Short Script: ANNIVERSARY, by Carolin Glomp

Ben has already prepared an exquisite anniversary dinner, when his pregnant girlfriend Anna arrives back home, late.
As the news on the radio report a severe hit-and-run accident, leading to a man’s death, Anna turns hysterical. First, Ben connects her behaviour to her pregnancy until he realizes: Anna has caused the hit-and-run accident.
Ben wants Anna to continue to remain silent about it, worrying about the consequences. Anna now sees her own initial reaction reflected in Ben and starts doubting it. They discuss back and forth. Eventually Ben leaves the room and secretly adjusts the seat and mirrors in their car. When he comes back to see Anna, the sound of sirens gets louder and Anna realizes: Ben had turned himself in to the police.

Writer Biography – Carolin Glomp

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Carolin Glomp is a newcomer screenwriter and director from Germany.
Currently, Carolin works as a freelancer (e.g. assistant director or video editor) in the film industry on fiction as well as commercial projects while also realizing own projects.

 Writer Statement


There are already plenty of hit-and-run accident stories, where a drunk or adrenaline-seeking man accidentally kills a pregnant woman.
Rather than adding another one to the list, „Anniversary“ asks what happens when a pregnant woman turns into the perpetrator.
Yet, the story is about more than just a hit-and-run accident.
It is also a story about a couple, having to face a difficult situation, that impacts their life from one second to the next.
Ben and Anna only got to experience the bright side of their relationship so far. Now, exactly one the day of their second anniversary, this relationship gets put to the test for the very first time.

Short Script: Mildly Different, by Anna Czarska

Af97b387d1 posterLogline:

A young woman on the autism spectrum struggles with all around her until the kindness of one person changes her life.

Brief Synopsis:

Christina is on the autism spectrum but is misdiagnosed as a child and grew up without the support she desperately needed. She struggles mildly with daily social interactions and this has impacted her severely, causing her to lose friends as well as family, and impacts her confidence emotionally and professionally. Christina sees the world differently than others and we get to peek inside of her experience for brief moments throughout he interactions. She meets a woman at work who becomes a friend and with this person’s understanding and acceptance, Christina is able to foster the self-confidence that she needed to move forward and go for the opportunities she was too insecure to apply for before.

Sponsored by the Independent Film Project (IFP):

* Top 30 of 1300 in Bumble’s Female Film Force
* Finalist in FM 104’s/Talent Nation’s 10k Competition
* Finalist in 13th annual Waterford International Film Festival

Writer Biography – Anna Czarska

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Anna has been involved with the film industry on and off throughout her life. She has a background in business and produces, directs, writes, and manages projects that exemplify her interest in unconventional cinema, often regarding topics involving mental health or societal matters that require greater public awareness. Anna especially likes to challenge the everyday thinker to try something new, something different; this is at the heart of where her enthusiasm lies.

Recently, Anna’s production pitch for her short film “Mildly Different”, in which she was the writer and director, recently got to the top 30 in Bumble’s Female Film Force Competition which spanned 5 countries and had 1,300 applicants.

Writer Statement

It is my goal to be able to make others feel what I feel when I watch great film. In order to truly be able to provide this, I believe we must understand all aspects of filmmaking. For instance, a good director knows what their team is going through in production, from gaffer to DOP to actor – we are all of us essential to the final form of a shared vision.

Particularly interested in eccentric cinema, my style is to tell a story that hasn’t been told before, in a way that immerses the viewer in a new world. Playing with colour tones, sounds, and shadows and light both during and post-production can greatly aid in providing a new experience for the viewer. Filmmaking isn’t simply shooting a film, it is an art form.

NOTE: Also, we are currently looking for funding for this project (it has not been optioned etc by anyone). See here:

Short Script: KITCHEN, by Vasil Mihail


2cabcbd7cc posterThis is the life story of a man raised in an Christian orphanage. Despite his religion, since an early age he is involved in crime and is collecting enough money to buy a little house near a city where the abandoned kitchen hides memories from the previous owners. Photographs on the wall reminding us of times and political system that are already gone, similar to how Thomas left behind the Christian way of life. The young Thomas lives a lonely life and after pursuing with criminal activities gets trapped in a web of organized crime involving the mafia and corrupted police. He is forced to change his identity.

