Short Script: OMAR AND JIMMY, by Phil Naiman



LOGLINE: OMAR AND JIMMY is a humorous animated short about a cat whose comfortable domestic life is changed with the arrival of a new puppy but his desire to have the puppy returned changes when he discovers the fate of rescue dogs.



Feature Script: WAR THAT NEVER WAS, by Viktoriia Grivina

Title of Story: War That Never Was

Written by: Viktoriia Grivina


A veteran returns home to realize that no one in his hometown remembers about the war, people’s memories have been wiped out clean. The hero’s attempts to restore justice result in everyone considering him insane. The man himself starts to doubt reality, until a new history teacher comes to town.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller.

Type: Feature Screenplay


Title: Twenty Three Summers (Amazon Kindle, January 2019; Ukiyoto
Publishers, January 2020)

Author: Shrutidhora P Mohor

Logline: The protagonist in this long story is a troubled soul, in love with a
person of the same sex but more crucially a very different personality. The
forever burning Kashmir question in India is the inevitable background to their
relationship and one seems to be as doomed as the other.

Pitch summary: Set against the backdrop of a conflict-ridden Kashmir valley
and spanning twenty three years of unfinished love and longing, pain and
sublimation, this is a story of refracted love between ambitious and competent
Sudarshan and quiet and tender Farooq, two human souls who bleed and cry
together but on two different notes. For tormented Sudarshan, love is about
being unambiguous in its proclamations, aggressively possessive; for helpless
Farooq, it is about stepping back, letting go, nurturing, caring, attending,
renouncing. The personal currents of a turbulent relationship and the political
dynamics of Kashmir cross-cut and fuse in this political love story.

Feature Script: MAD DOG, by David Wickenden

Title: Mad Dog

Written by: David Wickenden

Genre: Domestic Thriller

Type: Feature

Log Line: “Mad Dog” is a thriller in which a teen finds himself set up to take the fall for a vicious killer and must fight back.

Dave Wickenden

Feature Script: TO SEA, by Luc Alper-Leroux

Title of Story: To Sea

Written by: Luc Alper-Leroux

Logline: To Sea is an animated adventure film about a mysterious sea creature that gets trapped on land and must find its way back to sea before it turns into a human being.

Genre: Animation

WGA Registration Number: 2045562

1st Scene Festival Feature Script: BLOOMING ORCHARD, by Cecilia Michelangeli

22b251fa03 poster

After England enters the First World War, a free-spirited dancer finds herself stranded in an isolated cottage, where Mabel, a forlorn photographer, becomes obsessed with filming her. Tormented by Mabel’s decision of not having kids, Johnie can only take care of their orchard, making sure that the lively dancer won’t be dragged in her depressed stillness.