Title of Story: The Unexpected

Written by: Melissa Diane Hudson

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Family

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: WG2018957

Logline: “The Unexpected” is a thriller in which a self- righteous widow struggles to protect her beloved husband’s sacred heirloom from a ruthless adversary who wants to kill her and take the birthright.

Feature Script: MAD DOG, by David Wickenden

Title: Mad Dog

Written by: David Wickenden

Genre: Domestic Thriller

Type: Feature

Log Line: “Mad Dog” is a thriller in which a teen finds himself set up to take the fall for a vicious killer and must fight back.

Dave Wickenden

Feature Script: TO SEA, by Luc Alper-Leroux

Title of Story: To Sea

Written by: Luc Alper-Leroux

Logline: To Sea is an animated adventure film about a mysterious sea creature that gets trapped on land and must find its way back to sea before it turns into a human being.

Genre: Animation

WGA Registration Number: 2045562

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: BLOOMING ORCHARD, by Cecilia Michelangeli

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After England enters the First World War, a free-spirited dancer finds herself stranded in an isolated cottage, where Mabel, a forlorn photographer, becomes obsessed with filming her. Tormented by Mabel’s decision of not having kids, Johnie can only take care of their orchard, making sure that the lively dancer won’t be dragged in her depressed stillness.

Feature Script: DANCING WITH DEFEAT, by Dan Hart


Written by: Dan Hart

Logline: America’s beloved quarterback, harboring a repressed ballerina complex, blows the Super Bowl, then seeks redemption by dancing against the world’s most eccentric soccer star and other celebrity losers.

Genre: Broad Comedy

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1687454

LA Festival Short Script: A Cold Day, by Victor Percy Nadolny

8c9bf92fa5 posterIn the year 1954 in Michigan Detroit, a detective named Jack Harris spent the night at home when he was asked to investigate a murder of a woman, but the case is not as simple.

Writer – Victor Percy Nadolny

LA Festival Feature Script: A Compound Love, by Wesley Chambers

F1a2aa6de3 posterA trip to Paris is cut short when Sandy learns of her younger sister’s suicide. After a fruitless search for information, the only person left to investigate is a therapist, Dr Lupino – Sandy books in for a session – as the meeting progresses Sandy reveals her true motivation, setting of a chain of events that will change the lives of all involved.

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Writer Biography – Wesley Chambers

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Wesley Chambers is a South London born, North London raised city kid. As an only child his home life was where he found his passion for film. With no Sibling distractions he voraciously watched any VHS tape found lying in the film cupboard. By the age of 11 his eclectic tastes for the antihero, drama & European art house was cemented by his holy trinity of Batman, Steel Magnolias and The Seventh Seal.

Wesley has various experience from freelancing roles on projects ranging from TV shorts to indie features.

Writer Statement


This is a project looking at PTSD, and how the untreated issues can harm those dealing with the symptoms. There are also elements that highlight the current topical issues of the societal mistreatment of women in patriarchal Britain today.
I hope to create a gripping parable that can be appreciated for its narrative alone or enjoyed when the subtext is explored.