Movie Trailer: CIRCLE OF FATE, directed by Desmond Denton

SIRKEL VAN NOODLOT (circle of fate) brings together the best of an international crime syndicate story, nifty detective work, a tragic family story and a twisted love triangle. Audience will be thrilled trying to find clues along with the Tamara Brink to unravel this dark sinister trafficking syndicate. The story is set against the background of the international trafficking industry. Tamara is a journalist investigating the sex industry in Thailand. Working for an independent British magazine, her job is to open up on covered secrets, the bigger the better, often leading her into a bit of a tricky situation to escape from. During her investigation she meets a young innocent girl, (Eileen) abducted from South Africa, trapped as a sex worked in Thailand. Tamara is from South Africa herself. Although she was taught to distance herself, she can’t shake the feeling that she has to do something. She takes matters into her own hands, while the clock is ticking. Her decision to help her escape have far reaching consequences leading to a bloody affair, a narrow escape and a much bigger story to investigate upon Tamara’s visit to South Africa. She quickly find that she is still in the vision of the syndicate. The unforeseen murder of Eileen within the safety of the British embassy complicates the whole affair. Tamara restlessly work to uncover the truth, discovering that it is much closer to home than she could ever anticipate.


Director Biography – Desmond Denton

Desmond Denton
Desmond Denton is an award winning filmmaker who walks with a strong vision of creativity on the one hand and the practical execution of it on the other; it’s where fantasy meets reality. Desmond is a South African born filmmaker currently residing between Cape Town, Washington DC and Moscow. His affair with film has been over 13years in the making where he has directed and produced various productions. He studied BA film directing/ writing, honours in communication science and post graduate psychology as well as Masters in writing.


Desmond has been mentored by various acclaimed filmmakers including Herman van Deventer, Kofi Zwana, Dean Blumberg, Cobus van den Berg, Akin Omotoso, Jamil Qubeka, Meg Rickards, Jacky Lourens and other

Movie Trailer: YOUR COUNTRY IS MINE, directed by Mulualem Getachew

Bdecfdc72f posterAbout a lady who was born in Ethiopia and grew up in Europe and a man who was born in Europe and grow up in Ethiopia and they are totally different people they has change their identitys then she will come to Ethiopia to do investment they will meet and we will see how he is going to change her mind and he will let her to know more about her country her culture and traditions


Director Biography – Mulualem Getachew

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Mulualem getachew from Ethiopia had made more than 10 movies and trying to make Ethiopians film industry to become international and has been doing a lots of activities for the community working on gender equality

Watch Film: LITTLE JERUSAEM, directed by Monika Navickaitė

Bad92c89fd posterVytautas lives in a little neighborhood in Vilnius called Jerusalem. He, like any other teenager there, looks like a street gang member, eats kebabs and is afraid of everything he can not understand. But one special night among the teenagers in Jerusalem appears his weird eight-year-old brother. Vytautas has to choose between his complexes and a brotherly love.


Director Biography – Monika Navickaitė

703a617b2d headshot

2005 – 2013 Vilnius Jeruzalė High School
2013 – 2017 Vilnius Gabija gymnasium
A-levels: Art, English, Literature, Math, History, Geography
2011 – 2015 The Institut Français of Vilnius
French course (B2.1 level)
2015 – 2016 Skalvija Film Academy
Documentary Film course
Supervisor: Professor Giedrė Beinoriūtė
2016 – 2017 Skalvija Film Academy
Feature Film course
Supervisor: Film director Linas Mikuta


Director Statement

I chose this topic, because I grew up among children who were afraid of being themselves. Even now, I often find myself in situations where in order to be loyal to myself and make the right decisions I have to overcome my complexes and it is not that easy.


Movie Trailer: STEAM HORSE, directed by FIAT FROST

Promo 001STEAM HORSE, a short film project based on an unpublished novel written by FIAT FROST. The story is focusing on the timeline of CAPTAIN CRAIG who just returned from STEAM HORSE mission. He reloaded the operating system of a pony robot called STEAM HORSE which is stolen by Robot Army and quarantined at the Factorian. CAPTAIN CRAIG also saved human slaves from robots and brought them ahead to Cydonia. To fill some gasoline for STEAM HORSE, he decided to drop by at the Museum Of Wisdom where he met his old friend GINA. Something is not quite right. He is facing the intruders at the library. Let’s see if Captain will success on his mission.


Director Biography – FIAT FROST

Fiat face 007

FIAT FROST also known as Pakapol Rajchawong, a song writer, producer and filmmaker based in Bangkok. His career expanded creativity works such as filming music video for musicians, composing music, drawing and making animation. He also experimented on modern arts like 3D installation, performing art and Hologram. He played the main character in his own film and also some other robots that he built and designed by himself.