Logline: A well-meaning small town Mayor gets in over her head as she promises to bring a semi-pro baseball team to her broken down community.
By Bob Dawson

This is a ½ hour single-cam family comedy TV Pilot in the vein of Northern Exposure meets Bull Durham.

The pilot follows Heidi (the Mayor) struggle to find a campaign issue that will resonate with the eclectic town community as she runs for re-election. The stakes increase after her promise to bring a semi-pro baseball team gets threatened by her nemesis.

TV Show: A CRACK IN THE SKY, by Tom Franey

Title of Story: A Crack in the Sky

Written by: Tom Franey

Logline: When a felon is recruited into a deadly scheme to overturn the results of a U.S. presidential election, he must risk his daughter’s life or trigger World War III.

Genre: Drama

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 2022761

1st Scene Festival TV Script: LAPS: Los Angeles Pet Squad, by Chandler Bolt

LAPS is an episodic animal crime comedy featuring Rex Pincer and Katniss Claw, Hollywood’s hardened pet detectives and friends to all woodland creatures.

Written by Chandler Bolt and Fred Fox Jr. ( Happy Days, Family Matter, etc)

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LA Festival TV Screenplay: The Plague Boys, by Kristian Day

2285c76dc5 posterFour young men who are the sole survivors of a plague outbreak in rural America are trapped in their quarantined county and hunted by the disease ridden victims.

Writer Biography – Kristian Day

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Kristian Day grew up in America’s heartland. At age 21 he broke in to the film industry as a foley artist and sound designer. By age 28 he started working as a production coordinator on major unscripted shows and slowly moved into commercials and branded content as a production manager and first assistant director.

At age 30, he couch surfed Los Angeles for 30 days with random strangers he had never met before. At the end of the 30 days, a feature in the Des Moines Register was written documenting both his 30 days surfing and then opening up his house to fellow travelers. Cityview Magazine then invited him to write a monthly column about the random travelers who crash at his home while on the road.

Today, he writes a regular column for Cityview as well as 2-3 cover stories a year. Kristian continues to work in the film industry commuting to New York and Los Angeles from the midwest.

Writer Statement

I am a firm believer that a writer is not capable of telling every story. But it’s our responsibility to be honest and tell every single one of our own.

LA Festival TV Screenplay: Hanging In There, by Cooper Tomlinson

After an ugly breakup with his longtime girlfriend, Scott—a local radio host— tries to navigate through a single life with the support of his two friends.

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    Student, Television Script
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    United States
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TV PILOT: I HATE MY KIDS, by Jordhan Deidrick

As if a failing marriage isn’t enough, try being ostracized because of your four academically gifted yet mischevious children.


Writer Biography – Renadi Cole Brown

B8bcad8b75 headshot

Twenty-seven Jamaican born aspiring screenwriter


Writer Statement

The world we see through our eyes, we share with others through our writing.

TV PILOT: Millennial Blues, by Mary Hasavari

D3cb14e13c posterThe (mis) adventures of four best friends from vastly different backgrounds who are navigating their love-life and careers in Los Angeles as women of color.


Writer Biography – Mary Hasavari


My name is Mary N. Hasavari. I’m a filmmaker with an
international background which includes Norway, Thailand, and
Iran. I explore themes rooted in identity and belonging. At the age of 16, I made my first short film, a documentary about Norwegian Black-metal kids. After graduating with a BA in marketing and an MFA from London Film School, my film Before Spring earned me five nominations at five different film festivals, among them, Oscar-qualifying Bogota Short Film Festival and I received Honorable Mentioning at The Isle of Wight International Film Festival. In 2018 I went through a shadow program at ABC Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recently, I received a Talent Development grant from The Norwegian Film Institute and my feature screenplay was in the final round of selection for the 2020 Sundance development track. I’m looking forward to creating groundbreaking films and series with likeminded people.