1st Scene Festival Feature Script: THE RELIEF, by Max Highsmith

Two Security officers in a Missile Silo waiting to be relieved from duty even though they launched nuclear missiles while on duty.

  • Script Type:
  • Genres:
    Comedy, Farce
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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1st Scene Festival TV Script: PeaceMakers, by Keenan Robinson

13d9e08893 posterFuturistic fantasy tale of neighborhood crime victims turned heroes banding together to take on both the physical and spiritual battle for their community, leading to an epic showdown.

Writer – Keenan Robinson
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LA Festival TV SHOW: The Adventure of Alex and Father Time, by Harry Dean

Alex is a 19 year old university student and his room is Father Time. Yes that’s right he is the all knowing god of time. Together they get up to all sorts of crazy adventures.

Writer – Harry DP
Writer Statement

As a young and aspiring writer I search for new ways to expand upon genres and create unique and intricate stories. As I writer I explore complex story lines that combine the conventions of each genre to create a unique story.

LGBT Festival TV Show: We should take a shower, by Baharan Baniahmadi

An Afghan girl, recently immigrantes to Canada find a new identity on her self which challenges her community and family’s traditions.


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Writer – Baharan Baniahmadi

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TV SHOW: Max Granky Versus the World, by Marcus Henry

TITLE: ‘Max Granky Versus the World – Episode 1: Granky’s Law’

AUTHOR: Marcus Henry

LOGLINE: An obdurate old man reminisces on recent events in his life as he embarks on the first day of his retirement in a most unorthodox fashion .

GENRE: Black Comedy

TYPE: TV/web series pilot (short format: 10-15min episodes)