Feature Script: NO PLACE LIKE HOME, by Chelsea Pittman Thrash

Title: No Place Like Home

Written by: Chelsea Pittman Thrash

Genre: Animated, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy

Logline : Two present-day best friends, bored to death with their cookie-cutter lives in their generic, chain-ridden hometown, accidentally discover their town is linked to an infinite number of parallel worlds, including one that threatens to destroy them all. Now, they must travel to the different worlds to find a way to stop their (and everyone else’s) actual deaths, and the destruction of their home.


Feature Script: SAVE MY HERO, by Paul Hubbard

Title of Story: Save My Hero

Written by: Paul Hubbard

Logline: Struggling with immense self-doubt brought on by a childhood trauma, a self-effacing woman sets out to rescue her husband from execution, but must face an army to free him.

Genre: Action, Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number:1970988

Feature Script: SCANDALOUS, by Walter Smith


Written by- Walter Smith

Logline- “Jules has a unique job; infiltrating small political campaigns, and crashing them from the inside. But what happens when he’s hired to take down a presidential campaign for the perfect candidate?”

Genre- Comedy

Type- Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration #: I331040

Feature Script: ART OF BETRAYAL, by Stephen Quinn

Title: Art of Betrayal

Written by: Stephen Quinn

Logline: An artist’s cat agrees to help create the painter’s next exhibition in exchange for the cat not being neutered but after critics hail their exhibition as genius the artist reneges on the deal, igniting a chain of betrayals.

Genre: Dark comedy

Type: Feature screenplay

Feature Script: WHEN NONE ELSE BELIEVED, by Ron J. Tripodo

Title of story… When None Else Believed

Written by… Ron J. Tripodo

Log line… “When No One Else Believed” only God’s promise gives this flawed man the unparalleled faith to persevere…when all odds are against him.

Genre… Faith based true miracle story

Type… Screenplay

WGAE Registration Number Transaction ID ALOA64515A92

Feature Script: J.A.S., by Alexander C. Hall

Title: J.A.S.

Written by: Alexander C. Hall

Logline: After finally finding happiness and starting a new family, the CIA’s newest intelligence officer is tasked with finding the perpetrators of the latest deadly terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia. But the investigation reveals a tangled web of secrets that lead directly to the highest levels of the world’s leading governments and financial institutions.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Action

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: WICCA VENDETTA, by John Daly

Title of Story: “Wicca Vendetta”

Written by: John Daly


A modern day witch has spirits of women tell
her where their murderer’s whereabouts
are so she can avenge them, while a
police detective tries to figure out who
she is, what she is, and how to stop her
Genre: Horror, Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: GRIND, by Arani Sen

Title of Story: Grind

Written by: Arani Sen

Logline: A comic thriller about a young, nerdy entrepreneur running his own small
café, who is on the quest to find the ultimate coffee bean but is disappointed
when he accidentally invents a very powerful aphrodisiac, which his girlfriend and
her father are secretly after. He must protect his recipe and ultimately realize that
no achievement is small.

Genres: Comedy, Crime, Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGAE Registration Number: I333463


Feature Script: RADIO SILENCE, by Fevrier H. Asuncion

TITLE: Radio Silence

Written by: Fevrier H. Asuncion

Logline: After finding direction in his life, a young man is tasked by a woman from his past to find the ones responsible for her robbery. But things spiral out of control when they unearth a secret of revenge and deception.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.

Type: Feature Screenplay