Adventure/Action Feature Film: PORT SUDAN, by Jack Sherry


Written by: Jack Sherry

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action Adventure

Logline: A CIA recruits a film crew to tell the story of gorilla poachers, but her true motive is to stop uranium from being smuggled to Iran for weapons and she’s in way over her head.

Action/Adventure Feature Film: THE GOLDEN NIGHTINGALE, by Hammoudi Abdelouahab

ACTORTitle: The Golden Nightingale

Written by: Hammoudi Abdelouahab

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller.

Logline: A troubled cop saves three hostages only to discover that they possess a small golden nightingale shaped key, coveted by a dangerous gangster and that now, his life is at stake.

WGA Registration Number: PAu 3-753-984 (Copyright Office)

Action/Detective Feature Film: PAEDOCRACY, by Keith Piner

ACTORTitle: Paedocracy

Written by: Keith Piner

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action

Logline: Five years after kids were abducted in a small Oregon town, the retired lead detective finds himself back on the case after receiving a mysterious phone call stating that the kidnappings were starting again.

Synopsis: Two boys stagger through the dark desert night. TOMMY MATTHEWS, a 19-year old looks years older than his age. The second, ADAM SHORTLEY, 12-years old, clothes are worn and tattered.

Before the night is over, Adam will have been killed and Tommy will have escaped. Only to promise himself that Adam will not have died in vain.

Present Day, Marshall, Oregon. Recovering alcoholic and Retired Police Detective, ERIC RYAN, sits in a bar when a news reports airs regarding missing child Adam Shortley. Ryan spent most of the last five years searching for another missing child, MICHAEL MONSON, who was the first of several missing kids in Marshall at the time. However, after the case turned cold and the abductions suddenly stopped, an obsessed Ryan was forced to retire.

When Ryan receives a call from Tommy Matthews informing him that he knows what happened to Adam Shortley, Ryan tells the kid that he is retired and not interested in the case. When Tommy tells Ryan that abductions were starting up again and that he knows what happened to Michael Monson, Ryan is suddenly thrust back into the case.

After meeting with Ryan, Tommy informs him that these kids were abducted in order to be used by the politically connected in order to blackmail the politically connected. A Government formed of children. Tommy also hands Ryan a DVD. After reviewing the DVD of a local congressman having his way with Adam Shortley. Ryan requests a meeting with the congressman.

Getting wind of Ryan’s new involvement in the Shortley case, his former boss, JACK MORRISON tells Ryan he needs to let it go. Which Ryan confirms he has. However, after the congressman dies in a helicopter crash, Ryan knows this is all bigger than some random child abduction.

After again meeting with Ryan, Tommy finally admits that he is in fact Michael Monson. However, the boy is suddenly shot dead. And now Ryan finds himself on the run for Michael’s murder.

When he discovers that his own son has been abducted, Ryan must decide whether to turn himself in in hopes of saving his son’s life or pursue the case no matter how high up it goes.

In a climatic ending, Ryan confronts the mastermind behind these child abductions and saving the life of the son he never really knew. Bringing down the politically connected. And bringing an end to the abductions?

Action/Crime Feature Film: LICENSE TO STEAL, by Marco Santiago

ACTORTitle: License to Steal

Written by: Marco Santiago

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Crime

Logline: A team of globe-trotting pilots repossess airplanes from the likes of narco-traffickers, deadbeat businesses and third-world arms traffickers until they unwittingly recover a plane outfitted with a weapon of mass destruction.

Action/Sports Feature Film: KIDNEY PUNCH, by Lily Skinner

Title: Kidney Punch 

Written by: Lily Skinner

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Action, Sports

Logline: A rising MMA star, forced out of the sport after high-tech organ thieves steal her kidney, must team up with her self-proclaimed “biggest fan,” a basement-dwelling slob of a hacker, to infiltrate the Dark Web and get her property back.

Action/Crime Feature Film: A GIRL WITH A MASTERMIND, by Priya Mistry

ACTORTitle: A Girl with a Mastermind

Written by: Priya Mistry

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Action

Logline: A bomb supplier must bring out secret of special bombs, and also prove herself in order to elicit genuine intention of her illegal business among the nation, no matter how many legal obstacles she faces.

Synopsis: The story is about a bomb supplier, Junno, and her team who runs an illegal business and deals with gangsters. As per the nature of the business she faces many legal obstacles to carry on her missions. These missions are all about humanity. Although she carries an illegal business, she has genuine intention behind this business. She must prove herself among the nation and police by bringing out the secret of special bombs which is an interesting twist of the story.

NOVEL: Half Past Monday, by M. Erpenbeck

ACTORTitle: Half Past Monday

Written by: M. Erpenbeck


Genre: Legal Thriller

Logline: Half Past Monday is a legal thriller ​about a well-meaning doctor ​who ​​reversed the chain of events preceding his only child’s murder, and in the process unwittingly places his entire family’s future at risk.

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