LA Festival Feature Script: Beauty’s Daughter, by Philile Dlamini

A slaved Negress must fight her way from comfort girl to freedom before the Civil War her only weapon being the oppressors tool against her, seduction.

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    South Africa
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LA Festival Feature Script: Butterfly’s feather passerby, by Narjes

C0497075a6 posterThe difference between mistake and sin … loving or for wanting for yourself … is an adventure that we unintentionally engage in And we hurt a person who love more . This is the property of all creaturs in the world and no one is exception.

The story depicts a boy who lost his family in childhood, and then loses his eyes. Then he unwittingly, in a world beyond the land where time is unknown, captures by an unknown creature called (Angel of Dreams ). And…


Writer Biography – Narjes

LGBT Festival Feature Film: Dead Heir, by David Emanuel

Eight people from different walks of life find themselves competing against one another on a new reality show called No Place Like Home, where competitors must live together under one roof for a chance to inherit the estate of an aging business tycoon. As friendships collapse and tensions build, a series of mysterious events lead the housemates to believe that the contest is far more than what it seems. The contestants must then tread the line between competing against each other in challenges to avoid being evicted while working together to unravel the mysteries of the estate and its enigmatic owner.

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Top FAMILY/DRAMA Screenplays for April 2019

STAGE DAD, by Joël Henning Doty


MY WEEK WITH MAISY, by Mark Oxtoby

3 DAY TO GO, by Mark Jones

GONG, by Jiaxin Wang

THE ORANGE CHIHUAHUA, by Kelly Ann Guglietti

FEMALE Festival Screenplay: Decompensation, by Jasna Safić

75fb356b84 posterA story about a woman who, in time of economic crisis and great unemployment, does anything to ensure a better existence for herself and her unborn child.


Writer Biography – Jasna Safić

18a8fd8a46 headshot

Jasna Safić (1978) born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. When she was 14 years old her family moved to Zagreb because of war to live with her grandmother and grandfather. After secondary school and pharmacy studies she has working on drug registration and pharmacovigilance in Zagreb. She is interested in the film for the last three years during which she has gone through a series of screenwriting and directorial workshops (including Palunko). She is an active member of the film amateur associations KinoKlub Zagreb and Blank.

Feature Screenplay: Himal Gold: Murder and Intrigue in the High Mountains, by Raymond A. Porter

Title: Himal Gold: Murder and Intrigue in the High Mountains

Written by: Raymond A. Porter

Genre: Action Adventure Thriller

Type: Feature Screenplay

In 1953, a British Journalist in Nepal to cover the attempt on Mt Everest, writes an article about an old Nazi cargo plane that has been found crashed in a sacred valley.

Upon reading the article, the Nazi officer who led an expedition into Tibet in 1938, seizes on the opportunity to reclaim the gold that was lost on that fateful flight.

October 2018 – Best of ANIMATION Story Pitches

QUEEN OF THE NILE by Francesca Macera

A STITCH IN TIME by Rita Pomade