SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Bystander’s Apathy, by Jacob Swann

Title: Bystander’s Apathy
Author: Jacob Swann
Type: Feature

Ruben, big, burly, jolly, African-American, mid 20s, has such a great outlook on life but society doesn’t reciprocate his positive attitude back on him. In his universe, Ruben is magnetically paired with a series of ill-fated trials. When kind and gentle people see Ruben, they don’t see someone deserving of their compassion. He’s overlooked and undervalued until one day he finds hope in humanity where hope appeared to be lost.

Faced with many of life’s woes all at once, Ruben experiences an unforgettable day of ups and downs. He has a job interview that could change the trajectory of his life but getting to the interview proves to be an impossible feat. His larger than life daughter tags along and provides levity to a tumultuous day. What he discovers by the end will change the fate of his life forever.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Behind The Jersey, by Ashley Jackson

TV Series
Ashley Jackson

SYNOPSIS: Johanna, Tori, Journee, and Nyemah are four beautiful women in their mid to late twenties and early thirties, who are living the lavish life of being with a professional athlete in the city of Los Angeles.

Best friends Tori and Johanna occasionally bump heads with other best friends Journee and Nyemah. Journee tries to keep a hidden secret from rival Tori, while Nyemah does whatever it takes to become a well-known fashion designer. Tori keeps her distance from her husband when it comes to having children, and Johanna works to stay on her game by keeping her love life spicy so her husband won’t slip cheating again.

The truth about being an athlete’s wife, girlfriend and fiancee get real when it’s not all about the glitz and glamour. Can these ladies survive this lifestyle or will their lies, betrayal, deceit, and affairs haunt them and have them lose it all for good!?

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Living In The Moments, by Stephen John Beyer

Living in the Moments
By Stephen John Beyer
Feature Screenplay (Romantic Comedy)

JON (39), JAY, (44) and JOEY (42) are three middle aged men that share a love for music, laughter, and the unexpected. They all work dead-end jobs and spend most of their time living in the moments by competing in an annual karaoke competition and hosting themed parties. On a daily-basis Jon’s parents POPS (65) and MAGGIE (64) remind him and place pressure on Jon to invest into a serious relationship.

When Jon develops romantic feelings for his new coworker Holly, he is challenged to grow up a little, while also introducing Holly to his wild and crazy world. Jon is reminded by Pops, not only live in the moment, live moment by moment but never at the expense of the moment. As Jon and Holly start dating, HOLLY (46) starts realizing JON’s life as a party host is very, different from his persona when they’re alone. While trying to win Holly over, Jon’s co-worker BRAD (37) who also is a competing karaoke singer competes for Holly’s heart as someone from Jon’s past competes for his own. Can Jon win the girl and the competition? Or will Jon win one and lose the other.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Private, by Brad Bong

By Brad Bong

May, 2002.

Eight months after 9/11. President Bush deploys troops into Afghanistan. 9 soldiers are discharged under Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell”.

17 year old Avery Blake is an average high schooler. Shy, soft-spoken, but with a golden voice that could stop a room. But, behind his ocean-blues eyes lies a secret he’s aching for the confidence to share. Avery’s gay. Even his Ivy League-bound best friend, Maddison pretends not to see who he really is.

Suddenly, Avery’s ailing father, James, is rushed to the hospital. And his mother, Becky is drowning in hospital bills she can’t pay. When it’s revealed that Becky’s been hiding James’ rapidly declining Multiple Sclerosis, Avery is desperate to help, But, Becky’s flailing need for control has her enlisting Avery into the Army National Guard. After all, the G.I. bill could offset the piling debt, leaving enough for Avery’s college fund.

At Basic Training, meek and closeted Avery is no match for Drill Sergeants Cox, and Wright who will stop at nothing to humiliate, break and re-build their recruits. The demands of military life close tighter around Avery; and his presence is tested on every level. Even his battle buddy, Private Bowman, seems to harbor the same dark secret as their relationship grows more and more complicated.

Once Avery’s home life spirals out of control, his Army career is on the rise. Avery now has to face the toughest questions of his life: Can he keep his sexual identity a secret? Which is more brave: continued silence, or self-declaration? And, are the costs worth it?

“Based on Actual Events”

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: The Ghosts In Me, by Wolfgang Schuler

Title: The Ghosts In Me
Author: Wolfgang Schuler
Type of Screenplay: Feature Film

“The most startling discovery of the origin of humankind”

When you meet someone and they take your breath away.
When you meet someone and instantly like or dislike them.
When your dreams include people and places that seem familiar yet bizarre.
When you get a feeling or emotion when you see an image of a place or person.
When you hear music is it really a sixth sense.

