Short Screenplay: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by Allan West

Title – ‘Happy Birthday!’
Written by: Allan West

Logline: It’s the year 2098 and Blake, a narcissistic millenial who took up the option to have the age-ceasing procedure at age 50 is now facing a stark reality as he reaches his 100th birthday

Genre: Comedy
Type: Short Screenplay

Short Script: THE WRITER’S BLOCK, by Sonya Marshall

Title of story: The Writer’s Block

Written by: Sonya Marshall

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Type: Short screenplay

Logline: Asa Merryman hopes to one day set the right tone in his life by overcoming what he believes to be a serious malfunction in his line of work: Writer’s block.

COMEDY Short Screenplay: The Emergence of Mahdi and Christ, by Mahdi Almasi

Jesus appears to prepare people for the Day of Judgment, but……..


Writer Biography

B82c42bf34 headshot

I’m a photographer and camera operator
I’m working many years in many film festivals
I just start script writing and i want to become a filmmaker
I am a fast learner

COMEDY Short Screenplay: FAMILY CRISIS LIVE-IN, by Anna Patterson

By Romance Novelist Anna Patterson
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Grandma gets thrown out of the nursing home, reclaims her home from son and family and seeks to regain control of her extended family although she hates them.
Dad and Mom own house and he is taking early retirement to remodel house to flip it in a sale, but their daughter of an abused marriage arrives with teen pregnant daughter and driver her home is their son, arriving after flunking out of fourth college. He drives up bringing his band just as cousins family come here after losing their tickets to Europe and traveler tickets.

Short Script: THE STAGE, by Dinesh Pandiyan

Title: The Stage

Written by: Dinesh Pandiyan

A boy influenced by novel and confused with reality. He starts perceiving everyone in real world as a story characters. His Friends noticed that and they begins to acting the characters in the novel to solve his friend’s problem.

Genre: Psychological thriller/ Mystery

Type: Short story/ Short screenplay

Short Screenplay: MY WEEK WITH MAISY, by Mark Oxtoby

Title of Story: My Week with Maisy

Written by: Mark Oxtoby

Logline:Mrs Foster, a retired, middle-class Daily Mail reader, whose cup is half empty, is starting chemotherapy and is understandably anxious. The last thing she needs, is to have to share the treatment room with a ‘know it all child’ who wants to grow up to be a lesbian! But through an unexpected friendship, Maisy Jones gives Mrs Foster much more than just a glimmer of hope.

Genre: Comedy, Drama.

Type: Short Screenplay.

WGA Registration Number: 1946019