1st Scene Festival SHORT Script: 3NI, by Treis Albury

I.C.E. (US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) has a secret gang unit which focuses on investigating foreign born individuals.

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    Screenplay, Short Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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LA Festival Short Script: Family of Eight on the Orient Express, by GM Matheny

Bcc2cc80b3 posterTrue and funny story of a missionary family on a train for seven days from Portugal to Romania.

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Writer Biography – GM Matheny

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GM Matheny was a navy diver on the nuclear submarine USS Halibut SSN 587 and received the Legion of Merit for a special operation. He graduated from Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College in 1979 and has authored eight books. He and his wife, Nancy, were called to the mission field, and they’ve served as missionaries in Romania since 1991.

Writer Statement

It was 1991 and Nancy and I with our six young children were on our way to the mission field to start churches. This was not a survey trip, as none of us had ever been in Eastern Europe before. My wife and I experienced almost every emotion on this seven-day trip. And in the end God had answered our prayers and we arrived safely in Romania.

Short Script: LOVE ME WITH YOUR HEART, by Luzineia Santos

Title of Story: Love me with your heart

Written by: Luzineia Santos

Logline: A racist young man who becomes a blind falls in love with a black singer whose voice tames him.

Genre: Drama, Romance

Type: Short Screenplay

LA Festival Short Script: I Need a Sixer!, by Jesse Mattson, Steve Weber

67a48acfab posterA small town Local, who owns and operates his own Ghost Hunting company, gets wrapped up in an actual haunting when he investigates a friend’s home.

Writer Biography – Jesse Mattson, Steve Weber

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Jesse Mattson and Steve Weber won the Society of Professional Journalist 2010 Mark of Excellence National Award for their winning documentary “The War at Home” about war Veterans. Jesse is also the Author of the novel, Into the Den, a coming of age story set in New England. Steve and Jesse both worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment, where Steve still currently works. Jesse now writes and acts in movies, film and television.

LA Festival Short Script: Judge Me, by Esmeralda James

19 years old Susan attempts suicide due to the constant judging of her. She has a decision to make take the easy way out or stay and ask for help.

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    Short Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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Short Story: The Boy They Call Wonderful Wellington, by Frank Ejere

STORY TITLE: The Boy They Call Wonderful Wellington

WRITER: Frank Ejere

LOGLINE: An overprotective
father forms different personalities and concocts unmistakable tactics
to ward off the intrusion of a weird boy next door into the lives of
his curious daughters who are taken with his extraordinary abilities.

GENRE: Family-friendly Film

TYPE: Short Story