All of these are explored and become unravelled in The Ghosts In Me. Dr. Anthony Watsford has spent his life researching DNA, he believes that DNA may be a repository of each individuals life and ancestry which could yield images or video or sound. With his good friend and co-worker, Dr. Lillian Wang, they design and build a human interface so they can interpret and see images they believe maybe contained within DNA. Their discovery soon catches the attention of a hostile Government agency, whose interest lies in ‘reading’ the memories of their targets.

What follows is a discovery that there is no such thing as ‘junk DNA’, and that each strand of DNA is a complete record starting with the dawn of humankind and … it’s Creator.

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Altered Enemy, by Dennis Paul

Voice Over by Steve Rizzo


A story about professional indignation and inspired collusion.

Written by Dennis Paul

FBI Agent Jaclyn Brown is on administrative leave, following
allegations of misconduct. So when Chelsea, wife of internet
billionaire, Lance Schaefer, is kidnapped by mercenaries, arranged by
his indignant rival, they assign the case to her partner, Agent Todd

The FBI must rescue the hostage within the kidnapper’s deadline, to
prevent Chelsea’s murder. In a move to protect the businessman, Todd
changes place with Lance Schaefer to deliver Cartier Diamonds, agreed
to as part of the ransom demands. But in an unsuspected turn, Agent
Todd is murdered by the kidnappers, in a barbarous deception to kill
Lance Schaefer.

Jaclyn, devastated by this loss, is left hurt and feeling vengeful. To
her surprise, she is covertly contacted by defected member of the gang
Speed, who suggests they join forces to defeat the criminals. Although
dubious, Jaclyn uses Speed’s inside information, and her instincts, to
confront the mercenaries before Chelsea dies from drowning.

SCRIPT TRAILER: The Perfect Time, Scott Nelson

TITLE of Script: The Perfect Time

Author NAME: Scott Nelson

TV pilot

If you could control time, you could control everything. At least, that’s what we tell ourselves.

Susan Tolliver is brilliant. Having invented the Tachyon Cascade, she has created the means to make time travel a reality. Now, it is the eve of the first manned test, and she is ready to change history.

But odd things start to happen in her lab. She receives a cryptic, and frightening note from the future, written in her own blood. A stranger appears in the time travel chamber and starts to shoot up the place. Someone wants to stop her, but it isn’t clear who.

As she is preparing for her big day, she awakes to find that all has changed. Her lab is no longer her lab. The entire mission and technology seems to have changed. Someone has changed everything, and only she and two others seem aware.

And on top of everything else, her long dead love seems to now be alive, and calling the shots.

SCRIPT TRAILER: Small World, by Eric Glawe

Eric Glawe


In preparation for the upcoming World’s Fair, Walt Disney sits with a group of men to discuss the UNICEF project that will be highlighted at their pavilion. After some debate Walt decides to offer the project to one of his favorite artists, Mary Blair. Working in her studio on Long Island in New York, the quiet and fashionable yet assertive Mary recalls her early days growing up in Oklahoma and the influences she had, namely her father and her aunt. Coming out of her memory trance, Mary walks downstairs to prepare dinner for husband Lee and sons, Donovan and Kevin. Out of the blue, Mary receives a call from Walt’s office. Walt Disney would like to offer Mary a job designing a ride with a Children of the World theme. After a time of deliberation and the cross and jealous behavior of her husband, Mary finally decides to take the job after some convincing by her son. She’s off, back to California and the studio that started her career.
Upon arriving at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank and throughout the story, Mary reminisces about her early life and the life she had when she worked at the Disney studios. Walt greets Mary and whisks her away to his office and the group of men she is to convince she is the right one for the job. As before, Mary is met with doubts from the men, especially one in particular, Jim Berns. A corporate-minded man, Jim has been with Walt for years and has always pushed him in the direction of the logical, male-centric decision. Nevertheless, Walt wants Mary and her concept for the ride is met with enthusiasm. On her team will be her friends Marc and Alice Davis along with a newcomer and corporate first choice, Roland “Rolly” Crump whom Mary has an immediate connection. That night Mary meets with Alice and Marc for drinks. They remember their work together on different films and eventually bring up the rocky shape that Mary and Lee’s marriage is in. As she is getting in her car to return to her hotel, Mary recalls the early days of her relationship with Lee and how happy they were. From their wedding day, to their first apartment, she remembers working as an artist at home while Lee went to work at Disney studios. Throughout her time working on what will become known as “It’s a Small World” for the World’s Fair, Mary also thinks back on the struggles she had being taken seriously surrounded by different men at Disney. From her time when she walked into Disney and demanded that Walt take her with him on their South American trip to most recently when Mary decided to leave the studio to work with her husband and be the wife and mother she always dreamed of being at the urgency of Lee, Mary reflects on her life and how all the sequences have brought her to where she and Lee are. Her project opens at the World’s Fair and Mary, Lee, Donovan and Kevin spend a day at the opening. But just as things seem to be looking up for Mary, Donovan has a severe episode at home and is taken to the hospital. She and Lee find out Donovan has schizophrenia and needs to be hospitalized. Lee’s drinking has gotten out of control and finally, Walt dies of cancer shortly after the dedication of “It’s a Small World” at Disneyland. The projects that were promised to her are forgotten about due thanks to Jim Berns and Mary falls into a deep depression. Drinking all the time, Mary secludes herself inside her house and studio wasting away. Suddenly, she receives a call from Marc Davis. She is to work on a new project for Disneyland and after that, the new Walt Disney World. After the unveiling of her new murals in Tomorrowland, Mary and Lee travel to Anaheim to take in her work. After a moment of reconciliation with Lee, Mary takes a tour alone through Walt’s Fantasyland and to her “It’s a Small World”. She gazes upon her work with a smile on her face. Her adoration is cut short by Jim Berns who proceeds to remind Mary, in so many words, who is boss. Having lived now through countless struggles and pains she finds the words to tell Jim how wrong he is and how important people like her are. She walks away, confident that she told Mr. Berns what-for in the most poised and dignified way she could.

