SCREENPLAY TRAILER: CHASERS, by Eric White & Tony Folden

Written by
Eric White and Tony Folden


Inexperienced siblings escape pandemic lockdown in the City to vacation as storm chasers in the American Great Plains, only to inadvertently create a social media subscriber base of their misadventures.


Seinfeld meets the movie Twister



Writer: Caroline Heinle

Director: SanMartin Garcia

Type of screenplay: short film (drama)


Social media:




About the film:

WHITE NOISE is a short film about Dana’s struggles with chronic pain due to a genetic condition called scoliosis. Determined to feel better, Dana goes on a hunt to find answers through various treatments and doctors today, and loses all trust in healthcare. She moves back home with her parents, in hopes to get the support and healing she craves, and in doing so, she learns to take control of her condition and make decisions for herself again.

In the end, she finds the right doctor and has the courage to tackle spinal fusion surgery, with the love and support of her parents.

White Noise is an inspirational story that tackles the subject matters of body dysmorphia, depression, chronic pain, family dynamics and self-acceptance.

Full synopsis:

The film begins with Dana being overwhelmed by all of the doctor’s she’s seen and still trying to keep up with work and life today, while struggling with chronic pain. Her mother flies to see her and sees how bad off her daughter is, so she encourages her to move home to get the love, support and care she needs. Although her parents love her, they can be a bit controlling at times, so one night, Dana remembers a friend who also has scoliosis and contacts her. Her friend shares with her, her journey with spinal fusion surgery and the name of the doctor she saw. Although it is not her parents’ top choice, Dana and her mother go to see the doctor who makes her feel seen and heard and explains the surgery, without rushing her into making a decision. She finally decides to have the surgery, but has to climb one other obstacle along the way, which ends up uniting her and her parents again. In the end, she feels confident in her decision and in her body again.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: One More Sleep by Robert Drusetta

One More Sleep
by Robert Drusetta


One line teaser: “It’s Christmas Eve…again, and again and again” OR “He has 24 hours to save Christmas”

Summary if Script: Barry, a grumpy manager, wakes up at the North Pole on Christmas Eve, and told by Santa that his day will repeat until he finds his Christmas spirit.

Barry’s hilarious but failed Christmas spirit activities are complicated when he gets caught up in a rogue helper’s ambition to become the next Chief Helper. Barry must decide whether to help save Christmas or keep his job.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER:: Angel’s Kiss, by Shannon L. Clements

“Angel’s Kiss”
Written By: Mr. Shannon L. Clements

A Feature Length Female Lead

Logline: Framed and incarcerated for murder Angel finds herself on the run from a shadow government and the twin brother of the man she murdered.

In the beginning Angel and her superior officers, Devon and Jeff, stand outside of their general’s house in a thunderstorm. Showing her loyalty to the society she silently awaits her orders. Devon barks off a few commands and she jumps into action. No questions asked. Silently she creeps through the house searching for the general. She doesn’t find him until she crests the top stairs. Hearing his soft snore she ghosts the hall to his door.

Searching each door to make sure no surprises lay in wait, she finally reaches the door without incident. The door creaks open. General York comes into view. Angel sneaks into the room, across the dark void, and stand right next to him. She pulls out a snub nose .38 calibur Smith & Wesson blue steel with the pearl handle gun, opens up the revolver chamber, loads up the chambers with bullets, points the gun, cocks back the hammer, and squeezes the trigger. BANG! A flash of light & a loud rapport fills the air. Bright crimson blood splatters everywhere.

Angel jumps at the sight of the blood. “Oh my god! The bullet was supposed to be a blank cartridge! What have I done?” She exclaims. Quickly she drops the pistol and runs for her life. Out into the rain and lightning flashes she runs. A neighbor calls out to her. She runs back to the front.

Both Devon and Jeff ditched her. The tires of their car screech as they drive away from the seen. Angel gives a futile chase after them. Sirens wail in the background growing louder each moment. She turns the corner just ahead of the police. They give chase. One officer hops out of the car to follow her down the alleyway. The squad car backtracks the way it came.

Jumping a fence causes more problems for Angel than was needed. A growling dog appears in front of her. Slowly she rises to her feet. The dog gets closer. The officer radios in the location and situation. Angel bolts with the dog giving chase. Quickly she climbs the front gate. The dog grapples her pant leg desperately pulling her back down. Her pants rip and she lands safely on the other side. Crying her heart out she pulls out her fortune which tells her that she has been double crossed. The police take her into custody.

5 years later Angel is released from prison with nothing but the clothes she wore the night she was caught. Her friend Gracie picks her up with a new lease on life. What will happen next? Is she safe? Act 2 begins.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Welcome To New York-Afro New York Experience, by Obafemi Lasode

Welcome to New York-Afro New York Experience

Written by: Obafemi Lasode

The “American Dream” is alive and well, even in the African Community in New York City, “The Big Apple”!

A tale of Obaman Lahoo, a recent African Immigrant’s experience in New York City, the United States of America. An aspiring young African musician pursues his dream to be a big musical star in New York City, believed to be “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. His quest for Entertainment Success and Glory unfolds, as he confronts the trials and tribulations he meets along the journey to stardom in the “CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS”. His journey to New York, from Africa to the US, commences at the dreaded Arrival Immigration Desk at JFK Airport NYC. Next he had to confront
unexpected accommodation issues and had to spend a night sleeping on a park bench at Greenwich Village Park. Eventually he collaborates with musician acquaintances of his, and professional performances starts in earnest. His African-oriented shows attracts attention of a producer and Label Executive. A rags to riches story of an African Guitarist’s struggle in New York City.


SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Mountains Are Calling, Eva Bennett

TITLE of Script: The Mountains Are Calling

NAME: Eva Bennett

Type of screenplay: Feature

Logline: A​ recovering heroin addict leaves rehab and moves back with his parents to restart his life, only to have his daughter who he secretly gave up for adoption 18 years earlier show up at his door.

S​et in a small town nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, recovering heroin addict Mason Summers has just moved back in with his parents after a stay in rehab. The day after he arrives, he comes home to his darkest secret sitting on his couch – 18 year old Abigail Summers. The daughter Mason never told anyone about, who he gave up in secret weeks after her birth, the memory that has haunted him since. With nowhere else to go, Abigail is invited to stay at the Summers household until she sets out for college in the fall. Can Mason learn to be the father that Abigail has never had?

LOGLINE PITCH: The Time to Rescue Her Is Now, by Danny Karl Fleming

The Time to Rescue Her Is Now

by Danny Karl Fleming

The Time to Rescue Her Is Now is about a girl that falls into a cave in Yosemite National Park and is rescued by three rangers. It is set in the distant future. They become friends and visit many attractions including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Niagara falls. They use a vehicle that is a plane, boat, car, rocket, time machine, etc. It can go many places at the touch of a button.

It is a 4D movie, which is width, length, and depth (just like a 3D movie) with the fourth dimension time included.

Genre:. Science Fiction, Mild Horror, Action

Feature Screenplay