Feature Film: IT CAME FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE, by Joel Weiss

Genre: Sci-Fi/Horror

Type: Feature Film


Back in the 1950’s, two college sweethearts are making out in their car, when they spot a meteor crash land in a local cemetery. The meteor leaks out toxic material causing the corpses to rise from their graves.

Feature Film: The Man with a Glove, by Suzanne Lutas

Title of film: The Man with a Glove

Written by: Suzanne Lutas

Logline: A gifted art intern is forced by a desperate necromancer seeking after a cure for her son’s deadly disease to restore a 16th century painting believed to contain the secret to the Fountain of Youth.

Genre: Supernatural Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

US Copyright Number : 1-6466265021

Feature Film: AFOAKOM: once lost never regain








A priceless sculpture, the sacred cultural heritage of the KOM kingdom of Cameroon, is stolen only to be found for sale in the gallery of a notorious Manhattan dealer in primitive art. Its return is the only way to restore the people’s dignity and put an end to the ongoing misery.


Joseph DANJIE         (E-mail : mediaprocameroon@gmail.com)




Feature film


United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Tragicomedy and fantasy odyssey


Feature Film: THE MAGIC PUKA, by Frank Vespe


written by: Frank Vespe


After their father is killed in action, twin teenagers discover a puka bracelet he sold on the beach while in college. Magically, they’re hurled back in time 30 years to that same beach, convinced handing him the bracelet will change the past and save his life.

Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: Rock And Roll Dream, by Chi Hsiu Chen

Title of Story: Rock And Roll Dream

Written by: Chi Hsiu Chen

Confident, brave and tender women’s friendship of Lucky Shamrock band never ends. The Top 1 C-pop Taiwan all girls idol group never give up on youthful rock and roll dream as they play the reunion show, but former band member suddenly dies. The rose that can’t be compressed, S.H.E can change the world and break the ceiling touch the sky.

Genre: Musical Comedy
Type: Feature Screenplay
WGA Registration Number: 1689573

Feature Film: Child of the Shroud, by David Young and Lana White

Title of Story: Child of the Shroud

Written by: David Young and Lana White

Logline: When an ambitious scientist inserts DNA from The Shroud of Turin into the fertilized egg of an unsuspecting childless couple, they give birth to a child who may be Christ reincarnated and struggle to keep him safe from powerful people who would take him from them and use him to
their own advantages.

Synopsis: Ron Fitzgerald is part of a team of scientists that studies the
Shroud of Turin in Italy in the 1970s. He later breaks with his
colleagues over the Shroud’s authenticity. Determined to prove
that the Shroud is indeed the real thing, he steals a *sample of
the cloth for carbon dating analysis and returns to the States.
With the help of his friend and mentor, Chicago biogenetic researcher and fertility lab director Joseph King, DNA is taken from the Shroud that confirms that the Shroud is genuine. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald is stonewalled in his efforts to publicize his results.

An increasingly obsessed Fitzgerald switches the Shroud DNA with the frozen embryo of a couple from Cincinnati, the Colbys. He believes that once a child is born with Christ’s DNA, the world will finally know the truth. The news gives King a heart attack, but before he dies, he confesses to a priest what they’ve done. Father Mattingly informs his superiors in the Catholic Church, who have connections with the U.S. government, and who are now tracking Samantha and Jason Colby’s every move until the baby is born. The couple happily welcomes their son Joey into the world, unaware of his divine heritage, and of the terror that awaits them.

Samantha and Jason want Joey to grow up and live a normal life, but everyone lays claim to their adorable and precocious son. In exchange for a large sums of money, a corrupt televangelist makes a deal with Fitzgerald to gain guardianship over the boy. The Catholic Church, meanwhile, believes Joey represents the culmination of an ancient prophecy and uses its influence within the government to have the boy turned over to its care.

Fitzgerald eventually realizes that faith isn’t about what can or cannot be proven.

He arranges for Joey to be safely spirited away, out of reach of those who wish to harm him or use him for their own personal gain, including his own.

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Film: THE SHOE SHINE BOY, by Mark Thiru

Title of Story: ‘The Shoe Shine Boy’

Written By: Mark Thiru

Logline: “New York, 1928: An affluent gentleman dexterously retreats the market after receiving stock wrinkles and financial bulletin of the say from his shoe shine boy.”

Genre: Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay