COMEDY Festival Short Script: Love You More, by Jenna McCarthy

LOGLINE: A rising filmmaker’s ideas about lasting love are tested when she hits the road with her nemesis to make a movie about marriage.

SYNOPSIS: Aspiring film director Abby Spencer knows exactly what she wants in a man and a movie: a happy ending. But when sexy Blake Stuart shows up at work and rocks her world in every possible way, Abby is forced to take a good, hard look at her eight-and-a-half year relationship. Meanwhile Blake—still licking his wounds from a heartbreak of his own—manages to get his film idea picked for production, and chooses Abby to be his co-director. Soon Abby and Blake are traveling the world together, a trip marked by flaring tempers, secret truths, and heartbreaking tragedy. In the end, Abby realizes it’s up to her to decide if her life is going to turn out to be a tearjerker or a love story.


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Writer Biography – Jenna McCarthy

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Jenna McCarthy is an internationally published writer, corporate speaker, screenwriter, former radio personality and the author of more than a dozen books including Everything’s Relative and If It Was Easy They’d Call the Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon, for which she sold the film/TV rights to ABC Studios. (Note: Jenna wrote and starred in the book trailer for Honeymoon, which you should watch immediately because it’s probably not often you get to see strangers in the bath tub.) Jenna’s writing has appeared in more than sixty magazines, on dozens of web sites and in several anthologies including the popular Chicken Soup series. She doesn’t like to brag, but her TED talk on marriage currently has more than five million views. When she’s not writing, she spends her time traveling the country doling out hilarious yet hard-hitting life advice. Bestselling author and screenwriter W. Bruce Cameron says this: “Jenna McCarthy isn’t just funny, she’s an amazingly gifted chronicler of modern life.” Anna Goldfarb describes Jenna as “Lena Dunham if she had kids and shopped at Costco, or Howard Stern if he had prettier hair and a thing for happy hour.” (Jenna is pretty sure this was meant as a compliment.) Author Celia Rivenbark quips, “If Chelsea Handler and Dr. Phil had a love child, it would be Jenna McCarthy.” Jenna’s quick wit, unique voice and outspoken nature make her equally engaging on page and on camera. Please visit her online at


Writer Statement

I write things. People tell me I’m funny.

COMEDY Festival Short Script: Can’t Drive a Stick, by CHRISTAN VAN SLYKE

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After a heist goes hilariously wrong, the amateur thief recruits an unlikely bystander to drive him to the drop point. Through chaotic misfortunes, the duo must work together to ensure a timely arrival to the meeting before facing dire consequences.

COMEDY Festival Feature Script: For Better or For Worse, by Clara Bijl

7501393817 posterFirst come love, then comes marriage unless you need a green card.


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Writer Biography

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Clara is an internationally-unknown French stand-up comedian from America.
Clara just returned to the States after touring Europe with her show “Clara Saves America,” one joke at a time. She was once stranded for hours on a broken escalator due to a power outage.
Clara’s humor is witty and observational and comes with a European twang. Clara performs regularly in French and in English.
Clara has appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, the Avignon Off Festival, the San Francisco International Comedy Competition, SF Sketchfest, the Charleston Comedy Festival, the Montreux Comedy Festival, the San Diego Comedy Festival… She’s opened for Norah Jones, she’s performed with Richard Lewis, Dana Gould, Jake Johannsen, Patrick Timsit, Gad Elmaleh, Anne Roumanoff, Robin Williams, Tom Papa, Paul Reiser, Laurie Kilmartin, Scott Capurro & many more.
Clara’s a contributing writer to several humorous websites like her Twitter account, her Instagram account or her Medium account. She wrote for “Le Petit Silvant Illustré,” a successful French/Swiss TV comedy for several years and worked with Jack Burditt in punching up the pilot episode of his sitcom “Last Man Standing.” She wrote and directed a mockumentary reality TV comedy show about two refugees “The Refugees; a sitcom,” she created a French comedy series, “Le Shrink,” and even more recently she produced “My Review of Your Yelp Review.”

She lives with people in the Bay Area.

COMEDY Festival Short Script: The Real Family, by Damian Leibovich

40b2bba570 posterA group of conman must to work together in order to save an innocent teenage girl from jail.


