March 2019 – TOP FEATURE FILM Screenplays

Read the best FEATURE SCRIPT Loglines for March 2019:

Feature Film: MILENA, by Martyn Wells

Feature Film: The king of light the order of the dark gods, by Federico Carro

Feature Film: LOVE CHILD, by Kimberly Sturgell
Feature Film: SOMETHING IN COMMON, by Robert Cox

Feature Film: THE WAY WE WERE, by Rome Imari Mubarak

Feature Film: BLOOD IN THE WATER, by Patrick Bond

Feature Film: THE ABCs, by Monica Trausch

Feature Script: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within, by Chris Ramlochan

Feature Film: Dutchess County (An Early American Tale), by Michael Martin De Sapio

Feature Film: MY FAVORITE PERVERT by Samuel Zehr

Feature Film: The Magnificent Mid-Century Met by Nicole De Sapio

Feature Film: BELIEF by John F. Daly

Feature Film: GLOBAL CONTRACT by Dennis Paul

Feature Film: RED TUESDAYS by H.W. Pudding

Feature Film: MILENA, by Martyn Wells

9782f323ad posterWorld War 2, Caen – the journey of a standard issue Luger pistol which appears to choose who lives and who dies.

The story follows George Landon, a weathered Lieutenant of the 43rd Wessex Division, Acelin Baldermar, a freshly recruited private in the Nazi army & Thayer – a self-effacing Colonel with greater desires than just winning the war.

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Feature Film: LOVE CHILD, by Kimberly Sturgell

The chance to bring to light a stealth Claimant to the Camelot mantle is the media equivalent of the Holy Grail. Here is a tale of a woman raised in obscurity , in ignorance of her true origins. Living for years in the distant Provinces who has suddenly discovered her roots. More interesting, the Secret had been kept from her for over 50 years. Where the dark heart of conspiracy takes on a whole new meaning. This is the Zodiac speaking.
By: Kimberly Sturgell
True story, Drama, Horror, Suspense,

Feature Film: SOMETHING IN COMMON, by Robert Cox

Title – Something in Common

Written by – Robert Cox

Logline – Longing, greed, and ambition clash when a shy, nerdish young man writes a song for a musician he’s attracted to, only to have it stolen by a neighbor, who gives it to the musician as his own in order to win a bet. Can the young man overcome his limitations and fight for his last chance at happiness?

Genre – Drama

Type – Feature Screenplay

WGA# – 1898435

Feature Film: THE WAY WE WERE, by Rome Imari Mubarak

Title: The Way We Were

Author: Rome Imari Mubarak

During L.A.’s rise and fall of integration two brother’s worlds collide. Who will survive between blood and culture?

Genre: Drama, Dramedy, Family

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration #1981300

Feature Film: THE ABCs, by Monica Trausch

Title of Story: The ABCs

Written by: Monica Trausch

Logline: New in town, an insecure teen’s imaginary friend pressures her into a ruthless quest to join the diverse Insta-famous cool clique – at any cost.

Genre: Coming of Age Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within, by Chris Ramlochan

Title of Story: The Kingdom of Heaven is Within

Written by: Chris Ramlochan

Logline: An Agnostic who blames himself for killing his twin boys in an auto accident wants them back alive and well, so he climbs the highest mountain hoping to physically find God.

Genre: Family / Drama (faith-focused / contemporary / 100 pgs.)

Type: Feature Screenplay