Feature Film: SOUTHSIDE by Benny Jean-Baptiste

Trey goes through Southside Jamaica, Queens dealing with the standard baby momma drama, systemic racism, and socio-economic disenfranchisement, but little does he know that this is the last day of his life.

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    Drama, Urban
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    United States
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Comedy Feature Film: AFTER YOU by Renton Méndez

6fef513e00 posterAFTER YOU follow the encounters and disagreements of four characters: Mariana, a shy and quiet girl, who was raised in a religious environment broken by her mother’s sexual encounters with, a priest (her father), the which the girl frequently witnessed; Amelia, an extroverted, cheerful young woman who enjoys life and does not think about tomorrow or yesterday, a precocious girl who grows in absolute debauchery; Pablo, a man full of almost ridiculous self- restraint and romanticism, educated only by his mother and two aunts, grew up in an old-fashioned female environment and has certain effeminate features or touches, but is almost certain to be heterosexual; and Andrés, an independent boy, partying and drug addict, with problems of addiction and personality disorders.


Writer Biography – Renton Méndez

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I was born on December 10, 1987 in Sonora, México, studied
cinematography at the Lumiere Institute, specialized in directing and writing at INDIe Films. He is a founding partner of Moon Wolf Films where he produces and directing. Nominated several times in multiple festivals. He works as a Director, Producer, Script Supervisor and Editor.

Feature Film: Pen & Paper by Peter Dessmann

Genre: Science Fiction

For: Feature screenplay / mini-series


It was 1983

The world was pure

Cars navigated graciously through the air

Hologram cinemas re-played Pulp Fiction every Thursday night

YouTube Plaza just opened a new fast food chain, Johnny Rockets or something?

The people were excited again, the first time since WWIII ended in ’74

America finally got back on her feet.

Then it happened..

The digital age just crashed, permanently

Feature Film: THE WORLD’S END by Sepehr Golmakani

The World’s End

One Morning, Christopher, a geology professor, wakes up in the park. He is completely naked and terrified. He can’t remember anything and he says just the only phrase: the world is gonna be end in the next 24 hours. Now, who do believe this crazy man’s words?

Genre: black comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi.

Written By Sepehr Golmakani

Feature Film: GOLD CADILLAC by Rick Eager

Gold Cadillac is a new, original screenplay…

Logline: A unique anthology of eccentric 1941 Cadillac owners, against an American historical backdrop, in a prosperous WWII Detroit, falling from riches to modern ruin.

Feature Film: IT’S IN HER BLOOD by Curtis Larade

Title of Story: “It’s In Her Blood”

Written by: Curtis Larade

Logline: “It’s In Her Blood” is a comedy about a fading narcissistic bimbo, made famous for her tawdry aerobics dance routine in the 80’s, who embarks on a shameless quest to claim the blood of her biological son in the name of looking young and sexy.

Genre: Comedy

Type: Feature screenplay