Script Trailer: CRAWFISH, by Alison M. Wilkom

Author NAME: Alison M. Wilkom
Type of screenplay: Feature/ mini series

Website: , @alisonwilkom via Twitter, &

A firsthand account of an ordinary man’s experience during a 25-year epic in American military history. Jesse C. Davisson, great-grandfather os Alison M. Wilkom, was no angle when he first joined the Army in 1893. His diary begins there, then follows his adventures through such historic military conflicts as The American Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and WW1. Within these colorfully written pages, Jesse richly chronicles the fascinating and intimate details of these events, such as learning to ride horses with the 7th Cavalry, becoming friends with Apache Indian Scouts, skinning mules, and surviving ambushes, learning to avoid snakebites and hiding from jungle natives in the Philippines. He reveals the good and bad of our human character, complete with dark encounters and enlightening surprises.

Sotravel back in time when the United States was not a nation but a series of staked claims and territories. Meet a motley crew of cattle rustlers, thieves, murders, outlaws and deserters, as Jesse himself once became. Between his encounters in saloons with women of the night, Mexican bandits, Yaqui Indians and German machine guns, it is amazing that he was not injured or killed in action. Instead, Jesse eventually died as a result of chest problems he suffered while being gassed in France at Belleau Woods during WW1. Someone once said, “When a man dies, a library burns down.” I hope by reviving the unknown story of my great-grandfather, you will also become fascinated with Jesse and this epic period of American history.

Feature Film: The Seer by Virginia K.

Title: The Seer.

Written by: Virginia K.

Logline : A deeply secret and well networked society of astral travelers seeks to go back in time to the year 1962 through the art of astral projection (the most mystic form of O.B.E), alter the outcome of the crisis between U.S and Russia to create a nuclear war so they can overtake and rule the entire world.

Genre: Action, adventure, fantasy.

Type: Feature screenplay.

Movie Trailer: The Auxiliary Verb, directed by Ajijul Hasan Munna

It’s a common life story of child worker, every child worker faced many issues in society. But They Can tackle this situation. In This Documentary film we’ll tell about a Auto-bike helper who is a child.


Director Biography – Md. Ajijul Hasan Munna

40636c30dc headshot

Date of Birth- 30/10/1999
Birth Place- Maheshpur, Jhenaidah, Bangladesh.
Father- Md. Azad Hossain.
Mother- Mst. Shirina Shabnam Jharna.
Education- UG ( Running )
Qualification based in- Film Making, Editing, Writing & Cinematography also.

Director Statement

I’m Ajijul Hasan Munna | Alias: Surzo
I’m a student of film. My Project ” The Auxiliary Verb ” is now going on

Ajijul Hasan Munna

Movie Trailer: AHDAR, directed by Turan Kubulay

974a92becd posterYear is 2017. Life is just a bowl of cherries in Antalya/TURKEY. A woman who is a prisoner of this routine life. Acclimation of city life triggers the dread and the secession from wildlife. Any sight of green is seen as a bacteria, any sight of blue is considered as a poison. The people who get accustomed to the dirt of the city finds the nature strange and things develop.


Director Biography – TURAN KUBULAY

5297198702 headshot

He was born in İzmir, Esrefpasa Neighborhood, in 1997. He completed his primary and secondary education in İzmir. He get into the Elazig Firat University, Radio,Cinema and Television undergraduate programme in 2015. He completed the first year of the university in there. In 2016, he transfered to Antalya Akdeniz University, Radio,Cinema and Television undergraduate programme and continues his education here. He joined to Antalya Film Crew in 2016 and continues to work on the director and assistan director in there.

Movie Trailer: Maybe Someday, directed by Sadie Duarte

Cbd12257f1 posterShe doesn’t have much time, but she made a promise and she’s going to keep it. A story of love and dedication set both in the past and present. (Film includes English subtitles)


Director Biography – Sadie Duarte

64ed15d400 headshot

Born in Zaragoza (Spain), Sadie Duarte is an award-winning filmmaker, writer/screenwriter and producer who holds a B.A. in English Studies at UNED, an M.A. in Textual and Cultural Studies in English Language (British & Hollywood Cinema) at University of Zaragoza and an MA in Film Direction and Production of TV Shows (University San Jorge). She has three novels for young adults published: Alas Para Soñar (Certeza, 2001), Souls of Fire (Libros Certeza, 2013) and Recordando Bethlem (Certeza, 2016). Sadie Duarte has received eleven literary & academic awards and also works as a teacher of English & a translator. In fact, she translated into Spanish Ia Uaro’s book Sydney’s Song (La Canción de Sydney) and wrote the English subtitles for director Jorge Aparicio’s short film Cuatro Veintes (Four by Twenty) and El Morico.

