Black teenager living in a blue-collar family in Miami, Florida. After finding a magical crystal necklace he discovers that he’s actually an Atlantean prince. Suddenly things change for the gawky teenager. He gains the powers of telepathy and teleportation and finds that he is able to communicate with sea animals. Along with a beautiful Greek Goddess, his orphan best friends, and zany uncle, Allen keeps the Earth safe as they fight against his mortal enemies in an attempt to restore his kingdom, the lost city of Atlantis.

Novel: Potion Voyages Book 1: Castle & Conceit, by Jeremy Dwyer

Title: Potion Voyages Book 1: Castle & Conceit

Written by: Jeremy Dwyer

Type: Novel (Book One in a seven book series)

Genre: Musical, Fantasy

Logline: A deranged and disfigured prince is cured and manipulated by his scheming adviser. Using occult knowledge, magic potions and a device that builds grand castles, they plunder distant lands in order to become the wealthiest empire. Along the way, the tyrants capture a curious young woman who sings mystical and enchanting songs powerful enough to change the course of history for both good and ill.

All songs are professionally produced. Listen for free at http://www.potionvoyages.com/songs.aspx