Novel/Feature Script: Agent 00 vol. I, by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun

Title of Story: Agent 00 vol. I
Written by: Ramona Lee Soo-Jun

Logline: “Almost 2000 years ago, during The Dragon Dynasty, an unstoppable ancient curse fell over the beautiful Princess Fei Yan. Her soul risks to remain trapped in time for decades, hundreds or even thousands of years, but young General Lai Ji vows to protect her with the Price of his Life. Along with Ju, The-Left-Handed-with-the-Right-Punch ― and Lu Lu, a young girl thief, they travel together a long way to the empire frontier.

In Hong Kong, 2015, Agents Eddy, Leo and Fei discover the secrets of The Triads. The police Chief, who took the blame for losing his first group of agents in the past, then decides to start the mission again after 20 years, counting on the good skills of his young agent, Eddy. The young pickpocket Li Li joins the team, becoming a skillful agent. Following KB’s trail, Eddy meets Tiger in the secret basements of the mobster’s building, risking to repeat the tragedy that happened 20 years ago, to the mission that was unmasked by KB.

The two parallel Worlds start to overlap when the Potion of Time comes back to life. The agents discover the possibility of reincarnation but without caring too much about this matter. While Eddy risks to disappear without a trace in the world of Triads, the princess again takes hold of the young general’s hand, who wandered thousands of years waiting for her.”
Genre: Martial-Arts-Action, Comedy, Drama.

Type: Novel and Feature Screenplay



Genre: Psychology

Logline: Rhonda Smith is a lively, home grown intellectual, but her family is wildly dysfunctional. Will it drag her down or can she, either by her own wits or through romance, save herself?

This book was written in “The Stream of Consciousness Technique”. It is a psychological story in which the main character suffers from a condition called ennui or perpetual boredom. Internal monologues in this drama are characteristics of this style in which thoughts flow in a stream.

Top NOVEL Loglines for September 2019

NOVEL: SAMANTHA, by Cheryl Campbell

NOVEL: Another Way to Die (Sam Leroy Book 4), by Philip Cox

NOVEL: The Afrikaner, by Arianna Dagnino


Novel: The Disney Dilemma: to thaw or not to thaw?, by Wayne Edmiston

NOVEL: SAMANTHA, by Cheryl Campbell

TITLE – Samantha

Written By – Cheryl Campbell

LOGLINE – Samantha is an intriguing story of family life within a
not so ordinary family, the James family.

Join the living and the dead as they take you on a roller-coaster ride
of events and adventures.

Walk beside the James family and their friends, living and dead, as
two world’s team up to help solve the mystery of Tanya’s death.

GEMRE – Paranormal Crime.

NOVEL: Another Way to Die (Sam Leroy Book 4), by Philip Cox

Title of Story: Another Way to Die (Sam Leroy Book 4)

Written by: Philip Cox

Seven years ago, LAPD Detective Sam Leroy shot and killed Harlan Cordell, and breathed a sigh of relief that the reign of the infamous Pentagram Killer was over.

But now, the killings have begun again. The police believe they are dealing with some fanatical copycat, but these new murders share a small detail with those before, a detail only the police and the killer would know.

How can today’s killer know the intimate details of seven years ago?

Or, as he fears, did Leroy kill the wrong man, leaving the real Pentagram Killer to wait and resume his grisly trade on an unsuspecting city?

Genre: Crime, Thriller, Police Procedural

Type: Novel


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NOVEL: The Afrikaner, by Arianna Dagnino

Title: The Afrikaner

By: Arianna Dagnino

Genre: Drama

Type: Novel

Logline: Zoe du Plessis (33), a young Afrikaner scientist in newly-post apartheid South Africa (1996), discovers that her family’s secret is wrapped in an ancient curse; torn by white guilt after losing her lover and colleague to a fatal accident, she heads into the Kalahari Desert to look for early human fossils and seek atonement.