SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Treacherous Border, by Lawrence M. Watson

The Treacherous Border

Screenplay by Lawrence M Watson

Based on a true story of determination for a better life, risking it all.

Gene: Drama

My script centers around Antonio and Marina, the protagonists, who wish to cross their family illegally into the U.S. from Mexico. Arrangements are made for the family to cross the Rio Grande River and to bypass the Border Patrol checkpoint on a train. The family finds out their Coyote (individual who crosses illegal aliens) is an undercover agent for ICE on board the train to foil a military extremist plot on the train. They also run into an undercover agent for the DEA and members of a drug cartel in the same box car. The script also has three action scenes to include an explosion, a helicopter crash and the terrorist bomb exploding nearly causing the train to fall into a river from a bridge.

A surprising conclusion that brings together tales of love, resistance, determination, faith and terrorism that have defied the treacherous border.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Code of Redemption, by Guy Quigley


Author NAME: Guy Quigley

Type of screenplay: Action/Adventure/ Suspense/Thriller)

Line teaser:

A hijacked limo with an intended heist becomes a hijacked private jet with Jihadists’ on board, can a father and two sons survive or are they the ultimate sacrifice and will the female captives get their ultimate revenge.


John Wright and his two sons are hijacked in their limo on the way to a meet a Saudi billionaire on his private jet. Terrorists strap a bomb to his son Joe’s female assistant, Ally. The Jihadists take Ally hostage and leave her in the limo for security or death and take control of the Boeing Business Jet. They intend to fly the 737 into the white house. Their leader, Zihayr Ali Astarabadi, knows they cannot penetrate the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) as they have no Discrete Transponder Code. In a fight for life and death and after desperate attempts to communicate with the aircraft, F-16s bring down the jet killing all on board. Zihayr shoots John and after seeing his father dead body and knowing what was to be their future, at the insistence of Joe, Peter Wright sky dives out of the plane in tandem with Sylvia Hutton, one of the flight attendants. During the escape, Joe is shot by Zihayr who uses his own parachute and escapes, leaving Joe wounded on the doomed aircraft. The terrorists’ expensive futile effort is an elaborate ruse being called “Stage one” of a two stage operation. Washington is not the real target.
Art Goodwin is the brother-in-law of Sylvia and a service engineer for an apartment building in Washington, DC. He is called to service an apartment fax machine and because of his sneaky nature, before he trashes the thermal imaging paper, he prints copies. The copies reveal a coded network of US terrorist’s cells. Within the body of the faxes, is the secret to “Stage two” of the terrorist plan.

Peter Wright, like his father John is an ex-marine sniper, who is delivered to David Stein of Homeland Security where he interviews Peter and Sylvia. It is learned that the flight attendant, Sylvia, is an agent assigned to spy on the Saudi billionaire. Peter and Sylvia help as best they can and are dismissed by Stein, but Stein secretly assigns Sylvia to watch Peter. Art shows Peter and Sylvia the faxes. Sylvia is instructed to bring Peter back in as they have found Ally alive, the bomb failed to go off. Ally and Peter are consumed with revenge.

The DC terrorist cell finds out about Art’s handiwork. They seize him and his son to torture them for the truth. The terrorists murder Art’s wife who is also Sylvia’s sister. Following instructions, the DC cell leader kills one of their own, the young Raheem, who did not destroy the fax film. Raheem’s sister Malika, is also a cell member and upon finding her dead brother tries to save Art’s son from death. Peter and Sylvia find the secret cell. They wipe out the terrorists and rescue Art and his son. Peter learns from a dying Malika how to break the code. He passes it to David Stein of Homeland Security. The broken code takes them to the Bahamas and back and on to Miami to where “Stage two” is about to happen with the destruction of a fully loaded ocean liner leaving the port of Miami. David Stein wants the terrorists alive, so he can squeeze as much information as possible. Peter who has lost his father and his brother and Ally, who has survived the bomb harness, want them dead. Having lost her sister, Sylvia has her own loyalty and demons to deal with.

In an explosive climax, they are able to stop the “Stage 2” operation and David Stein gets his top terrorist alive, but Peter Wright, after all he’s lost won’t allow that to happen. Ally and Sylvia exercise their own Code of Redemption by a single sniper shot.

DIVERSITY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Death’s Hidden Love, by Ernestina Juarez

A cynical teenage girl views her father’s struggle with depression as a sign of weakness but her attitude toward him changes when an ancestor seeking a lost love saves them both from the wrath of an assassin in a drug cartel.


Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Peter: Sean Ballantyne
Rudy: Shawn Devlin
Chema: Geoff Mays

DIVERSITY Festival 1st Scene Reading: Border Flesh, by Pepe García Gilling

After losing his brother and the only family he has left, 14-year-old Connor encounters Fernanda and her 13-year-old daughter, Bárbara. Both women are Mexican and don’t speak a word of English. Connor, Fernanda and Bárbara must communicate as best they can to survive zombie apocalypse at the México-U.S. border. When they all decide to head North, a series of events unfolds that will ultimately lead Bárbara and Connor to unexpected encounters and unwanted confrontations.


Narrator: Steve Rizzo
Dustin: Geoff Mays

WINNING Short Screenplay: Bentobox, by Victoria Hirakawa-Lee Castro

With his father depolyed overseas in 90s rural America, a little boy of a half Japanese-half American decent connects with is mother through her cooking. After being teased at school for his strange lunches, he struggles to find his idenity between school and home, rejecting his mother in the process.


Narrator: Val Cole
Okasan: Kyana Teresa
Voice/Gardener/Benny: Steve Rizzo
Tim/Jon: Allan Michael Brunet

LOGLINE Video Pitch: Bound By Blood, by Dakota Banks


Bound By Blood by Dakota Banks

When a Colonial woman is unjustly burned at the stake, a Sumerian demon pulls her from the flames to become his Ageless assassin with powerful abilities until she rebels more than three centuries later, starting on a perilous journey to reclaim her soul by balancing lives taken at his direction with lives saved on her own.

LOGLINE Video Pitch: Dawsons, by James E. Carter


DAWSONS by James E. Carter

Kevin opened his restaurant Dawsons in the early 1970’s. The restaurant was a joint dream project with his wife Thelma who sadly passed away from breast cancer.

The neighborhood that he loves and adores Harlem is dealing with gentrification. His restaurant is on the brink of being shut down for good and he’s trying to keep it afloat.

Setting: Present Day Harlem, dealing with gentrification and everyday
issues and manage the relationship with his teenage son.

LOGLINE Video Pitch: From A Yardie To A Yankee, by Sardia Robinson

From a Yardie to a Yankee by Sardia Robinson

A young girl from the poorest parish in Jamaica dreams of going to America to be in the movies. Now grown up and successful, India Robinson flashes back and recounts her battles with dyslexia, bullies, racism, and absentee parents. With her vivid imagination, her singular passion, and a loving, but tough, grandmother’s support, India finally makes it to America joining a flawed mother she barely remembers. The film carries the audience through India’s emotional journeys, from self-doubt and resentment to acceptance and purpose with humor, drama, and an authentic Caribbean flare.