TV SHOW: Middle Point by Ngozi-Y’ileese

Title of Story: Middle Point

Written by: Ngozi-Y’ileese

Logline: Now that Homicide Detective Smith has perfected her crime scene
psychic ability, solving new and cold cases has become a glorified
skill. When she realizes a fellow officer is responsible for a string of
murders, she faces the biggest case, as well as conflict, of her career.

Genre: Crime

Type: Pilot

WGA: 13202920

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TV Show: ORDINARY FURIES PILOT by Linda Morganstein


TV SHOW: SOBER by Julie A. May

TV Show: Cold War Charlie by Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag

TV Show: TERRY by Kayleen Ellis

TV Show: THE BISHOP PROJECT by Rick Beaty & Robert Bryant

TV Show: ORDINARY FURIES PILOT by Linda Morganstein

Title of Story: ORDINARY FURIES PILOT: “He’s My Husband”

Written by: Linda Morganstein

Logline: A bisexual self-defense instructor widowed after her lawyer husband crashes in a sky-diving jump becomes an amateur sleuth when she joins her gay cousin Jeffrey at a Russian River (Northern California) resort to escape mourning his death. Increasingly creepy altercations lead to a brutal murder.

Genre: Mystery, Comedy/Drama, LBGTQ

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: #1981245

TV SHOW: SOBER by Julie A. May

Title of Story: Sober

Written by: Julie A. May

Logline: When the addicted and non-addicted worlds collide for a newly homeless and unemployed woman, Andrea’s survival turns into an unexpected life lesson. Her real life struggle of rising from her downfall is challenged by living with housemates trying to conquer their demons of addiction at a Los Angeles sober house.

Genre: Drama

Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: 1963687

TV Show: Cold War Charlie by Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag

Logline: A female double agent infiltrates America’s nuclear missile systems during the height of the Cold War.

Genre: Action/Thriller

Written By: Major Cheryl Agbunag, US Air Force Intelligence Officer & former Nuclear Missile Launch Officer


WGA Registration: 1976377 Script (TV PILOT)
WGA Registration: 1976378 TV Pilot 3 Season Overview