SCREENPLAY MOVIE: The Christmas Solution, by Michael D’Ambrosio

SCRIPT MOVIE – Christmas Solution
Narrator: Allison Kampf
Tess: Hannah Ehman
Nick: Steve Rizzo
Julius: Geoff Mays
Ethan: Sean Ballantyne


Julius once had the best PR agency in New York until a mobster framed him for white collar crimes and bankrupted him. After beating the charges in court, Julius needs something really big to rebuild his damaged career. Unbeknownst to Julius, his fiancee’ is the onetime girlfriend of a mobster, who still harbors ill feelings toward her over leaving him for Julius several years ago. The mobster, seeing Julius’ return as a sign of weakness to his enemies, wants to make sure Julius stays ‘gone’. Julius’ fiancee’ tries to deter Julius from re-entering the PR field to hide her secret past.
Julius watches from a cafe as a street corner Santa gets knocked over and ignored by several pedestrians. He wonders that the true spirit of Christmas has been lost. He suddenly realizes that if he can save the Christmas’ image from commercialism and restore its true spirit, he could get back on top of the PR world and back in the public spotlight.
After the mobster’s men trash Julius’ apartment as a warning, Julius and his fiancee’ travel to the North Pole to meet a reluctant and despondent Nick Baxter, the modern day Santa. Nick struggles with his boring image and the public’s fading perception of Christmas. Julius and Nick meet, thanks to some prodding from Nick’s elves and an old high school flame, to discuss a plan to save Christmas. Nick is reluctant to trust Julius at first but Tess and the elves pressure him into giving Julius a chance.

With the two women in New York for some advanced PR for Julius, he and Nick partake in a series of events and stunts to get Nick the right media attention to change the public’s perception of him. Nick and Julius learn much from each other, particularly how to improve their relationships with their women. One of the events features a 10 minute half-time one on one contest between Nick and a basketball star for charity. Nick gives the star a battle to the last bucket, much to the crowd’s delight. Julius’ fiancee’ takes exception to Julius’ growing popularity among the women during TV interviews and unknowingly takes Nick’s girlfriend to a club owned by the mobster, in hopes of making Julius jealous.

Things go horribly wrong when the mobster and his men kidnap the women, intending to sell them to a human trafficking cartel. Julius realizes that he needs to step up and save his fiancee’. Nick teaches Julius to be courageous and determined after an attempt on his life by mobsters. Nick’s determination to rescue the women inspires him as they pursue the kidnappers. Julius learns to use his resources by employing help from his media friends and the new look elves in cammo attire. They rescue the women while taking down the mobster and his gang in a dockside brawl. The news crews air the rescue live on TV, capping a wild return of the new look Santa, while injecting new-found Christmas spirit into an otherwise commercial holiday. Julius and Nick become close friends, knowing that they helped change each other’s lives. Julius steps up and commits to a wedding date with his fiancee’. Nick and his girlfriend enjoy their budding romance, making up for the past and missed opportunities
. All is well – for now. Merry Christmas.

Screenplay Trailer: AVARICE, by Mike Meier

A story about greed and mind control in the age of the Internet.

Avarice tells the story of an internet company that was set up with an ulterior purpose. Its maverick CEO deviates from the stated mission in pursuit of money and political influence. The set-up begins to unravel when an unemployed journalist searches for the next big story.

DIVERSITY Short Screenplay Reading: I Know How To Swim, by Cheryl Lewis

A black stuntwoman is hired at the last minute to replace the current white stuntwoman to be the new stunt double for a Person Of Color actress. Now she must stand up and defend her qualifications as to why she deserves the job.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Mary/Claire/Candace: Kyana Teresa -11
Tunisia: Hannah Ehman
Daniel/Johnny/Albert: Sean Ballantyne
Raymond/Marcus (M): Steve Rizzo

Winning SHORT Screenplay Reading: Kismet, by Bethany Northcott

Fifteen-year-old Anna has cancer. What’s worse, to her, is the truth she’s living with. It would break her single, devoted father’s heart, but she doesn’t want to fight the disease. She’s ready to die. In Kismet, Anna comes to terms with her decision to stop fighting her disease as her quality of life is consistently degrading. All the while, a new unlikely friend is changing her life in ways she cannot even see. Dealing with themes of disease, suffering, family, and redemption, the film considers the divine element at work in seemingly finite situations while also exploring the concept that our lives, while individual and unique, are also shared with those we love.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Anna: Kyana Teresa
Nicole/Woman: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Jene: Hannah Ehman
Donald/Dr. Furtz Bill Poulin

Winning SHORT Screenplay Reading: Eight And Sand, by Andrew Kenneth Gay

17-year-old America tries to hold her father and maternal half-sister together as they struggle to grieve the death of her mother.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
America: Hannah Ehman
Aliyah’s Mom/Hiker: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Aliyah/Sadie: Kyana Teresa
Jed: Bill Poulin

DIVERSITY Festival Best Scene Script Reading: THOSE WHO WANDER, by David Neal and Oscar Sanchez

In the 1950’s South, an aimless young lawyer finds himself torn between his racist family and community on one side and his six-year old client and a beautiful black woman on the other.

Narrator: Allison Kampf
Estelle: Hannah Ehman
Ben: Sean Ballantyne
Henry: Steve Rizzo