TV Festival: Investigator DNA by Sharon Alexander

Fbd96b2c50 posterOne Hour Procedural
LOG LINE: A quirky genealogist, who helps adoptees find long lost love ones and a pensive cold case detective, who hunts for never found criminals, are a dynamic duo when they join together to use science to catch killers and rapists from cases that are ice cold.

Writer Biography

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Whether producing, developing or writing, Sharon Nash Alexander generates excitement. Taking a simple concept and pulling together all the elements to bring that concept to reality is not unusual for Nash Alexander. She possesses a remarkable ability to make something out of… well, almost nothing
25 plus years in the entertainment industry she has worked as a TV host in Australia, a Head Casting Producer for America’s Got Talent and a TV entertainment reporter in Hollywood. Nash Alexander is currently pursuing an MFA in screenwriting at the University of Georgia.
With total confidence in her products, Nash has gained audiences with countless industry executives, often through cold calls. She has developed and pitched a variety of concepts for television and film projects to such studios and production companies as Paramount, Authentic TV, Endemol, Warner Horizon, Asylum Entertainment, Arthur Smith Productions, 44 Blue ,TLC, HGTV, OWN and NBC. She was chosen in 2014 out of thousands of applicants for the Wilshire Studios development Think Tank. In 8 weeks, the group of 9 people pitched over 800 unscripted shows! Polished professionalism, drive, creativity, smarts, and sheer talent make Nash Alexander a producer and writer of the highest order. Her track record of creative achievement and proven industry results are evidence that Nash is a fixture in and an asset to this industry.

Writer Statement

One of my former executive producers paid me a great compliment as he spoke to another executive about me. He said, “She’s a natural”. A natural; this is a term you usually hear about athletes. When I was 4 years old, I had a vision that I was going to be in the entertainment industry, and it came to pass.
Sharon resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband Brian who is Lakota Sioux (they are members of the Fort Peck Assiniboine Sioux Tribe) Sharon and Brian have two fur babies, a 15-pound cat Thor and a 1-year old Cavachon Cali.

TV Festival: Great…Until It Wasn’t, by Goldyn P. Smith

Centered in the Atlanta Entertainment Industry, four executive women navigate high stakes in career, friendship, love and mental health. Secrets begin to threaten their friendship and lives forever. Will their friendship survive?


Writer Biography – Goldyn P. Smith

Ed222b31d3 headshot

I’m Goldyn P. Smith, an Atlanta native creative. I’ve just written a pilot set in the Atlanta Entertainment Industry. I’ve written an additional 2 episodes & writing the third. Show bible created, ready for pre production. For the last 10 years, I’ve been in the entertainment and publishing industries. I also used to work as a paralegal for many years.

Writer Statement

The four major characters are based on experiences and encounters I’ve had with women in the industry here in Atlanta. Some experiences are my own as well.

It’s important to me for women to have something timely to represent them that is relatable, thought provoking and entertaining. All of our stories do not have to require women to “suffer for love”, to be traumatized for acceptance. Women, especially black women are not a monolith. While we do experience pain, disappointment, trauma and mental health issues – we also experience success, love, wealth, great family dynamics, and joy. This project spotlights highs and lows of complex women who deserve to see themselves in film and television projects just the same as anyone else.

TV Festival: Strike of Artemis, by Brandon Haynes

F5435dce0e posterA mysterious woman kidnapped by aliens returns to Earth, trying to find her place in a world that no longer trusts her.


Writer Biography – Brandon Haynes

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Brandon Haynes is an awarding winning narrative and commercial cinematographer and director based in Brooklyn, NY. He started his creative journey as a photographer in 2009 and fell in love with cinematography after attending Denver’s SeriesFest in 2016. Teaching himself the rules and tricks of the trade, he now blends the worlds of music, fashion, and sports with his love for TV and cinema. His drive to continually perfect his craft, and capture a striking balance of color and shadow, has allowed him to shoot for a diverse array of clients including Hennessy, Uptown Magazine, Adidas, Essence Magazine, BET, Volkswagen, Doordash, Facebook, and Google. In 2020, he made his narrative directorial debut with the short film “Carol Crawford”. The early reception of the film has been positive, including numerous awards and nominations for Best First Time Director & Best Cinematography from the likes of the Los Angeles Cinematography Awards, Canadian Cinematography Awards, and Couch Film Festival.

TV SHOW: IVANHOE, by Vincent Snavely

Title: Ivanhoe

Written By Vincent Snavely

Genre: Coming Of Age Drama/Comedy

Type: TV Pilot/Show

The series would cover the year of 1979, 12 episodes for each month of the year. Two brothers come of age in a very small town in Illinois. Both brothers will see the emergence of punk rock music and will find out how dark and depraved their little town really is.


Title: Starlight Brigade

Medium: TV

Logline: A young alien discovers that the spaceships his father refuels are actually fallen stars that take whatever form their pilots desire, and he must join those pilots on a mission to save all the starlight from being absorbed into a huge prism.

Genre: Action-Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi

Link to “Galaxy Gas” sizzle reel:

Link to “Starlight Brigade” music video:

“Open Vault Productions” (creators of “Galaxy Gas”) Team Members:

Kirk Wise

Craig Peck

Art Director:
Brian McEntee

Tab Murphy

Character Designers:
Joe Moshier
Shane Prigmore

Background Illustrators:
Ed Ghertner
Cristy Maltese
Sunny Apinchapong

Ruben Aquino
Bruce Smith
Nik Ranieri

Sound Design & Mixing:
Odin Benitez

“Knights of the Light Table” (creators of Starlight Brigade) Team Members:

Patrick Stannard

India Swift

Art Director:
Michael Doig

Story Artists:
Elle Power
India Swift

Character/Ship Designs:
Elle Power
India Swift

Background Illustration:
Michael Doig
Renee Violet

Lead Animator:
Elle Power

India Swift

Lead Effects Animator:

Effects Animators:
David Liu
Thomas Poole

Lead Clean Up & Lighting:
David Liu

Clean Up & Lighting:
Elle Power
India Swift

Michael Doig


Television (One-hour)
45 Pages
When a brilliant woman realizes that the whole world has changed on the eve of executing the first manned test of time travel. staying alive is the least of her problems.

TV SHOW: GHENNA, by Wade Kendall

Television (One-hour)
63 Pages
From the earliest cultures to the present another hominid species has lived amongst us. We are unaware of them, but they definitely aware of us. And both worlds are approaching the End.

This is a pilot for a series based on the LARP from the late Eighties- Vampire: The Masquerade. One attempt to serialize the story was Kindred The Embraced, and did it poorly. Focused to much on the human element, which is not what the story was all about. The Masquerade, Camarilla, Caitiff and the different clans. This story begins with a Caitiff; the whole story will fill in the blanks about his life. There are several characters, but only four major, I believe, in the Pilot. The whole story will take time and actually is story driven (as in Europe) rather than SFX. SFX will be necessary, but in small quantity. Fits well with the state of the world today.