Twitter Short Story: 280 character Story by Blaire Baron

Performed by Val Cole

280 character Story by Blaire Baron
Her uncles gloated: the brideprice for Lesh was up to two cows and 30,000 Pula. Thuto’s family huddled while he told Lesh her worth was infinite. Agreement made, they began the ceremonies. As they slaughtered the cow, Thuto’s mother saw into Lesh. She knew it wouldn’t last. Love.

Twitter Short Story: An Act of Love, by Cassandra Hollis

Performed by Val Cole

An Act of Love, by Cassandra Hollis

For 33 years, every morning, like clockwork, Mr. Johnson would put just enough sand over a hidden wet spot on Mrs. Durlington’s walkway. Early one morning, Mrs. Durlington steps onto the walkway and falls. Just then, Mr. Johnson appears with his sand. He extends his hand to lift her up. Love blooms

Twitter Short Story: BACK TO BACK by Doug Shear

Performed by Val Cole

BACK TO BACK by Doug Shear
The night we met we didn’t know & slept together toe to toe. The second night felt like a race, we slept together face to face. The third night we knew how love feels, & slept together head over heels. But from years of marriage, out of whack, we slept together back to back. And then we cheated, lost our heads, and now we sleep in separate beds.

Twitter Short Story: Black Girls’ Curse by Shelley Jarrett

Performed by Val Cole

Black Girls’ Curse by Shelley Jarrett
Blessed with brains, beauty…and babies. Working late; mouths need feeding, and no man. She ponders over a coffee. How did it come to this? She can’t settle on an answer. Back to work.

Twitter Short Story: Dan’s Tight Pants Presentation by Aaron Majewski

Performed by Val Cole

Dan’s Tight Pants Presentation by Aaron Majewski

Dan’s big pitch came, he was raring to go, having prepared all week. He spoke eloquently and well for forty five minutes. At the end the only question from his peers were about his new pants…they had shrunk in the wash, two sizes. Dan mortified, slunk home.