Movie Trailer: JOB LIFE, director  Roberto I. Ercolalo

D76fbcc59a posterTrailer – Film Job Life.
An averange employee burdened by depression and loneliness, caused by the job demands of his boss and the eternal routine in which his life is imprisioned.
Desperate, he allows himself to dream with an iota of freedom.
Trapped to break with oppression and, with it, his existential emptiness.


Director Biography – Roberto I. Ercolalo

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25 years. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on February 21, 1992. He is currently a law student at the University of Buenos Aires. Without leaving aside his great love and passion for art
“Job Life” is his first work, with his particular vision on art and resources this film had a budget of less than US $ 300.
“I think… cinema is the closest thing to magic in this world” Roberto I. Ercolalo