SCRIPT TRAILER: The Perfect Time, Scott Nelson

TITLE of Script: The Perfect Time

Author NAME: Scott Nelson

TV pilot

If you could control time, you could control everything. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

Susan Tolliver is brilliant. Having invented the Tachyon Cascade, she has created the means to make time travel a reality. Now, it is the eve of the first manned test, and she is ready to change history.

But odd things start to happen in her lab. She receives a cryptic, and frightening note from the future, written in her own blood. A stranger appears in the time travel chamber and starts to shoot up the place. Someone wants to stop her, but it isn’t clear who.

As she is preparing for her big day, she awakes to find that all has changed. Her lab is no longer her lab. The entire mission and technology seems to have changed. Someone has changed everything, and only she and two others seem aware.

And on top of everything else, her long dead love seems to now be alive, and calling the shots.

SCRIPT TRAILER: Small World, by Eric Glawe

Eric Glawe


In preparation for the upcoming World’s Fair, Walt Disney sits with a group of men to discuss the UNICEF project that will be highlighted at their pavilion. After some debate Walt decides to offer the project to one of his favorite artists, Mary Blair. Working in her studio on Long Island in New York, the quiet and fashionable yet assertive Mary recalls her early days growing up in Oklahoma and the influences she had, namely her father and her aunt. Coming out of her memory trance, Mary walks downstairs to prepare dinner for husband Lee and sons, Donovan and Kevin. Out of the blue, Mary receives a call from Walt’s office. Walt Disney would like to offer Mary a job designing a ride with a Children of the World theme. After a time of deliberation and the cross and jealous behavior of her husband, Mary finally decides to take the job after some convincing by her son. She’s off, back to California and the studio that started her career.
Upon arriving at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and throughout the story, Mary reminisces about her early life and the life she had when she worked at the Disney studios. Walt greets Mary and whisks her away to his office and the group of men she is to convince she is the right one for the job. As before, Mary is met with doubts from the men, especially one in particular, Jim Berns. A corporate-minded man, Jim has been with Walt for years and has always pushed him in the direction of the logical, male-centric decision. Nevertheless, Walt wants Mary and her concept for the ride is met with enthusiasm. On her team will be her friends Marc and Alice Davis along with a newcomer and corporate first choice, Roland “Rolly” Crump whom Mary has an immediate connection. That night Mary meets with Alice and Marc for drinks. They remember their work together on different films and eventually bring up the rocky shape that Mary and Lee’s marriage is in. As she is getting in her car to return to her hotel, Mary recalls the early days of her relationship with Lee and how happy they were. From their wedding day, to their first apartment, she remembers working as an artist at home while Lee went to work at Disney studios. Throughout her time working on what will become known as “It’s a Small World” for the World’s Fair, Mary also thinks back on the struggles she had being taken seriously surrounded by different men at Disney. From her time when she walked into Disney and demanded that Walt take her with him on their South American trip to most recently when Mary decided to leave the studio to work with her husband and be the wife and mother she always dreamed of being at the urgency of Lee, Mary reflects on her life and how all the sequences have brought her to where she and Lee are. Her project opens at the World’s Fair and Mary, Lee, Donovan and Kevin spend a day at the opening. But just as things seem to be looking up for Mary, Donovan has a severe episode at home and is taken to the hospital. She and Lee find out Donovan has schizophrenia and needs to be hospitalized. Lee’s drinking has gotten out of control and finally, Walt dies of cancer shortly after the dedication of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland. The projects that were promised to her are forgotten about due thanks to Jim Berns and Mary falls into a deep depression. Drinking all the time, Mary secludes herself inside her house and studio wasting away. Suddenly, she receives a call from Marc Davis. She is to work on a new project for Disneyland and after that, the new Walt Disney World. After the unveiling of her new murals in Tomorrowland, Mary and Lee travel to Anaheim to take in her work. After a moment of reconciliation with Lee, Mary takes a tour alone through Walt’s Fantasyland and to her “It’s a Small World”. She gazes upon her work with a smile on her face. Her adoration is cut short by Jim Berns who proceeds to remind Mary, in so many words, who is boss. Having lived now through countless struggles and pains she finds the words to tell Jim how wrong he is and how important people like her are. She walks away, confident that she told Mr. Berns what-for in the most poised and dignified way she could.

