A recent College grad moves back to his hometown only to find that he’s reliving his high school days with bullies, old grudges, crazy neighbors and his black sheep family.

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After a group hangout over hookah and drinks prompts Stephen’s best friends to point out a potential red flag in his husbands behavior, an accidental discovery by Stephen sends him into a tailspin while his friends scramble to pick up the pieces.

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TV FESTIVAL: RAISED, by Cati and Mike Gonzalez

7c9e2c0474 posterA “Nuyorican” story about a teenager who loses his Mother to a rare disease at a very young age and ends up in the care of his Aunt who raises him. The boys Father, whom he hasn’t seen in years, faces a life sentence in State Prison; during his time spent in a cell, he finds inner peace and comfort in the Holy Bible.

The young teenager on the other hand, comes home one day to find a girl laying in a pool of blood inside of an elevator. He later discovers that one of his best friends had something to do with it and is deeply involved with a dangerous and powerful gang; that not only run the streets but are also well rooted in the prison system.

Days later, after walking his girlfriend home, he returns to his Aunt’s apartment to find her murdered in the bathroom. Horrified from the experience and refusing to be taken to a foster home; he runs away and ends up homeless on the street, where he meets two drug dealer brothers that take him under their wings and guide him into the dark life of crime.

In the end, only he can balance the scales and set his own path.


Writer Biography – Michael Gonzalez

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I’m a Independent Film Producer and self-taught Editor from New York City. My first Independent Film ‘Ekaj,’ which I Co-produced and edited, went on to screen at 65 Film Festivals worldwide. During it’s Festival run in the years of 2016 to 2018, the film garnered 29 awards and several nominations. ‘Ekaj’ was officially released online in 2017 and is currently signed with Los Angeles distributor, Indie Rights.

‘Raised’ is my first Feature Screenplay and debut as a screenwriter. The story is partly inspired on real life events.

TV FESTIVAL: The Grim Reaper’s Henchman, by Tristan Said

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The Grim Reaper’s Henchman

The series Follows Charlie Sather, who at first glance seems a regular rich playboy, known for the wealth he inherited from his parents after their passing. However, what is not known about Charlie Sather by the world, is the passion and lust he craves for blood. He is a serial killer with an alarmingly high sex drive and through his own self-confidence and craving for attention feels no guilt for committing the acts he does. He is still somehow also a lovable character, through the comedic nature he brings to the series, often sparing the lives of people he feels do not deserve to be killed and instead murdering the assholes which he comes across in everyday life.

This all changes however when Sather is recruited by James Finch, a Christian extremist millionaire who made his fortune through the development of a computer software which he developed and sold. James claims to be a man of the church and believes it is his calling by God to help cleanse the world of sin. The way James interprets that message however, is through the understanding that in order to truly cleanse the world of evil, he must get rid of the sinners of the world. Finch recruits Charlie to be his “personal hitman” and after using his wealth to get him out of prison, Finch provides Sather with task assignments and profiles of future victims which are on his radar, and which Charlie must ‘punish’. Through the series the relationship between Charlie and James is one which is highly focused on and includes various ups and downs. We see the various clashes between the two and Charlie’s sarcastic sense of humour which always seems to come up when he does not agree with something Finch has to say.

After Charlie’s release from prison however, one woman remains sceptical about his innocence. Ramona Greensdale, is a detective / District Attorney Investigator and single mother who combats her workaholic nature with the stress of raising a son on her own. She is passionate about what she does due to specific life events which trigger a fire and desire in her where all she wants is for terrible people to be punished. Such an event includes the death of her mother who was the victim of a serial killer herself. Through the series we are introduced to her life and scepticism of Charlie, often stalking and researching the man she has now become obsessed with, knowing he is guilty. Greensdale also establishes romantic chemistry evident to the viewer with one Michael Patterson, the District Attorney who works in the same offices as the detective. It is evident that there is a romantic bond between the two with Ramona often blowing off the attention from other guys claiming she isn’t interested in a relationship and is only focused on taking care of her son or on her work. This is not the case however between her and Mike, as she embraces the attention he gives her and gradually evidently and clearly falls for his flirting techniques.

The series is a one completely filled with mystery and intrigue but strives to balance this out through comedic moments and elements found in the series such as the entire persona of Charlie Sather himself. Who provides some of the funniest moments in the series through his never-ending one night stands and annoyingly funny one liners which boil the blood of the surrounding characters in the series. Charlie lives a somewhat lonesome life, not having very many friends at all but begins to form relationships. A process previously alien to him before the start of the events which occur in this series.


Two roommates are romantically interested in the same woman who likes one of them but inadvertently agrees to a date with the one she doesn’t like. Meanwhile, a third roommate is working on a dating app called THE FINITE THEORY which sets a drop dead date for relationships based on the theory that they all have a finite life.

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    Television Script
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The Crimson Cord* tells the stories of the lives of the women in the lineage of Jesus Christ. They were women who if given titles today might be called whore, cursed, barren, refugee, homeless, useless, ignorant, prostitute, destitute, powerless or simply a man’s property. They were ordinary women trying to survive the many challenges of being a female in their time!

Maybe they are noted in the Savior’s lineage to give us all hope. These women foreshadow the kind of people that Jesus came to save. He came from a lineage of sinners to save sinners. Yet, He remained sinless.

The women in the stories of the Crimson Cord put their hope in God against all odds. They believed that their faith in the Eternal God would prevail! And, as usual, they were right!


Script Type:Screenplay, Short Script, Stage Play, Television Script
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Script Language:English


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Brokenhearted protagonist with cupid’s destiny finally comes across a chance to experience human romance after a twist of fate. Little does she know, love is more complicated than it seems.

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Writer Biography – Wendy Xie

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I am a first generation Chinese-American, born and raised in New York City’s Lower Manhattan. I grew up in an environment where mastering the arts of communication and community building has been my greatest passion. My parents only knew Chinese so they would encourage me to take Chinese and English language education very seriously in addition to help them translate their thoughts and minimize misunderstandings. As a result, I dedicated my life doing just that.

When I was young, talking was a challenge I frequently struggled with so I never really spoke much then. By that time, I developed an interest in nonvocal communications like sign language, dance, magic, photography and other artistic fields expressing action that “spoke” louder than words. It intrigued me to see how our mind and body can do wonders for our society when we utilize them for good. From learning how the magic of positive creativity can impact lives, I now graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing Management and minor in Communication studies from Baruch College Zicklin School of Business.

Writer Statement

I hope one day to help creatively communicate innovations for addressing social and economical problems in our poorly civilized world by seeking opportunities to make that possible. When the opportunities do come, I would learn to hone my voice to speak on behalf of myself and represent the silent.