Titanic sinkingLogline: A special agent of the Royal British Naval intelligence Division in a last ditch effort to save humanity from the zombie apocalypse must take control of the bridge of the Ocean liner Titanic and send it and all of its infected passengers and crew to a frozen watery grave. WGA 1895937

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William Fuentes is an actor, known for Lumpia 2

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You’re so money and you don’t even know it. -Trent from Swingers.-

FEATURE FILM: The Followers by Brendan Byrne

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Jessie Lomax has always hung out with the wrong crowd; turning a blind eye to all the hate and online bullying that her friends subject others to for their own amusement.

Now, she finds herself wrapped up in this new age world of social media, where lush parties, drugs and alcohol, fuel the bikini-clad babes and muscled up guys, as she is dragged along by friends Kailanni and Xander, to the biggest social media party of the year; “Our Social Playground”.

All the falseness of pseudo-humans hiding behind their selfies and filters are gathered together, striving to achieve their overnight socialite status, but at what cost are they willing to go to achieve fame?

As someone from Jessie’s childhood resurfaces, she is forced to come to terms with her troubled past as two masked lunatics play a game of cat and mouse, terrorising Jessie and her friends.

Now, tied up, and all alone in an old abandoned cabin, she quickly learns that in the online faux reality of social media, not everyone that follows you online is a friend, which begs the question … Do you know who’s following you?

Writer Biography

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Brendan Byrne grew up in Sydney, NSW, Australia, with an Aunty, Grand Mother and Sister who were always acting in theatre, so, it was no wonder Brendan was destined to become an actor also… It’s in his blood.

However, Brendan was a reasonably late starter in the acting industry and didn’t get involved until he was 22. He started out as an extra on TV Shows, such as ‘Headlands’, ‘Home and Away’, and various commercials before finding he had a natural talent for acting and didn’t want to be in the background anymore. He quickly delved head first into his new found lifestyle of filmmaking and acting.

He is now 33 and has proven himself to be an up and coming artist, with more than 20 films under his belt. He has continued to impress audiences with his array of method acting skills in roles such as a hitman in the short film ‘Bleeding Backs’, three lead roles in feature films (among other things), from the lead detective in a mysterious murder case in ‘The Navigator’, to the desolate father who is grieving his dead wife and daughter in ‘Blind Justice’ but none more noticeable than the Aussie Outback Horror film ‘There’s Something In The Pilliga’ where his character ‘Jay’ was described as the love child of ‘Chopper Reed’ and ‘Mick Taylor’.

Brendan believes that, in order to get noticed as an actor, you need product, and there just wasn’t enough product going around, so, he decided to create his own. Brendan developed his own company called ‘Shadow Wolves Productions’ and has since written, acted, and produced his own feature films, and also helped produce ‘Death’s Waiting Room’, and his sister’s film ‘Phoenix Rising’ which are both set to be released later this year.

Brendan truly is an asset to any production, on and off the camera, Brendan’s keen eye for detail and wanting the best out of himself and his peers is what motivates others on a film set. Having Directed indie films himself, he knows how to talk to other directors and also to other actors, therefore also knows how to listen and interpret other directors, he believes to be a good leader you also need to be a good follower, and Brendan can do both.

Writer Statement

To get noticed, you need product; if there isn’t any product available … then create your own.

Feature Film: Cellfie, by Nemanja Colovic

221bcd2eaf poster1. Category & Genre: 3D Animated Comedy-Drama Adventure Film | Animated Feature

2. Title: Cellfie

3. Logline: Lost in the body of an ailing boy, a narcissistic cell named Cellfie, tries to find his way back home.

4. The story begins in Cell Block D, aka the lower intestines, where the cells of the body have created their own community called Cellciety. We meet CELLFIE, born with an “exceptional membrane” – the more water and oxygen he ingests, the shinier he gets. He is well known as the shiny cell.

Like all other cells in his community, Cellfie works in the Plumbing Department. Cellfie and his co-workers make sure that the water and oxygen transmission is clean through all of the pipes. They have no idea that those pipes are the insides of a 10 year old boy.

While maneuvering a secret plumbing project to secure abundance of water and oxygen only for himself, Cellfie damages the infrastructure, causing the young boy’s illness. During this maneuver, Cellfie accidentally falls in the Red River (blood vein), which is believed to lead to the edge of the world.

Instead of falling off the edge of the world, Cellfie starts a cosmic journey throughout the boy’s body, discovering a new world.

During his turbulent journey, Cellfie realizes that all the cells are actually creating one world – the boy, whose illness was caused by his selfishness. Realizing what he has done, he goes through transformation.

Cellfie is now in a race against time to find Cellciety and make things right – the destiny of the boy and all the cells is in his hands.

Writer Biography

Nemanja fog

Nemanja was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. Right after graduating from the 5th High School of Economics, he went to college in the United States on a full athletic scholarship as a soccer player. He got his bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Political Science and a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from Holy Names University.
Nemanja’s interest in politics led him to an internship at Mayor’s Office (Mayor of the City of Oakland Ronald V. Dellums), and later at Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s office. He also worked in business development and marketing for a startup in San Francisco. During his studies, he worked as a soccer coach, which later became his profession.

Growing up, cartoons and comedy were his religion. As a very young kid, he drew a lot and wrote stories. His early childhood passion came back to him few years ago, and he has been working on his animated sitcom project called Oaksterdum (www.facebook.com/Oaksterdum) and an animated feature film project titled Cellfie (www.facebook.com/Cellfiemovie) since then. He went back to school and got a certificate in Writing for Animation from Vancouver Animation School where he was mentored by Jack Enyart, a writer of cartoons Nemanja watched as a kid – Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, Johnny Bravo and Pink Panther.
Nemanja’s storytelling is impacted by his life experiences, as well as by realizations acquired through yoga and meditation, which gives his stories depth.

Writer Statement

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. A day without laughter is a day wasted. We think too much and feel too little.” Charlie Chaplin

Feature Film: Voodoo Love, by Mario Pineda

ACTORTitle: Voodoo Love

Written by: Mario Pineda


Genre: Biography

Logline: A violent Voodoo princess from Haiti, meets a monk in Los Angeles. Will he save her soul, or will she kill him?

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Feature Film: Money Supply, by Alan S. Ferguson


Written by: Alan S. Ferguson


Genre: Thriller, Drama

Logline: Foreign billionaires secretly dump truckloads of perfectly counterfeited cash all over the country, but the cash comes with a surprise; a deadly virus that can wipe out America!

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Feature Film: Virginia, by Edward H. Spruill

ACTORTitle: Virginia

Written by: Edward H. Spruill

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance-Drama/Science-Fiction

Logline: In colonial Virginia, three time travelers from the present discover that some relationships are not ever meant to be formed.

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Feature Film: Bommy!, by Boim Hwang

ACTORTitle: Bommy!

Written by: Boim Hwang

Type: Feature Screenplay )

Genre: Comedic Erotic Sci-fi

Logline: The monotonous life of a young, lonely, corporate man takes a new turn when a hyper-sexual female alien from Andromeda abducts him, volunteering to become his “significant” other.

WGA Registration Number: 1915780

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