Years later, at an anniversary celebration for her sister Margaret, Mary and Lee dance to the slow theme of “It’s a Small World.” Mary later dies of a cerebral hemorrhage due to alcoholism. Her life lives on through her art and contributions to mid-century modern design. She is made a Disney legend in 1991 but is always remembered as the creator of “It’s a Small World.”

SCRIPT TRAILER: Silver Skull Creek, by Ryan Gallant


Redemption… or Damnation?

When ranch-hand and former city slicker Ben Marsh’s fiance is kidnapped by a cutthroat gang of outlaws under the thrall of an ancient, blood-sucking evil, he must reluctantly join forces with the gang’s ousted leader, Curtis Rodriguez, to hunt down the band and rescue his beloved.

As Ben and Curtis doggedly pursue their quarry west across unforgiving Colorado countryside, the two men will be tested to their breaking point by each other AND their enemy.

When pitted against the ultimate evil that corrupts and brings out the worst in humanity, how far will these two unlikely allies be willing to go for love and revenge?

Is damnation inevitable for the young and naive Ben, who may have to sacrifice his soul for the sake of love before all is said and done?

Is redemption even possible for the jaded Curtis, a ruthless man who’s spent a lifetime selfishly killing and plundering?

Whether there will be redemption or damnation in the end… there WILL be blood.

SCRIPT TRAILER: Pay Your Bill, by Annie Bio

TV Show series by Annie Bio

The series is called PAY YOUR BILL. It’s a single camera, half-hour WORKPLACE COMEDY that takes place at a collection agency where hopes and dreams go to die!

It’s CHAOS, TORTURE, AND HELL… And that’s on a good day!
This story is Annie’s Journey.

Annie breaks up with her boyfriend and loses everything Including the apartment, her job, and her cat! She is forced to go back home and live with her Mother. Jobless, bills piling up, phone calls begin from a collection agency. The calls are relentless

Annie avoids the calls. Her Mother nags her to get a job as a collection agency keeps hounding her for money she owes. After a complete nervous breakdown, Annie decides to go to the collection agency to confront them about her outstanding debt. This debt was incurred by her ex who made unessential purchases on her card. She trusted him with the card

As she gets to the agency, she is confronted by THE EMPEROR who is relentless, persistent, and demanding. He is the manager of Sloth Collections. He thinks she is there for the job, but Annie is there to talk about her outstanding debt. The Emperor greets Annie and takes her through the call center floor. Annie thinking she is going to win in this situation ends up working alongside the very debt collectors she attempted to confront!
Annie wants to escape, but then she thinks about how lousy her home life is living back with her overbearing mother, Mama, and her boyfriend Vlad the veal man (the Butcher) who comes to see Mama with his “special” cuts of meat.

Annie decides that working at this collection agency is better than staying at home. She stays at the job and is introduced to these zany characters. In essence, these characters are what save Annie to get her life back.

Logline: Long hours, an arrogant boss, debt, and an overbearing mother, Annie gets placed at the helm of it all and finds herself working alongside the very debt collectors she tries to confront herself!

SCRIPT TRAILER: The Loneliest Man In The Universe, by Mohammad Al Onaizi



Type of screenplay: FEATURE

LOGLINE: Former NASA scientist, turned Astronomy teacher Cory Fox , returns to his former employers with the idea of embarking on the world’s first one way manned mission into space, on his own.

Tagline: One Man, One Mission, One Way

Summary of script:
When former NASA scientist turned High school Astronomy teacher Cory Fox is diagnosed with a tumor, he quits teaching. He goes to the Kennedy Space Center and runs into an old colleague, Collins, and tells him he wants to go on the Jupiter Mission, a one-way mission to study Jupiter’s moon Europa. Cory convinces his father that he wants to do this mission, telling him that he’s the loneliest Man in the universe after he lost the love of his life, Laura. Cory makes a bucket list and goes on a date with Hollywood’s biggest star, Katia Mohren. Days before the launch, Cory falls and is sick, so NASA Director Patrick calls off the mission. Katia motivates Cory to not give up, and he returns again with her and his former students and Cory confronts Patrick to let him go. When Cory is supposed to launch the pods, he passes out and has to circle Europa to try again. NASA decides to work with the Russians to use their satellite to reach Cory. Cory gets the pods to release, jumps in his pod, and without him knowing, the crew had automatically set the escape pod to return home, and they never told him because they feared that it will not work. As he reenters the Earth, his chute has problems, but then it finally opens. After all the NASA staff agree to give Cory their titles, he passes away.

