Feature Film: DRONES, by Ferdinando Gattuccio

Title of Story: Drones

Written by: Ferdinando Gattuccio

Logline: A family of drones. Little Lucas, disobeying his parents, flies over a secret military base but is shot down and captured. To save him, his family, with the help of extraordinary people, will accidentally discover and foil an international plot.

Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Family.

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: PORNO MANIFESTO, by Kyle Michel Sullivan

Title of Story: Porno Manifesto

Written by: Kyle Michel Sullivan

Logline: When Alec learned the cops were protecting his gay-bashers, he set out to take revenge in a way they never saw coming…and which they’d help happen…and would be served hot, not cold.

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Revenge, Suspense, Character Study

Type: Feature Screenplay

LA Festival Feature Screenplay: The Plan to Find Mr. Right, by Victoria Brooks

29f9b37d98 posterAn independent, single woman creates a “love success plan” using a data-driven process inspired by a Ted Talks-ish video combined with modern-day pop-psychology to level up her attractiveness. She finds a great partner, only to realize she’s lost herself in the process.


Writer Biography – Victoria Brooks

8d87e57b0d headshot

Victoria Brooks is the 2018 ISA Austin Austin Writer Award Winner with The Plan to Find Mr. Right. She’s also placed in the semi-finals at Script and Storyboard Showcase earlier in 2018, for her television pilot Resurrection. She’s appeared on Modern Rogue, a Comedy Central pilot, and the feature One Hand Clapping – if her background scenes didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. She’s also a former conference organizer for the No-Kill movement, which focuses on saving 90% or more of the homeless pets in municipal animal shelters. She managed the American Pets Alive! Conference, where she nearly doubled the attendance year over year for the two years she led it. She’s passionate about storytelling, saving shelter pets, social issues, and the impact of emerging technology on society. You can find her at events in and around Austin, including ISA‘s Third Thursdays, SXSW, and of course, the Austin Film Festival.

Writer Statement

Being one of the “others” (a single mother once on government assistance), the people with untold narratives and viewpoints, I often thought about how people view others and how it contributes to the power mechanics and class plays. After all, policies can and have been enacted on media headlines as politicians seek to displace (or utilize) the media for particular agendas.

When I’ve shared stories one-on-one, people often quoted me as “different,” an exception to the generalized stereotype of a group of people.

I’m not.

The only difference was I worked harder, fought harder, and was fortunate enough to have some people believe in me along the way. (The last part was and still is vital.)

I dream of a world where inequalities are brought out of the darkness and into the light. I hope to examine hard truths softly.

Like hiding medicine in something tasty, they don’t know what they’re getting into. Audiences enjoy the journey and leave deep in thought, reflective. That’s my dream; the goal of my writing.

LGBT Feature Short Script: Amaryllis Asterion: The Agender Minotaur, by Armando Jimenez

This retelling of the Greek mythological
story follows a boy easing grief through
his mother’s song. He befriends a lonely
minotaur bullied by the townsmen.

  • Script Type:
    Short Script
  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Drama, Adventure
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Script Language:

Animation Festival Short Script: Zenubia, by Mary Anthony

351df68620 posterThe Earth has been destroyed and humans are no more. It is now upon the planet of Zenubia to artificially restore the Human race.
Jodi’s parents are one of the scientists on this mission. Who is Jodi? He is a humanoid-like alien who lives on Zenubia. On one particular Earth mission his parents disappear and he is left to his own devices to track them down and possibly determine the fate of real Humans.


Project Links
Writer Biography – Mary Anthony

B503149d1d headshot

Mary Anthony has graduated in Economics and Master in Business (HR) from Pune University. She has also acquired Freelance Journalist degree from All India Freelance Journalist Association. She has worked as Content creator in various corporate organisations, at present she is a Freelance Journalist with Dhruva News and Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger with her own fashion blog Beautilicious Freaks. She also writes for various brands and media houses. Her recent being contributions to the Saregama Pvt. Ltd Youtube Channel for their section Storiyaan.
She has also forayed into script writing and directing, her debut short film Makeup has been released on Youtube last year. She has written and directed the short film under her banner Morart Films. It has been featured in India’s number one short films channel Six Sigma Films.
She is debuting into the writing world with her first novel Chasing Echoes. The title represents the main protagonist Penny, who is oscillating between reality and moments of amnesia after the tragic disappearance of her husband. She hears voices in her head and does not know who to trust in real life. This forms the basis of her thrilling psychological journey.

Comedy Festival Short Script: Anal Theater, by Tendai Frank Tagarira

F22bb50dc2 posterThis script explores a poignant question; why are so many young adult performers committing suicide?

Writer Biography – Tendai F Tagarira as Mistrex Dom

Mistrex Dom is a pseudonym for Tendai F. Tagarira

Writer Statement


The legal age for buying cigarettes in the US is now 21, yet the legal age of consent to shoot porn is 18 when scientific knowledge tells us clearly that the human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. It is time to raise the legal age of consent to shoot porn from 18 to 25 years.

Comedy Festival Short Script: Jesus: Texas Ranger, by Drew Henriksen

2fccb2e5be posterJesus and his sidekick Peter raid Judas’ meth lab.

Writer Biography – Drew Henriksen

125d314ed7 headshot

Drew Henriksen is the author of the Dragon Tales & Stories trilogy, Dragons & Wolves, The Dragon & The Detective, and Dragons and Science by ArcheBooks Publishing. Draghi & Lupi, the Italian translation, is currently on shelves in Europe. His dark western, Power of Prayer, has been playing throughout America. It won Best Short film at IOWF, a Golden Remi for Best Western at Worldfest Houston and APEX in Tucson, Best Western at Southern Shorts, and the Finishing Fund Grant at the Long Island International Film Expo. His Screenplay American Gunslingers won best screenplay at the 2018 World Music International Film Festival and his TV pilot script, Goodfella Pizza, won best screenplay at 2018’s Web, Television & Film Festival. In April of 2019, House in Haunted Woods took the Best Horror Screenplay award at Moody Crab Film Festival.
After years of being a laboratory supervisor for North Shore University Hospital, he began teaching science at Amityville Memorial High School in New York and an adjunct professor of forensic science for Syracuse University. Studying the martial arts he is now a Sensei, 4th Dan Master black belt. His Martial Arts work has gotten him stunt work and fight coordinator credit in several films. Drop by his website http://www.DrewHenriksen.com, or look him up on Facebook or IMDb.