ANIMATION Feature Screenplay: SMART PITCH, by Adnane Laala

Log Line : A nice computer virus helps the programs to get rid of the antivirus pressure!/ A nice computer Virus switches sides and helps the programs to get rid of
the Antivirus bully.
Pitch: Smart, a cheeky computer virus, invades a computer to steal confidential data but to his surprise no program pays attention to him! The programs are exhausted
due to the permanent pressure and excessive control exercised by the Antivirus. His path crosses with Cursor and she convinces him to change his original purpose and
join her team to fight against these harsh methods. In the end all the programs must participate to stop the oppressive “injustice” of the Antivirus and its agents.
The whole story is HILARIOUS! All for a spectacular and unexpected end! It’s also an original concept which brings the audience close to the digital world: Each area is
well described and very detailed, until THE FINAL SHOCK of the story!

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ANIMATION Feature Screenplay: RONIN, by John Azzopardi

In a world where humans with abilities are a norm, four Parahuman-Samurai in Feudal Japan, were molded into phenomenal warriors. Suffering a savage betrayal from the hands of one their childhood comrades, they sought revenge. Although, they endured a horrendous path of nightmares, two of the samurai; Akira and Ryuu, became masterless and escaped Japan. They’re recruited by a secret government organization to perform special op missions using their abilities. When one mission links their past to them, the samurai must work with their new allies to overcome their deadly obstacles, leading them closer and closer towards Orochi’s doorstep. Destruction and death follows the swift Samurai wherever they go as they follow the trail left behind by a mysterious league of evil combatants. However, it is not enough to halt the Samurai in their tracks; dead or alive. As they recruit fellow warriors along the way, due to unforeseen situations, their goal is to remain compact until the final mission is accomplished. Although, the young warriors struggle to gel as a team, they reach closer to their target. Akira and Ryuu realize the true weakness of their nemesis, as they had fought alongside them throughout their journey; their strength in unity is at stake when the warriors finally go toe-to-toe with Orochi.


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Writer Biography – John Azzopardi

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I always had a passion for fusing characters I have loved from movies to anime, and colliding them with my own world. Got back into writing after a huge hiatus but rediscovered my passion for writing when I got into film.


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I specialize in mainly Sci-fi and Psychological/Thrillers. Enjoy my stories!

COMEDY Feature Screenplay: The Outlaw Josey From Wales, by Mark Spurlock

After learning his brother is missing a Welch not so outlaw must leave his country and travel to America to find him. With the help of an Indian tracker and a gay sheep herder, the three leave an everlasting mark on American history.


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    United States
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COMEDY Short Screenplay: FIELD MANEUVERS, by Jim Newman

A000e893bd posterAn army general concerned about security confronts a soldier who’s texted friends about an injury he suffered in a training mishap. The discussion exposes the general to social media, emojis and the online world. He’s heartbreakingly enamored of the attention he gets.

Writer Biography – Jim Newman

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Jim Newman is a novelist and television documentary producers who wrote and narrated for Oregon Public Broadcasting. His novel, “A Habit of Mind,” was published by North Star Press, St. Cloud, MN, in 2015.


Writer Statement


To be a good writer you don’t necessarily have to be honest. Whether your are or not, you’ll most certainly have to expose yourself.

COMEDY Feature Screenplay: The Redneck and The Robot, by Michael Miller

Opposites attract despite opposition, when a roughneck cowboy falls in love with a robot, but can she love him back?

A widowed rancher can’t find love in West Texas. When a friend suggests a female, robatic companion he orders one. The beautiful, humanoid is better than he imagined. He teaches her how to act like a Texan, she helps him around the ranch and he falls in love with her. When a team of military contractors show up to take her back, they head for the hills. Surrounded, she becomes a weapon, who fires on their enemy and they escape. But leaving the area, a predator drone attacks. She saves him at the cost of her own life, so it seems…

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Writer Biography

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Originally from L.A., I frequent there often, but have lived in Kauai, Hawaii since the 70’s, where I own and publish (with a team of six employees), four successful visitor magazines and web sites (see I have 30 years of experience in writing, publishing, promotions and marketing.

COMEDY Feature Screenplay: HONORARY MALE, by Amy Mäki

B977a7656d posterWhile trying to stop a tyrannical drag queen from building a wall around San Francisco’s Castro District, a hopeless romantic drag unwittingly embraces a Chinese American family, desperate to produce an heir.


Writer Biography – Amy Maki

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Amy Maki’s time living and working in San Francisco provided inspiration for her feature film script, HONORARY MALE. Maki has production credits on several movies and is a former TV news editor. The Nebraska native holds a BA in Film and a MFA in Screenwriting from the Institute of American Indian Arts. Recently, Maki made her directorial debut with her short film, RUB THE SPEED distributed on Amazon Video Direct.

Top CRIME/DRAMA Screenplays for April 2019


HEARTLESS, by Taofeek Adekunle

THE WELL INTENDED, by Marc I. Daniels

THE GLADE, by Dallas Gibson

Trouble with Friends, by Karen Matthews