Script Trailer: ALL SOULS DAY, by Stephen Beyer

Stephen Beyer

Feature Screenplay
Alice’s visions brings’ her to an All Souls Day celebration where her and other campers are preyed upon by a mysterious and blood-thirsty killer. “All Souls Day” blends today’s Supernatural Horror with a 1980’s Slasher Era Setting.

Script Trailer: CRAWFISH, by Alison M. Wilkom

Author NAME: Alison M. Wilkom
Type of screenplay: Feature/ mini series

Website: , @alisonwilkom via Twitter, &

A firsthand account of an ordinary man’s experience during a 25-year epic in American military history. Jesse C. Davisson, great-grandfather os Alison M. Wilkom, was no angle when he first joined the Army in 1893. His diary begins there, then follows his adventures through such historic military conflicts as The American Indian Wars, the Spanish-American War, the Philippine Insurrection and WW1. Within these colorfully written pages, Jesse richly chronicles the fascinating and intimate details of these events, such as learning to ride horses with the 7th Cavalry, becoming friends with Apache Indian Scouts, skinning mules, and surviving ambushes, learning to avoid snakebites and hiding from jungle natives in the Philippines. He reveals the good and bad of our human character, complete with dark encounters and enlightening surprises.

Sotravel back in time when the United States was not a nation but a series of staked claims and territories. Meet a motley crew of cattle rustlers, thieves, murders, outlaws and deserters, as Jesse himself once became. Between his encounters in saloons with women of the night, Mexican bandits, Yaqui Indians and German machine guns, it is amazing that he was not injured or killed in action. Instead, Jesse eventually died as a result of chest problems he suffered while being gassed in France at Belleau Woods during WW1. Someone once said, “When a man dies, a library burns down.” I hope by reviving the unknown story of my great-grandfather, you will also become fascinated with Jesse and this epic period of American history.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Love Hex, by Mike Meier

The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico

by Mike Meier
Feature Screenplay

New York in 1929, shortly before the Great Depression. Rose is unhappily married to a mobster lawyer. She suffers from early-onset arthritis. Her doctor recommends a hot spring treatment. Her friend Alice, recently widowed and a mother of three, suffers chronic fatigue. Eventually, both travel to the hot springs in Mexico and hook up with two young gigolos. The days are jolly until on the Dia de los Muertos, Rose’s jealous husband arrives out of the blue.

The Love Hex or Nicest Flings in Mexico is a comedy about the many things in life we don’t quite understand, such as love, enchantment, and magic spells.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Martinez Margaritas & Murder, by James Helsing

TITLE of Script: Martinez, Margaritas and Murder!

Author NAME: James Helsing

Type of screenplay: Feature Film

Genre: LGBTQ comedy

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Summary of script:

Mainstream success eludes struggling Hollywood actor Freddy Martinez… while a local serial killer eludes police.

Sweet-natured Freddy is surrounded by Margarita-loving BFFs and no shortage of suspects: sassy attorney Erika, who has a thing for Testosterone-challenged older men… sex-addicted A-List model roommate Trent, who sneaks out in the dead of night and returns with scratches on his face and hands… wealthy spitfire landlady Maude, who hates Trent and has the hots for Freddy… trust fund baby Steve, who buys one of the murder houses so he can sell tickets to the morbidly curious… and Freddy’s charming new boyfriend Billy, who has an unhealthy fascination with the murders.

Like the colorful comic Telenovela their TVs are always tuned to, drama queens collide with cool heads right up until the grand finale, when the killer unwittingly blows his… or her… cover.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Dream City, by Andrew S. Fisk

Type: Feature

Dream City… twenty million people live in this metropolis, surrounded by the dangerous waters of Storm River. Five million have been exiled to The Shadow. An urban nightmare of gangs, drugs and crime. The Nighthawks gang rules The Shadow where they produce the powerful addictive drug Soma Blue.
The Nighthawks attack the small rural town of Angel Falls and kill several people. Amy Christensen, a quiet eighteen year old girl from Angel Falls, swears vengeance. She moves to The Shadow and infiltrates the Nighthawks. A loner and outsider, she finds acceptance from the gang and becomes the love interest of their infamous leader.
Amy destroys the supply of Soma Blue using commando tactics taught learned from her father. He trained her to survive in any situation When her deception is discovered, she and the Nighthawks leader fight their final battle on the bridge over Storm River.

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