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Writer Biography – Damian Leibovich

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DAMIAN ADALBERTO LEIBOVICH born in Buenos Aires in 1973.
He was received at the ENERC as film director in 2000 with his thesis “44” selected in more than 40 international festivals, obtaining 11 awards.
From 1992 to the present, he has made a dozen short films including “Death in Moscow” (1993) and “The Last Coffee” (2005).
Since 1995 he works mainly as an editor for Film and TV.
In 2003 he made the documentary “Churches of Buenos Aires” in 2004, the horror film “Tenants from Hell” (marketed directly to DVD) in 2013 directed “Outlaws of the Patagonia” commercially released the following year and in 2014 “Eber Ludue√±a: the final kick” also premiered as a serial on YouTube, during the world Cup in Brazil. Is the author of “En peligro” realeased in 2018.
Currently he is preparing his next film while listening to other proposals.


A young office worker jeopardizes his career and love life when he begins to take on the persona of his favorite movie monster, Godzilla.

Writer Biography – ANTHONY AROYA


I’m a writer of screenplays, children’s fiction, created comic strips, blogs. My crowning achievement was having the first play I ever wrote performed off-Broadway in a competition years ago. We didn’t win, but oh, the experience was forever life changing. Speaking of change I’m a New Yorker. Nowhere on earth changes faster than this place on a monthly basis. We just roll with. Here’s to all the parks, library steps and train stations where I get my creative inspiration. I always say that being a writer is the world’s greatest super power. It’s flying without the benefit of having wings. We’ll see where I land.

Writer Statement

I think that short films have so much potential. Imagine, a culture where we “still” leave the house and actually go out into the sun, walk, breath fresh air and go to watch a movie in a real theater in this digital download everything age, but also have the ability to watch short films from the comfort of our home through a digital platform. All that’s missing is the investors willing to fund such an endeavor. It can work. All it takes is a little belief in really good writing.

TV Festival Logline: Sinnerman, by Benjamin Field

Sinnerman – TV Series
Sinnerman explores the life of a wanted, hated and loathed slave who accidentally becomes the most feared outlaw the south has ever known.
Sinnerman begins in 1830 on a large plantation in the heart of Mississippi in the blistering autumn. Unlike most spaghetti westerns, this isn’t a Tarantino clone. We follow our anti-hero, Red, a slave who is subjected to horrific treatment by slave overseers, and who has a dying passion for freedom. On his quest to escape, he talks his fellow slaves (Jackson, Bass, Finn, Goldsby, Toby and Daniel), into leaving with him and they spring a plan into action. Unfortunately, Red’s hot-headed behaviour puts them all in jeopardy as he kills a slave overseer as they escape the plantation.
Discovering the missing slaves and the death of one of his workers, Clay Hilton (The plantation owner) sets a bounty on the heads of the runaway slaves. However, this couldn’t have come at a worse time for Clay as he is in a lethal competition with a fellow plantation owner (Francis Woodmore). With the tension rising between the two family factions, war strikes as slaves, family members and friends are murdered on their own plantation grounds.
Caught in the middle of the fighting we find a house slave, Hany. A sweet, young slave girl who is mistreated, abused and raped on a daily basis by a cruel, cold hearted slave overseer, Gaz. As the abuse continues, Hany falls pregnant with his child. Ashamed and scarred, she overdoses on opium and is taken straight to the doctor who brings her round. The baby is not so lucky. As Hany works her way back to her feet, Gaz finds out she terminated the baby and the abuse gets worse. Fed up and angered, Hany murders Gaz in his sleep and takes off to a nearby town, where she gets work as a field hand to a loving ranch owner.
As Red continues to be hunted, him and the group plan a robbery on a horse ranch, owned by Bill Jackson, a notorious gun slinger who once snaked out his friends for freedom and feels guilty. Bill, aware of the robbery lets them do it anyway. Later into the night, Bill confronts the slaves and it doesn’t take him long to figure out they’re fugitives. Sympathetic to their cause, Bill helps them plan a larger scale robbery of a passenger train. With the robbery a success, Red, Bill and the others celebrate at the saloon, but it doesn’t take long before it turns sour. In the brawl, two of Red’s closest friends are lynched in the middle of town. With an undying passion for vengeance, Red seeks revenge on the town, burning and shooting his way through everyone and everything. Unknowingly, Hany’s beloved Ranch owner is murdered in the massacre and seeks revenge alongside the sheriff, deputies, Clay and other fugitive bandits.
The series is a gritty, realistic, cowboy extravaganza, filled with emotional moments that will make you cry, and moments that will make you laugh. this is no typical highly-strung, CG defining, unrealistic, basic spaghetti western. This is a unique and stylish adventure of what life was like in 19th century America.