COMEDY Festival Short Script: Love You More, by Jenna McCarthy

LOGLINE: A rising filmmaker’s ideas about lasting love are tested when she hits the road with her nemesis to make a movie about marriage.

SYNOPSIS: Aspiring film director Abby Spencer knows exactly what she wants in a man and a movie: a happy ending. But when sexy Blake Stuart shows up at work and rocks her world in every possible way, Abby is forced to take a good, hard look at her eight-and-a-half year relationship. Meanwhile Blake—still licking his wounds from a heartbreak of his own—manages to get his film idea picked for production, and chooses Abby to be his co-director. Soon Abby and Blake are traveling the world together, a trip marked by flaring tempers, secret truths, and heartbreaking tragedy. In the end, Abby realizes it’s up to her to decide if her life is going to turn out to be a tearjerker or a love story.


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Writer Biography – Jenna McCarthy

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Jenna McCarthy is an internationally published writer, corporate speaker, screenwriter, former radio personality and the author of more than a dozen books including Everything’s Relative and If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon, for which she sold the film/TV rights to ABC Studios. (Note: Jenna wrote and starred in the book trailer for Honeymoon, which you should watch immediately because it’s probably not often you get to see strangers in the bath tub.) Jenna’s writing has appeared in more than sixty magazines, on dozens of web sites and in several anthologies including the popular Chicken Soup series. She doesn’t like to brag, but her TED talk on marriage currently has more than five million views. When she’s not writing, she spends her time traveling the country doling out hilarious yet hard-hitting life advice. Bestselling author and screenwriter W. Bruce Cameron says this: “Jenna McCarthy isn’t just funny, she’s an amazingly gifted chronicler of modern life.” Anna Goldfarb describes Jenna as “Lena Dunham if she had kids and shopped at Costco, or Howard Stern if he had prettier hair and a thing for happy hour.” (Jenna is pretty sure this was meant as a compliment.) Author Celia Rivenbark quips, “If Chelsea Handler and Dr. Phil had a love child, it would be Jenna McCarthy.” Jenna’s quick wit, unique voice and outspoken nature make her equally engaging on page and on camera. Please visit her online at


Writer Statement

I write things. People tell me I’m funny.

COMEDY Festival Short Script: Can’t Drive a Stick, by CHRISTAN VAN SLYKE

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After a heist goes hilariously wrong, the amateur thief recruits an unlikely bystander to drive him to the drop point. Through chaotic misfortunes, the duo must work together to ensure a timely arrival to the meeting before facing dire consequences.

COMEDY Festival Feature Script: For Better or For Worse, by Clara Bijl

7501393817 posterFirst come love, then comes marriage unless you need a green card.


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Writer Biography

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Clara is an internationally-unknown French stand-up comedian from America.
Clara just returned to the States after touring Europe with her show “Clara Saves America,” one joke at a time. She was once stranded for hours on a broken escalator due to a power outage.
Clara’s humor is witty and observational and comes with a European twang. Clara performs regularly in French and in English.
Clara has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, the Avignon Off Festival, the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, SF Sketchfest, the Charleston Comedy Festival, the Montreux Comedy Festival, the San Diego Comedy Festival… She’s opened for Norah Jones, she’s performed with Richard Lewis, Dana Gould, Jake Johannsen, Patrick Timsit, Gad Elmaleh, Anne Roumanoff, Robin Williams, Tom Papa, Paul Reiser, Laurie Kilmartin, Scott Capurro & many more.
Clara’s a contributing writer to several humorous websites like her Twitter account, her Instagram account or her Medium account. She wrote for “Le Petit Silvant Illustré,” a successful French/Swiss TV comedy for several years and worked with Jack Burditt in punching up the pilot episode of his sitcom “Last Man Standing.” She wrote and directed a mockumentary reality TV comedy show about two refugees “The Refugees; a sitcom,” she created a French comedy series, “Le Shrink,” and even more recently she produced “My Review of Your Yelp Review.”

She lives with people in the Bay Area.

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: LAS NOGAS, by Catya Plate

A36ed8caa0 poster500 years from now, Earth is nearly decimated from rain-less centuries and ecological collapse caused by selfish human inaction. Can a group of unlikely post-apocalyptic environmentalists save Gaia?


