Feature Script: TRUE NORTH, by Richard Guimond

TRUE NORTH (based on my novel)

Set amid the dangerous deep-sea lobster trade—two brothers are torn apart by sibling rivalry, and ultimately battling a Canadian Fishing Company and each other—to the brink of a watery grave for the love of a beautiful girl from Chapel Cove, Nova Scotia.

Feature Script: CRAWFISH, by Alison M. Wilkom

Title of Story: CRAWFISH

Written by: Alison M. Wilkom

Logline: In Leavenworth prison a career soldier recalls the atrocities he committed, the family he left behind and upon his release fights in the First World War setting him on a collision course with his bloody past

Genre: War Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay, Mini Series Script

Feature DOC: My inspirational and terrible boarding school experience!!, by Sean Sullivan

Feature Documentary
470 Pages
Crater Lake School (was) a cruel place for me just because I have autism!! A year and a half after my first day there me and my family got the school shut down!!

Feature Script: THE WORLD WITHOUT THE AMERICANS, by Boutaleb Remassi

A violent earthquake that occurs at the level of the Atlantic Ocean hits the planet earth, this violent earthquake was followed by a tsunami. this earthquake was so violent that it caused the division of planet earth into two planets.
planet America = the entire American continent
planet earth = the rest of the world.

The peoples of the two planets are called to live in spite of themselves another destiny, an uncertain future.

I called planet America planet (9) and planet earth planet (8)

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    American Sign Language

Feature Script: NO PLACE LIKE HOME, by Chelsea Pittman Thrash

Title: No Place Like Home

Written by: Chelsea Pittman Thrash

Genre: Animated, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Logline : Two present-day best friends, bored to death with their cookie-cutter lives in their generic, chain-ridden hometown, accidentally discover their town is linked to an infinite number of parallel worlds, including one that threatens to destroy them all. Now, they must travel to the different worlds to find a way to stop their (and everyone else’s) actual deaths, and the destruction of their home.


Feature Script: SAVE MY HERO, by Paul Hubbard

Title of Story: Save My Hero

Written by: Paul Hubbard

Logline: Struggling with immense self-doubt brought on by a childhood trauma, a self-effacing woman sets out to rescue her husband from execution, but must face an army to free him.

Genre: Action, Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number:1970988

Feature Script: SCANDALOUS, by Walter Smith


Written by- Walter Smith

Logline- “Jules has a unique job; infiltrating small political campaigns, and crashing them from the inside. But what happens when he’s hired to take down a presidential campaign for the perfect candidate?”

Genre- Comedy

Type- Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration #: I331040