VIDEO PITCH for ELENA, Screenplay based on novel of same name by Duncan Lloyd

Written by: Danek Kaus, produced writer, based on novel of same name by Duncan Lloyd

Genre: Horror

Type: Feature Screenplay

LOGLINE: Teddy is a lonely and sexually obsessed teenager. One night the lovely Elena walks out from his bedroom closet and his dreams come true; but he soon learns that you must be careful what you wish for because you just might get it.

Feature Script Video PITCH: Typhoid Mary, by Dolores Rogers


Written by: Dolores Rogers

Type: Feature Script

Genre: Historical Fiction

Logline: In 1907, an Irish immigrant cook was deemed the first healthy carrier of typhoid in America. This is a sympathetic view of Mary Mallon, who was quarantined on a remote island for 26 years. She never believed she had typhoid.

WGA registration # 1668510

Feature Script Video PITCH: GO LONG, by James O. White

Title: GO LONG

Written by: James O. White


Genre: Comedy

Logline: An arrogant, self-centered football player, looking to play the hero role, changes a play in the huddle that knocks his team out of Super Bowl contention. He becomes a pariah and no team will hire him. His father, on borrowed time, wins the Power Ball jackpot and hatches a audacious plan to give his son one last shot at redemption.