Years later, at an anniversary celebration for her sister Margaret, Mary and Lee dance to the slow theme of “It’s a Small World.” Mary later dies of a cerebral hemorrhage due to alcoholism. Her life lives on through her art and contributions to mid-century modern design. She is made a Disney legend in 1991 but is always remembered as the creator of “It’s a Small World.”

SCRIPT TRAILER: Silver Skull Creek, by Ryan Gallant


Redemption… or Damnation?

When ranch-hand and former city slicker Ben Marsh’s fiance is kidnapped by a cutthroat gang of outlaws under the thrall of an ancient, blood-sucking evil, he must reluctantly join forces with the gang’s ousted leader, Curtis Rodriguez, to hunt down the band and rescue his beloved.

As Ben and Curtis doggedly pursue their quarry west across unforgiving Colorado countryside, the two men will be tested to their breaking point by each other AND their enemy.

When pitted against the ultimate evil that corrupts and brings out the worst in humanity, how far will these two unlikely allies be willing to go for love and revenge?

Is damnation inevitable for the young and naive Ben, who may have to sacrifice his soul for the sake of love before all is said and done?

Is redemption even possible for the jaded Curtis, a ruthless man who’s spent a lifetime selfishly killing and plundering?

Whether there will be redemption or damnation in the end… there WILL be blood.

SCRIPT TRAILER: Pay Your Bill, by Annie Bio

TV Show series by Annie Bio

The series is called PAY YOUR BILL. It’s a single camera, half-hour WORKPLACE COMEDY that takes place at a collection agency where hopes and dreams go to die!

It’s CHAOS, TORTURE, AND HELL… And that’s on a good day!
This story is Annie’s Journey.

Annie breaks up with her boyfriend and loses everything Including the apartment, her job, and her cat! She is forced to go back home and live with her Mother. Jobless, bills piling up, phone calls begin from a collection agency. The calls are relentless

Annie avoids the calls. Her Mother nags her to get a job as a collection agency keeps hounding her for money she owes. After a complete nervous breakdown, Annie decides to go to the collection agency to confront them about her outstanding debt. This debt was incurred by her ex who made unessential purchases on her card. She trusted him with the card

As she gets to the agency, she is confronted by THE EMPEROR who is relentless, persistent, and demanding. He is the manager of Sloth Collections. He thinks she is there for the job, but Annie is there to talk about her outstanding debt. The Emperor greets Annie and takes her through the call center floor. Annie thinking she is going to win in this situation ends up working alongside the very debt collectors she attempted to confront!
Annie wants to escape, but then she thinks about how lousy her home life is living back with her overbearing mother, Mama, and her boyfriend Vlad the veal man (the Butcher) who comes to see Mama with his “special” cuts of meat.

Annie decides that working at this collection agency is better than staying at home. She stays at the job and is introduced to these zany characters. In essence, these characters are what save Annie to get her life back.

Logline: Long hours, an arrogant boss, debt, and an overbearing mother, Annie gets placed at the helm of it all and finds herself working alongside the very debt collectors she tries to confront herself!