Writer Biography – Catya Plate

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Catya Plate, born in Barcelona, Spain, and raised in Germany, is a Brooklyn based award winning filmmaker, writer and multidisciplinary artist. Her animated films, sculptures, paintings, and drawings explore the ephemeral nature of existence by creating an alternative universe, which exposes, among other things, humanity’s impact on the environment. Catya is a Fulbright Alumna and has been exhibiting internationally since the mid-1980’s. Her work is in public and private collections worldwide, like the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Modern Art Library in New York City. Articles, interviews and reviews about her films and projects have appeared in Indie Shorts Magazine, UK Film Review, ReelRomp, Directed By Women, We are Moving Stories, The New York Times, The Independent, and others. In 2009, she created Clothespin Freak Productions to bring her “Clothespin Freaks” characters to life through stop-motion animation short films. In 2012, her first film “The Reading”, was awarded Best Animated Film at the Seattle True Independent Film Festival. Her second film “Hanging By A Thread”, screened at over 22 film festivals in the US and abroad, like the Academy Award-qualifying St. Louis International Film Festival and won 9 awards. Critically acclaimed “Meeting MacGuffin”, the sequel of “Hanging By A Thread” and second in a trilogy of shorts was completed in February 2017 has been making its rounds in the international film festival circuit for two years with over 60 festival screenings, 18 awards and 5 nominations to its credit. It has screened at the Academy-Award qualifying Holly Shorts in Los Angeles, Cucalorus and the Oxford Film Festival among many others. Prestigious awards are the coveted Grand Prize for Best Animated Short at the Academy-Award qualifying Rhode Island International Film Festival-Vortex (2017), Best Shorts Production Design Award at the Other Worlds Austin Festival (2018), Special Jury Price for Animation at the renowned 30th Annual Fano International Film Festival, Italy, (2018), and Jury’s Citation Award for Animation at the 38th Black Maria Film Festival (2019).

Catya’s script for “Meeting MacGuffin” made it into the top 40 at the renowned Cinequest screenwriting competition in 2017.

As of June 2019, Catya’s script “Las Nogas”, the last short in the stop motion ecological trilogy and proof of concept for the feature, has been selected as a SEMI-FINALIST at the Academy Award Qualifying Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival. Expected release of the short film is 2021.


Writer Statement

Living in a world that is obsessed with technology and immortality, I have always felt the urge to produce work that reclaims the use of once feminized materials, like thread and fabric, and that casts a particular focus on conventional domestic and low-tech items such as clothespins. In my projects I’ve been relating these materials to concepts such as mortality, ambiguity, transformation and vulnerability to talk about the ephemeral nature of existence, questioning certain aspects of the human condition. These same concepts and materials re-appear in my animated films within the context of a larger fabricated universe. This alternate futuristic universe is inhabited by ‘Clothespin Freaks’, two-headed humanoid figures made of clear clothespins and sewn pieces. With the help of other invented creatures, these empathetic mutations are commissioned to fix a post-apocalyptic world where humanity has fallen apart. I invented the Clothespin Freaks in 2003 in a series of drawings, collectively called the Clothespin Tarot Drawings. Through the Clothespin Freaks I am creating a new mythology that serves as an allegory and coping mechanism in our angst-ridden times where its ‘inhabitants’ construct a new form of humanity.

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: ABANDONWITCH, by Sarah K Watson

8f59796fa6 posterMaori Anthropology Professor Taia Potehe discovers artefacts on an offhore island linking him with a mysterious 17th century Scottish woman named Heather who according to folklore was exiled there after being discovered she had illegitimate relations with a Scottish nobleman.

Heather returns as a spirit assisting Taia’s folklore research to solve her mystery and eventually find her remains. Taia argues against opposing rigid academic constraints as he struggles to contain a personal crises when a dangerous man stalks his lover Lucy.

Retrieved artefacts discovered by Taia on the island become a question of speculative ownership whilst he struggles to subdue their possessive powers.

A story of hopelessness, revenge, love, AbandonWitch inspires the mystery of folklore narratives.


Writer Biography – Sarah Watson

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Akitio (2019)
Fuchsia’s Den (2009)


Writer Statement

Kia Ora!

I am a NZ screenwriter from Wellington, New Zealand/Aotearoa.

Female Festival Feature Script: Wheat Dandy, by Anna Patterson


Dad’s death throws the wheat farm into turmoil

Sis and husband felt for years they owned the place, they had raised their children here, and worked day and night to keep the place financially stable. They had fought disease, insects, and violent weather. Now they faced financial ruin, and local politicians and a bank wanting to develop the land. Into this mix, comes her brother, disillusioned and angry, discharged due to malaria he caught in a tour of duty in a tropical jungle. Bitter and disillusioned, he briefly finds relief with old friends, but one is suddenly killed in a fiery crash of her crop duster. Torn by memories, he finds the place a haunting trap. Could the kid who was once ridiculed in school as “Wheat Dandy” because of his homemade clothes find the heart in his dark soul to save the family farm. This is a story of the things which are best in the human spirit, courage, humbleness, and its unlikely heroes.