Feature Film/TV Pilot: Metal Gear, by H.J. Mills

Title of Story: Metal Gear

Written by: H.J. Mills

Logline: A legendary spy leads an elite task force to liberate two hostages, confront the terrorists known as FOXHOUND and disarm a mobile nuclear prototype.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance,

Type: TV pilot, Feature Film

Film Reference: Mission: Impossible, The Bourne Identity, James Bond

TV PILOT: Humpty Dumpty Syndrome, by K. A. Matthews

Title: Humpty Dumpty Syndrome

Writer : K. A. Matthews

Genre: Drama… T.V. Pilot

Parents killed in car crash, leaving her sister Charlie guardian of their teenage daughters. Tiffany 15 years ferral, Ellie 13years withdrawn. Her mother now a drunk, her father a broken man. She returns to a shattered family she must piece back together.

Plus…..dead sister Bella returns as a ghost only Charlie can see.

TV Show: CITY OF CAVES, by Louise Wilding

Title of Story: CITY OF CAVES

Written by: Louise Wilding

Logline: : A fierce and headstrong weretiger attempts to protect the woman she loves from an ancient vampire and an evil threatening to destroy the earth, while fighting the zealous ideologies of her elders.

Genre: Drama, Fantasy

Type: TV pilot

TV PILOT: L.A.’s Finest, by Morgan Schefflin

Title of story: L.A.’s Finest

Written by: Morgan Schefflin

Logline: A TV showrunner clashes with his head writer and network executive girlfriend to get his pilot made as promised to his niece before he gets ousted out of the TV business for good.

Genre: Drama, comedy

Type: TV pilot

TV PILOT: No Time To Waste, by Caretta O’Neal and Salena O’Neal

Title: No time to waste

Written by: Caretta O’Neal and Salena O’Neal

Logline: A double agent goes on a killing spree within the FBI, to avenge the murder of her daughter.

Genre: Action, Crime,Drama

TV Pilot…


Title of Story: Gradient Descent

Written by: Justin Fontenot

Logline: After a failed attempt at suicide, a troubled but brilliant woman battles the intersection between her destiny in the arts and a looming autistic disposition. She turns to trans-humanism for the solution, uncovering a spiritual side to technology, but inevitably becomes the world’s most dangerous cyber-terrorist.

Genre: Sci Fi Drama

Type: TV Pilot