DMUS is the first short musical film that Sadie Duarte wrote, directed and produced with two teams working together in Spain and USA. It’s an international project to promote artists from different countries, actors & musicians which has already got many official selections, 13 awards for Best Indie Filmmaker (Sadie Duarte) and Best Score (Jesús Calderón) at Top Shorts in Los Angeles, Best Musical at Oniros Film Awards (Italy), Best Score (Jesús Calderón) at Festigious (Los Angeles), Best Supporting Actress (Tiffany Daniels) and Best Original Score (Jesus Calderón) at Melbourne City International Film Awards, Best Ensemble (Honorable Mention) at Los Angeles Film Awards, Best Ensemble at the Actors Awards, Best Supporting Actress – Bahia Gold at the Actors Awards, Best Woman Filmmaker at Barcelona Planet Film Festival, Best Woman Filmmaker at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA), Best Music at AltFF in Toronto (Canada) – it includes music by multi award-winning composer Jesus Calderón -, Best Woman Director at the European Cinematography Awards (Warsaw, Poland)). DMUS is the first Spanish musical film shot in English language which made it onto IMDb.

In 2016, Sadie also wrote, directed and produced the melodrama Quizás un Día (Maybe Someday – in Spanish language with English subtitles) which recently got four official selections (September 2017) , won the Giulio Penzo Award at MedFF in Sicily (Italy) in January 2018, won Best Actress – Amelia Rius at Barcelona Planet Film Festival (Spain) in January 2018. Sadie directed the music video So Far by British singer Daniel Angelus too.

In May 2017, Sadie wrote, directed and produced the comedy film Blown Away (Enchufados) which has just started touring the festival circuit and stars Spanish celebrities Paco Arévalo and Secun de la Rosa. Blown Away has got the following awards: Best Comedy at AltFF in Toronto (Canada), Best Duo – Paco Arévalo and Secun de la Rosa at the Actors Awards in Los Angeles (USA), Honorable Mention for Best Ensemble at the New York Film Awards, Best Comedy and Best Supporting Actor – Roberto Millán at Festigious (Los Angeles), Best Supporting Actor – Pablo Escamilla at the Creation International Film Festival in Ottawa (Canada), Best Ensemble at Top Shorts (Los Angeles).

She has other projects in the pipeline like a new short film to be shot in early 2018 and a full-feature movie based on her novel Recordando Bethlem (Remembering Bethlehem).
In her spare time, Sadie Duarte works as a freelance journalist, writing reviews and articles and helping artists to promote their works in magazines like Punk Globe (Los Ángeles, USA).

Director Statement

Stand up and fight for your dreams because everything is possible.

Movie Trailer: 203, directed by Hazar Deniz BG

Img 5526He was talking about a story of a madman fighting different personalities at the hospital.

Full For Full 16 Language Subtitle link:


Director Biography – Hazar Deniz (Berhudan Güneş)

Img 5445

-Neden Koşuyor Bu Adam (Kısa Film)
-Death (Ölüm)
-Mardin İn Survivor
-Kayıp Bir Güneş
-Rami Noda
-The Return (Geri Dönüş) Orginal screenplay and Editing)
-BekleMan (VFX+Kurgu+Colorist)
-The Heartless (My interactive TV Series ABD Format)
-203 (Fest Short Movie)

Director Statement

Director,Writer,Actor,Music and Edited By,

Movie Trailer: CIRCLE OF FATE, directed by Desmond Denton

SIRKEL VAN NOODLOT (circle of fate) brings together the best of an international crime syndicate story, nifty detective work, a tragic family story and a twisted love triangle. Audience will be thrilled trying to find clues along with the Tamara Brink to unravel this dark sinister trafficking syndicate. The story is set against the background of the international trafficking industry. Tamara is a journalist investigating the sex industry in Thailand. Working for an independent British magazine, her job is to open up on covered secrets, the bigger the better, often leading her into a bit of a tricky situation to escape from. During her investigation she meets a young innocent girl, (Eileen) abducted from South Africa, trapped as a sex worked in Thailand. Tamara is from South Africa herself. Although she was taught to distance herself, she can’t shake the feeling that she has to do something. She takes matters into her own hands, while the clock is ticking. Her decision to help her escape have far reaching consequences leading to a bloody affair, a narrow escape and a much bigger story to investigate upon Tamara’s visit to South Africa. She quickly find that she is still in the vision of the syndicate. The unforeseen murder of Eileen within the safety of the British embassy complicates the whole affair. Tamara restlessly work to uncover the truth, discovering that it is much closer to home than she could ever anticipate.


Director Biography – Desmond Denton

Desmond Denton
Desmond Denton is an award winning filmmaker who walks with a strong vision of creativity on the one hand and the practical execution of it on the other; it’s where fantasy meets reality. Desmond is a South African born filmmaker currently residing between Cape Town, Washington DC and Moscow. His affair with film has been over 13years in the making where he has directed and produced various productions. He studied BA film directing/ writing, honours in communication science and post graduate psychology as well as Masters in writing.


Desmond has been mentored by various acclaimed filmmakers including Herman van Deventer, Kofi Zwana, Dean Blumberg, Cobus van den Berg, Akin Omotoso, Jamil Qubeka, Meg Rickards, Jacky Lourens and other