March 2019 – TOP TV PILOT Screenplays

Read the best TV PILOT Loglines for March 2019:

TV SHOW: Z, by Jose Padilha

TV SHOW: Sorting Homegrown Issues in Therapy (SH*T)/Committed(?), by Tanishtha Dasgupta

TV SHOW: Conscious, by Jamaal Williams

TV SHOW: SMITTY, by Jason Holland

TV SHOW: Penelope Pan Syndrome, by Joe Leone

TV SHOW: C.E.O., by Curtis Ellison Jr.

TV SHOW: We, The People, by Vlad Edouard

TV SHOW: Drive-Time, by Jayson Johnson, David Ballard

TV SHOW: Student Body, by Charles Niagne

TV SHOW: Coexist, by Steve Masihoroe

TV SHOW: Genesis, by Nate Zegue

TV SHOW: The Love Meeting, by Pascal Adam

TV SHOW: The Man Who Sold the World, by Sepehr Golmakani

TV SHOW: Coexist, by Steve Masihoroe

1b17da61f3 posterA man and woman, individually and independently, try to fight the system, where at that time the government takes care of getting into the room, taking care of our private matters for reasons why.


Writer Biography – Steve Masihoroe

888b54830e headshot

Steve Masihoroe is a filmmaker who Directed a short drama “Ayo Kita Pulang.” It got best movie in Driyarkara Film Festival 2016 and Kampung Komunikasi Festival 2016. He was passionate & studied at Art Film School Yogyakarta & Mercu Buana University Yogyakarta, he took Communication Science. He was also written & Directed “Gowok” it got screened in Flicks Fiesta International Film Festival 2018 Malaysia nominated for best short movie, official Selection on SEAxSEA southeast asia x seattle film festival 2018 (seattle washington US), nominated for best short film OUT OF THE CAN film festival 2018 (Derby, UK) & Nominated for best director BULAN KOMUNIKASI 2018. He was also be Advisor in Ruang Gelap, audio visual club & production. The other movie, “closer” got official Selection on Fiagra Horror film festival 2018 too.


Writer Statement

I want to talk about the current bureaucracy and system starting to regulate the private matters of each individual human being to the matter of dignity and things that actually become human essence, and I want to convey about Indonesian culture that is friendly and rebukes greetings that are felt to be lost

Top 6 TV Show Loglines of 2018

Read the best television show loglines of 2018.

TV Show: ORDINARY FURIES PILOT by Linda Morganstein


TV SHOW: SOBER by Julie A. May

TV Show: Cold War Charlie by Cheryl Gallegos Agbunag

TV Show: TERRY by Kayleen Ellis

TV Show: THE BISHOP PROJECT by Rick Beaty & Robert Bryant


Title: Different Planes

Written by: Domingo M. Claudio

Log line: an FBI Agent who’s managed to keep his schizophrenia a secret has trouble on a case when the victim of a serial killer is a girl he’s been hallucinating since childhood.

Genre: TV drama


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When likeable con-artist, Sylvia Dickinson forges her greedy parents Will and moves into their wealthy suburban mansion, she must ensure her secrets are kept hidden from the nosy neighbors who are certain she’s responsible for the abnormal events occurring within the once peaceful neighborhood of Willows Creek.

TV Show: The Immortal King Jesus by Justin Lamar Petty

Title: The Immortal King Jesus

Written by: Justin Lamar Petty aka Mr.Intangible da don


Type:TV/film pilot

WGA Registration # 1971755

Google “Mr.Intangible da don” I am 34 single no kids originally from Dayton Ohio I am the founder and CEO of Intangible Entertainment LLC a Atlanta based record label i also own South side Lima Landlord publishing( music publishing company) which is a division of Intangible Entertainment I am the 100 % sole proprietor of the label and publishing company I am also a BMI artist and publisher and i own my own masters, I’ve wrote and recorded hundreds of songs over the years I am also an actor/ screenwriter i produce pilots and scripts for my own film tv and stage plays etc My newest business venture is “The Justin Lamar Collection” a clothing line designed to focus on high end fashion and accessories for men and women i design many of those ‘pieces’ !

Featured in Magazines in NYC and featured on radio overseas in Bangalore India NYC and Miami along side other feature spots like etc.

A few blog placements/ articles i was featured in [Instagram] or @mr.intangibledadon