VIDEO PITCH for The Shade Riders Series by Beth Zurkowski (half hour pilot for TV series)

Title of Story: The Shade Riders Series: Pirates and Power Chairs (half hour pilot for TV series)

Written by: Beth Zurkowski

PITCH: “The Shade Rider Series” is a fantasy comedy in which an eleven-year-old hybrid-vigor girl, Nova, and her misfit friends struggle to figure out by using science what monsters are made of and finally get rid of them.
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Family.
Type: TV pilot

WGA Registration Number: I262012

VIDEO PITCH GENOME by Anna Geldart (TV PILOT Screenplay)


Written by: Anna Geldart

Genre: Crime Thriller/ Sci-Fi

Type: TV PILOT Screenplay

Logline: June is a DNA researcher who finds out, and works to reveal that the government is secretly manipulating data and is involved in eugenics and its consequences.