Title of Story: Fracture Gradient

Written by: Jim McCulloch

The Reagan-era oil industry relentlessly hunts one of its own mid-level employees as he tries to monetize a green energy discovery that would provide immense economic benefit to mankind but destroy the industry. Big Oil will stop at nothing to keep this Next-Gen disruptor from coming to market

Genre: Action, Adventure, Historical Fiction, Thriller

Type: Novel

WGA Registration Number: N/A

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NOVEL: IRINA’S EYE, by H.W. Freedman

Title: Irina’s Eye

Written by: H.W. Freedman

Logline: The first draft of Irina’s Eye was semi-finalist in the William Faulkner unpublished novel competition.
Vaclav and Irina, both age fifteen, flee from behind the Iron Curtain. Irina is shot in the back and falls. He goes to help her but as he takes her in his arms another bullet enters her head and at that moment she orders him “Go!” He puts her down gently and runs. He reaches West Germany, then he travels to Rome and to New York in his quest for enlightenment and freedom from the guilt that haunts him for his soulmate Irina’s fate.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Type: Novel

Novel: City of Toys, by Lindy S. Hudis

Title of Story: City of Toys

Written by: Lindy S. Hudis

Logline: A Modern day Valley of the Dolls for the #MeToo era. Hollywood – The Land of Glamor and make-believe, where dreams of fame and fortune are thrown into a toxic blend of lethal secrets and ruthless ambition.
Genre: Drama

Type: Novel

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**Treatment Available**

Novel: All the Streets and Roads by Kathryn R. Cheuvront

All the Streets and Roads

Kathryn R. Cheuvront

Memories of childhood as seen through the eyes of a young girl and those around her, showcasing how one person’s perspective is developed and how situations can unknowingly be perceived differently.

Realistic Fiction, Drama


Novel: DJINN by Sang Kromah

Title of Story: ‘Djinn’ (Book 1)

Written by: Sang Kromah

Logline: Have you heard the story of the girl? The girl who stole powers meant for the Sun. The girl who couldn’t be found to be protected. The girl meant to save this world and the other. Have you heard? Have you heard?

Genre: Young-Adult Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Type: Novel (Would make an awesome TV series)

Date Published: March 20, 2018

Publisher: Not a Pipe Publishing

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