Feature Script: The Ghosts In Me, by Wolfgang Schuler

Title: The Ghosts In Me
Author: Wolfgang Schuler
Type of Screenplay: Feature Film

“The most startling discovery of the origin of humankind”

When you meet someone and they take your breath away.
When you meet someone and instantly like or dislike them.
When your dreams include people and places that seem familiar yet bizarre.
When you get a feeling or emotion when you see an image of a place or person.
When you hear music is it really a sixth sense.

All of these are explored and become unravelled in The Ghosts In Me. Dr. Anthony Watsford has spent his life researching DNA, he believes that DNA may be a repository of each individuals life and ancestry which could yield images or video or sound. With his good friend and co-worker, Dr. Lillian Wang, they design and build a human interface so they can interpret and see images they believe maybe contained within DNA. Their discovery soon catches the attention of a hostile Government agency, whose interest lies in ‘reading’ the memories of their targets.

What follows is a discovery that there is no such thing as ‘junk DNA’, and that each strand of DNA is a complete record starting with the dawn of humankind and … it’s Creator.

Feature Script: Late Bloomers, by Karen Elstone

Late Bloomers
Karen Elstone

Late Bloomers is an erotic story of women discovering their true sexual identities, women revelling in what they already have discovered and women just going with the flow…

Elaine is a 30-something lesbian who has just settled into her identity. She is frustrated and lonely, having been out of a serious relationship for over a year. She is looking for some company…and some action. She wonders if relationships are her thing and is considering having sex with no strings attached. Her career also frustrates her—she needs an overhaul in that department as well. An attractive woman catches her eye at her yoga class at the community centre. She wonders if this woman is questioning her identity, the way she did four years ago. Elaine is hopeful…

Feature Script: DUO DEMISE, by Blair London

Duo Demise

by Blair London

WGAW# 1592158

Logline: Two women, who look a lot alike due to having the same multiple-sperm donor father, and mothers with same characteristics, decide to murder their multiple sperm donor/playboy father. Since they get away with it, they go on to kill other multiple sperm donors.

Genre: Thriller, crime

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: Children of the Train, by Valerie Hocket

Children of the Train

by Valerie Hockert

WGAW# 1587435

Log Line: Train conductor is kidnapping children to save them from abusive situations; children who were thought to have disappeared and thought to have been abducted, are found.

Genre: Thriller, crime, family, drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: FLORIET, by Taylor Storm

Freaky Florist

by Taylor Storm

WGAW # 1599582

Logline: Enrique is looking at the Society of American Florists (SAF) website to be held in Palm Beach, Florida and is dreaming of possible unusual flowers that could win him an award. He plans to kidnap artists and make them paint flowers that would come to life through their artistic magic.

Genre: Drama, Crime, Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: THE UNITED DEFENDERS, by Kevin Morrison

Title of Story: The United Defenders

Written by: Kevin Morrison

Logline: An FBI agent convinces the world a group of D-list actors are real superheroes to scare off terrorists.

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: I322406

Feature Script: TRUE NORTH, by Richard Guimond

TRUE NORTH (based on my novel)

Set amid the dangerous deep-sea lobster trade—two brothers are torn apart by sibling rivalry, and ultimately battling a Canadian Fishing Company and each other—to the brink of a watery grave for the love of a beautiful girl from Chapel Cove, Nova Scotia.

Feature Script: CRAWFISH, by Alison M. Wilkom

Title of Story: CRAWFISH

Written by: Alison M. Wilkom

Logline: In Leavenworth prison a career soldier recalls the atrocities he committed, the family he left behind and upon his release fights in the First World War setting him on a collision course with his bloody past

Genre: War Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay, Mini Series Script