A young office worker jeopardizes his career and love life when he begins to take on the persona of his favorite movie monster, Godzilla.

Writer Biography – ANTHONY AROYA


I’m a writer of screenplays, children’s fiction, created comic strips, blogs. My crowning achievement was having the first play I ever wrote performed off-Broadway in a competition years ago. We didn’t win, but oh, the experience was forever life changing. Speaking of change I’m a New Yorker. Nowhere on earth changes faster than this place on a monthly basis. We just roll with. Here’s to all the parks, library steps and train stations where I get my creative inspiration. I always say that being a writer is the world’s greatest super power. It’s flying without the benefit of having wings. We’ll see where I land.

Writer Statement

I think that short films have so much potential. Imagine, a culture where we “still” leave the house and actually go out into the sun, walk, breath fresh air and go to watch a movie in a real theater in this digital download everything age, but also have the ability to watch short films from the comfort of our home through a digital platform. All that’s missing is the investors willing to fund such an endeavor. It can work. All it takes is a little belief in really good writing.

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: The Underwater Story. Leda and Metida, by Alexander Chernega


The power of the stone of Bereon haunts the villains. To get it brothers Marten again have been turned into blue dolphins by the will of the father of beautiful daughters is the greedy merchant Dorey.

The third part of Underwater Story.
Dorey is the richest man in the kingdom of Daminia and the owner of all fishing boats. One day he decides to go with his fishermen to the sea, suspecting them of concealing a catch from him. The boat with the fishermen got into a storm and crashed. However, the fishermen succeeded to survive and returned to Daminia. Dorey was thrown by the waves to an unknown coast, where he found on the sand the tail of the evil sorcerer cramp-fish Godefried, who retained the magical power of his former owner.
Dorey set off along the coast and came across a fishing village in which the Marten family lived.
Dorey persuaded brothers Arno and Gideon to help him return home, and in return for the service, he promised to generously thank them.
The brothers agreed to the request of the stranger and went all together in a boat to the open sea to the country of Daminia. With the help of Godefrid’s tail, Dorey was able to determine the place where the frigate “Vega” sank and turn the brothers into blue dolphins. He commanded them to bring Bereon for him, a stone that fulfills wishes.
Arno and Gideon complied with the request of the stranger, but the stone pushed the man away with evil intentions. Saving the life of Dorey, who was overboard, Gideon used his former magic ability and turned it into cramp-fish.
At this time, the fishermen who were wrecked returned to Parna, the capital of Daminia. They said that they saw how the waves carried Dorey away from them and do not know whether he alive or not. Artida, the wife of Dorey, decides, due to hopelessness, to turn to the witch Kalida, imprisoned in a cave behind a waterfall. However, her beautiful daughters Leda and Metida convinced their mother not to go there alone, but to let them go to meet the witch.
Kalida agreed to help the girls, and with the help of witchcraft she found out that Dorey was alive in the form of cramp-fish. She told the sisters to weave the carpet with silver threads (gray hair from the witch’s head) into it, and then lower it into the water. Silver threads formed words that could only read the Lord of the Seas. This will be a gift and a request to Neptune to release their father, Kalida told the girls.
Leda and Metida did everything the witch commanded them. However, she deceived the gullible sisters, pursuing her insidious goals. Witchcraft threads on the carpet allowed Kalida to see everything that happens in the underwater kingdom, as well as control the carpet. With their help, she managed to find the casket with Bereon and the tail of Godefried, lying at the bottom.
However, the witch’s plans were not destined to come true. About a strange carpet and cramp-fish swimming nearby, the fishes informed oracle Pirus, who immediately guessed what was the matter. He hastened to Neptune’s palace to report an interesting find.
At this time, the Marten brothers, tied with a rope to the boat by Dorey, were thrown exhausted to the sandy shore, where Leda and Metida came every day, hoping to see their father. The girls freed and fed the brothers. Gideon and Arno, wanting to thank the sisters for their kindness, promised to ask Neptune to let their father go home.
The Marten brothers went to the palace of the Lord of the Seas. There they met Pirus, Neptune and Doreus. The brothers told their story and conveyed the request of Leda and Metida.
Neptune carefully considered everything and made a decision. He liked the beautiful gift of Leda and Metida, and he tempered his anger by deciding to let their father go home after three years of service in the underwater kingdom. He ordered Dorey to fulfill his promise to the brothers and appointed a task to him to control that people do not catch his subjects beyond measure.
The Marten brothers returned home with the help of Pirus and Bereon, and were surprised to find two new huts and boats. That was the gift of Neptune. The brothers told their parents their story and, having received a blessing, began to prepare for a trip to Daminia, for beautiful sisters.

ANIMATION Festival Short Script: Why Must Man’s Best Friend Be a Dog?, by Anna Patterson

Logline: Talking animals, a no no surely. But People keep writing them and so do I.
Synopsis:I wrote this some time ago — thought it was cute. I kept it. would like to see what people think.
Why Must Man’s Best Friend Be a Dog?
Why not a Frog, or a cat?
I know some cats that would so like that!
Animated, rhyming, singing story of a professor cat trying to get the animal kingdom to give cats a break!

LGBT Short Script: The Little Death, by Daniel Appleby

24037bc1f7 posterTwo non-binary high end restoration laborers attempt a disembiguation of T.S. Elliot’s “The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock” while speculating on the sex life of Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.


Writer Biography – Daniel Appleby

25b4cb5464 headshot

Appleby is an award winning writer/director whose work has entertained literally dozens of viewers 🙂 throughout the no longer civilized world, on movie screens, televisions, and mobile devices.

Appleby’s films have screened in São Paulo, Rome, Cannes, London, Seattle, and Minneapolis among others. He is a published author, and long time member of the Writers Guild of America West.

Female Festival Short Script: All on the Family by Brie Wilson

2c19d98e6f posterWhen a matriarch learns that protecting the youngest in the family from abuse is nearly impossible to do when the perpetrator is the parent , she must take matters into her own hands.


Writer Biography – Brie Wilson

7565d12f43 headshot

Brie Wilson is an American film/television actress, producer and screenwriter. She has written for a number of independent films, stage plays and web series- all of which she has attributed her knack for imaginative content (and intense spellcheck) to her former years as a schoolteacher. When she is not writing screenplays, she continues to complete a variety of freelance editing assignments, ranging from memoirs to story bibles to press releases, most of which have landed coverage in print and broadcast media outlets nationwide. Brie also serves as editor-in-chief of Haute Pink Mustard Seed, a magazine honoring women who have overcome heightened adversity and rose from the wreckage, beautifully.
In addition to writing, Brie serves as partner of BME (B. Media & Entertainment), an Atlanta-based entertainment company specializing in screenwriting; freelancing and copyediting services; film and music production; and artists’ bookings.

Television and film credits include, The Rickey Smiley Show, Fatal Attraction, Redemption 316, Sister Moon, and House of Savid.

LA Festival Short Script: INTEGRATION, by Chris Fischer

Remedy’s behavior is incompatible with the social structure of a future oppressed by technology. She has unfocused visions from her past during her morning ritual and is interrupted by a call to meet with Cleo – her boss and a powerful Advertising Executive for CHAPEL INDUSTRIES.

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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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LA Festival Short Script: Judge Me, by Esmeralda James

19 years old Susan attempts suicide due to the constant judging of her. She has a decision to make take the easy way out or stay and ask for help.

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    Short Script
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    United States
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