Female Festival Short Script: All on the Family by Brie Wilson

2c19d98e6f posterWhen a matriarch learns that protecting the youngest in the family from abuse is nearly impossible to do when the perpetrator is the parent , she must take matters into her own hands.


Writer Biography – Brie Wilson

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Brie Wilson is an American film/television actress, producer and screenwriter. She has written for a number of independent films, stage plays and web series- all of which she has attributed her knack for imaginative content (and intense spellcheck) to her former years as a schoolteacher. When she is not writing screenplays, she continues to complete a variety of freelance editing assignments, ranging from memoirs to story bibles to press releases, most of which have landed coverage in print and broadcast media outlets nationwide. Brie also serves as editor-in-chief of Haute Pink Mustard Seed, a magazine honoring women who have overcome heightened adversity and rose from the wreckage, beautifully.
In addition to writing, Brie serves as partner of BME (B. Media & Entertainment), an Atlanta-based entertainment company specializing in screenwriting; freelancing and copyediting services; film and music production; and artists’ bookings.

Television and film credits include, The Rickey Smiley Show, Fatal Attraction, Redemption 316, Sister Moon, and House of Savid.

LA Festival Short Script: INTEGRATION, by Chris Fischer

Remedy’s behavior is incompatible with the social structure of a future oppressed by technology. She has unfocused visions from her past during her morning ritual and is interrupted by a call to meet with Cleo – her boss and a powerful Advertising Executive for CHAPEL INDUSTRIES.

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    Student, Screenplay, Short Script
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LA Festival Short Script: Judge Me, by Esmeralda James

19 years old Susan attempts suicide due to the constant judging of her. She has a decision to make take the easy way out or stay and ask for help.

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    Short Script
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    United States
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LA Festival Short Script: THE KING’S PAINTING, by Manolis Damianakis

F7a5188d03 posterA king orders to find the best painter to make him his portrait. The painter Kuzé is the one who will make it. The portraits and paintings he draws have something unique,are with great verity and depth and have something magical. In the portrait, the king discovers many truths about himself, something that exasperates him and decides to kill the painter.


Writer Biography – Manolis Damianakis

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I was born in Greece. Since I was little kid I’m a photographer. My first picture almost at 6 years that I was shot are my grandma and grandfather. Later this hobby become a profession. Million of pictures and happy moments with beautiful people and childrens , landscapes and travels and many more. Video cameras , editing and postproduction also always involved with my work , theatres ,dance schools , competitions , advertising for companies e.t.c
The idea to be Film Director matured day by day then I realized cinema is a way to develop my vision of what I want to expressing through. Always an unexploring journey of fillings and emotions. The magic of Cinema.
2009 I’m finished my first short film Nice Trip also my first documentary as a Film Director and Producer. Next I went to Athens to New York College. And study Cinema and TV in general. Unfortunately a divorce with my x woman change my path for a short time because I started everything from the beginning. But with a great experience of my work and many connections around the Greece and the world. In 2012 in Creta and in Greece I finished my very first feature film Kame Koummando as a Film Director Producer Scriptwriter and Editor. Award winning for this feat. I did it without money and everything handled by me. If I’m good? Yes I’m. If I’m talented yes I am but I don’t like big words. Unfortunately this film became the reason that my hole life changed to a nightmare. Amazing of reactions of where I screened my film in Greece and Europe. Criminals targeted my life and my career. Tortures, blackmails , attempts to murder me several times and many horrible facts. I didn’t give up I survived because I have good friends,me and the God. Since then I’m fighting to take back my ordinary life and save also my career. Day by day I’m not alone in this now I have some good friends. I know out there are also other people in a similar situation of me , worst or not doesn’t matter I’m looking also for them. But I think as a victim and witness of what they did to me and what I saw I think I’m the first one.
Facebook Kame Koummando. Keep in mind that is the art in general isn’t free. If you are good you need protection. You have two options. Staying in your values and choose to collaborate with serious people or collaborate with shit and criminals. It’s up to you people. No one will tell you what exists in dark world of cinema. I’m starting with passion of what I did and I’m gonna finished in this way . It’s my life it’s my career . My freedom is your future a better future for everyone a better future for the children’s and for our profession.

LA Festival Short Script: SOUND CHECK, by Joshua Bohnsack

When the frontman of his successful band is outted for sexual misconduct, Ansel returns to his Midwest home to help run his failing music venue.


Writer Biography – Joshua Bohnsack

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Joshua Bohnsack is the assistant managing editor for TriQuarterly, an editor for Long Day Press, and received an MFA from Northwestern University. He is the author of Shift Drink (Spork Press 2019) and his work has appeared in The Rumpus, Hobart, SAND, and others. He lives in Chicago where he works as a bookseller.

LA Festival Short Script: Water footsteps, by Gholsm hoseyn jalali

C48cef9d9c posterA man in the vast desert is searching for water. Days going by. The sound of the sea wave pulls her towards me. He is finally confronted with something terrible.


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Writer Biography – Gholsm hoseyn jalali

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Author of several short stories and short screenplays. Film director and stage play.