Twenty years later, it seems that he managed to take the right path. Now he is working on digital financial markets, going to work and wearing suits. He meets a nice girl online who eventually gets pregnant and they marry. They have three children and even though it is not easy to cope, they live happy life until one Christmas night. On that particular night, his wife discovers his dark secret: he lives a double life, one with his family and another with unlawful behavior. She is disappointed. Shocked from this confrontation Thomas leaves the house in a rush and later when he is back: his family are gone. There are few versions we can assume of what happened, but the truth is never revealed within the film. Thomas is broken and changing his identity once again.

We move forty years forward when Thomas is eighty years old. He is now running documents forgery workshop and is rich, but lonely. It seems that his only friend is a physiotherapist masseuse android. Through a private investigators he found his children and is secretly collecting photographs of them and their descendants, but never told them he is well and alive. A photograph fills the last empty frame on the wall. The age have changed Thomas. He is now wiser and softer. Even though we sympathize with his loss, it is obvious that it was his decision not to reunite his family.
He will confess and give all of his wealth to the masseuse android hoping to invest in a good deeds. The android will sell everything in order to buy its freedom. The house is on sale again. It will be demolished and replaced by psychiatric clinic.

There is a parallel story following the main character narrative we just read. That is the story of the kitchen and the other objects, which are acting equally with the protagonist/antagonist. Precisely, the whole story about Thomas is visually told through the objects where the kitchen is the focus. We will never see the faces of the characters. We hear the dialogue and see their bodies only, other is objects.
The kitchen is adopting its owner life. Changing through time. Reflecting and emanating life.
The powerful diegetic abilities of the objects, even in a very limited space of the kitchen and surrounding space, will enable the compression of real time in favor of the cinematic time enabling us to tell long story in short. Impressive and tense visual spectacle is following.

Short Script: KITKAT, by Movahed Tarimoradi

Bfd12661d1 poster

Peyman is a shy bachelor who’s been caring for his mother in the absence of his father and older brother. Peyman has taken his mother to Rasht for a pleasure trip. One day, while in the market to buy the daily needs, he falls in love with a woman and leaves his mother alone to pursue her. After following the woman to her home, he realises she has a child.


Writer Biography – Movahed Tarimoradi

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I have Studied Cinema-screenwriting in Tehran University of Art.
During my studies and after that I have made short films and documentary films. I’ve worked in films and Tv Shows as a writer, director, editor and sometimes cameraman. My photos and short documentaries screened in Iran and Azerbaijan television and they were honored and mentioned in AIPS sport media awards.
As a screenwriter, I wrote many script and stories for different tv-series and short films.
Now I write, edit and direct short sports documentaries for a weekly Tv Show: Football120 which covers all football matches around the world. I also write screenplays and edit short films.

Juliet’s Girlfriend, by Kate McGroarty

A queer catholic boarding school student thinks she’s found the way to make it out of high school unscathed until a new student arrives and turns her world upside down.

  • Script Type:
    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
  • Genres:
    Romantic Comedy
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    United States
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THE LOOT, by Lenny López

The Loot

Two men who rob supermarkets are on their way to a robbery when one of them is kidnapped by mobsters who work for the owner of one of the supermarkets they once robbed.

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Writer Biography

Lenny López is a 14 year old, mexican screenwriter. He has directed 3 short films and written 15 more.

Faithful, by Philip Johnson

A woman named Gina tries her luck when she celebrates her one month anniversary with boyfriend Richard. However, her husband is on his way home.

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Writer Biography – Philip Johnson

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My name is Philip Johnson and I have been writer ever since I was in middle school and I won my school’s writing contests. I’ll always love writing but I love to be creative in film. My goal is to be a legendary filmmaker one day and I know I will achieve that goal and even more after that.

IRONIC, by Robert Richard

Title of Story: Ironic

Written by: Robert Richard

Logline: Months after getting a heart transplant, a mysterious woman needs to go on with her life, only now she has to face the legacy of her heart donor, who stalks her like a shadow.

Genre: Crime, Drama, Family, Mystery, Thriller.

Type: Short Screenplay