Short Film Pitch: The Auxiliary Verb, Director Ajijul Hasan Munna

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It’s a common life story of child worker, every child worker faced many issues in society. But They Can tackle this situation. In This Documentary film we’ll tell about a Auto-bike helper who is a child.

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Feature Film Pitch: Punarjanma (Rebirth), Director Sajan Shrestha

Img 20170825 190148Punarjanma ( Rebirth ) is a movie based on a true story during the insurgency period of Nepal, many soldiers, policemen and rebels lost their life, many escaped and returned back and many disappeared.
Punarjanam is based on real life story in which Amar who was in Nepali Army and severing the country during the Civil war. There was combat between Maoist and Army in which Amar got kidnapped by Maoist and been in custody of them. During the combat Amar’s friend happen to wear his Uniform and got engaged in combat. He died and Amar got kidnapped. After that people found the body of Amar’s friend but could not recognize his friend and assumed that its Amar’s dead body and hand over the dead body to Amar’s Family. Aamar’s Family excepted that Amar is no more and did the cremation. On the other side Amar was alive and was in in custody of Maoist. Some how he managed to escape from them and went to home where he found out that every one is excepted that he dead and his Family is hopeless. when he showed up to his house every one got socked and happy that he is alive however he was not allowed to entered the house because the priest of the Village
has mention his family that he is dead according to Hindu cremation Rituals and in order to get back to his Normal life he has to Reborn again and spend 9 day in a Mud pot according to Ritual and Get married again also. than only he will be accepted as Amar. So Amar Has to go Through the all rituals and even get married again with his wife.

Director Biography

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Date of birth : 21 march 1987
Contact Details : suntole , Kathmandu Nepal , mobile : 9860557597
Education : graduation from Tribhuwan university , kirtipur,
Kathmandu ( 2007 )
Additional information : 1) Acting & Dance course successfully completed in 2005 from Nepal arts & kala kendra at putalisadak Kathmandu
2) Direction course successfully completed in 2007 from Ranga creations production at Bagbazar Kathmandu
3) diploma of multimedia course successfully completed from Arena multimedia institute at jamal Kathmandu.
Work Experience : 1) 2007 – 2010 as an Assistant Director & assistant Editor in Nepali film industry.
2) 2010-2015 as a chief assistant Director & Editor
3) 2015 to Present as a Director & Editor in Nepali Film Industry.
4) Executive member at Nepal film technician Association 2011- 2016.
5) Founder & Director at Universal Color Grading Studio Nepal from 2011 to Present.
6) Owner at Universal motion pictures nepal from 2013 to Present

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Short Film Pitch: THE DATE, Director Khashayar Abyar

9f9b1751b5 posterhe trying to keep his clothes clean

Director Biography

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Khashayar Abyar is an Iranian filmmaker based in Bushehr in Iran.
he is student in Azad university of Bushehr . He has been making short films since Elementary school from now .

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Short Film Pitch: CAFE MIDNIGHT, Director Stacy Venkova

F0ffe1f563 posterMovie about 3 girls and their growing up.

Director Biography

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Stacy Venkova (born December 19, 1997) is an Russian film director/ actress. Here you can see her first movie – «Cafe «Midnight»». She is studying for an actress at the All-Russian State University of Cinematography film school in Moscow (classes of prof. Sergey Solovyov ).

Director Statement

I’m really in movie and i hope you will love my first film «Cafe «Midnight»”. Stacy!

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Short Film Pitch: Always Am, Director Ruslan İbrahimli

F732d94123 posterAlways Am film.
The genre: Love, Drama
Chronometer: 8 minutes.
Country of origin: Azerbaijan
Manufacturers: Ruslan Ibrahim Film Studio
Starring: Aytan Nabiyeva, Aysel Azizova, Tural Musayev Ruslan Ibrahim, a
Screenwriter: Ruslan Ibrahimli
Directed by: Ruslan Ibrahimli
Production year: 2017-2018
A stranger arrives and false false false true love is not love and love to love found her dead Father and Mother earth, joining in a victory for the film never pure.

Director Biography

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Short Film Pitch: Cinquième Vitesse, Director Jessy Tonda

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A young man and his friends are really fond of cars. He decides to steal one, completely changing it, and then make a race with the group.

  • Jessy Tonda
  • Jessy Tonda
  • Jessy Tonda
  • Valentin Boulenger
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Short Film Pitch: SAVE WATER, Director Adeel Wali Raees

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Director Biography

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He got interest in short film making and started working with some of his friends first but due to some reasons he got apart and started up his own AWR Production. Alike in other fields, he proved himself in short film making as well.

His short film 2X1=2, which is based on education right of street children, got 1st position in the category of Best Short Films in Expo Pakistan and has been nominated in Dubai Film Festival too.
Poster, a mobile short film by him, was selected in Paris Mobile Film Festival. Bakht, another short film has been nominated in Busan International Film Festival

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