Feature Script: 1000 PESOS, by Todd Tavolazzi

Title of Story: 1000 PESOS

Written by: Todd Tavolazzi

Logline: An American priest renounces his vows and takes up arms to wrest back control of a small Mexican town taken over by a ruthless drug cartel and avenge the brutal killing of a fellow priest (inspired by true events).

Genre: Drama Thriller (modern western)

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: 1979612

Awards: 2020 Austin Screenplay Awards Semi-Finalist and Stowe Story Labs (invite only) selection

TV SHOW: BEACON RUG, by Stephen W. Young

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Title of Story: BEACON RUG

Written by: STEPHEN W. YOUNG

Logline: When Trick plays one prank too many, the zany objects of his practical jokes get even by combining mishaps and misunderstandings to pull off the greatest practical joke of all time.

Genre: Comedy

Type: TV pilot screenplay

WGC Registration Number: #S17-02980

Feature Script: BRUTAL DELUXE, by Ben Trebilcook

Title: Brutal Deluxe.

Genre: Crime / martial arts (UK set)

When serving a prison sentence for hooliganism, a man discovers brawls between rivals no longer take place on the terraces; they’ve become underground fight competitions and tries to stop the powerful man behind them. 

Feature Script: KILLING CLAIRE, by Sharon Terry

Title: Killing Claire

Written by: Sharon Terry

Logline: A husband hires a hitman to kill his wife but then discovers that she has a brain tumor and tries to stop the murder with disastrous consequences.

Genre: Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA# 237608

Feature Script: Ghetto Ghost Hunters, by Delaina M. Waldron

Ghetto Ghost Hunters by Delaina M. Waldron

A paranormal enthusiast and her oddball friends are the last resort to take on a housing project overrun by ghosts.

Genre: Urban Comedy

Feature Screenplay

TV SHOW: GRUMPY OLD WALMER, by Dedrick D. Conway

Title of Story: Grumpy Old Walmer

Written by: Dedrick D. Conway

Logline: Walmer is a grumpy stubborn old man who gets mad at the simplest things but has a good heart.

Genre: Animation

Type: T.V

WGA Registration Number: Copyrighted

NOVEL: BMCR: Boot Camp, by Wulfric Howlieter

Title of Story: BMCR: Boot Camp (Bureau of Monster Capture and Rehabilitation)

Written by: Wulfric Howlieter

Logline: Local small-time hero is abducted by a secret organization to assist in the training of future monster hunters.

Genre: YA Adventure Science Fiction

Type: Novel