SCREENPLAY MOVIE: The Darwin Protocol, by Shane McCabe

In a desperate effort to prove his innocence a wrongly convicted death-row inmate volunteers for a covert genetics experiment to produce super soldiers. But when the experiment goes horribly wrong he is forced to team up with the very man who deliberately withheld evidence which would have exonerated him to take down two serial killers… Continue reading SCREENPLAY MOVIE: The Darwin Protocol, by Shane McCabe

SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Sergeant Freeman, by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

SERGEANT FREEMAN by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall Feature Screenplay Action / Drama African-American Army Sergeant Stella Freeman’s college-bound daughter Keisha goes missing. Sergeant Freeman had just been given the Army’s new Urban Terrorism platoon. A single mom and widow, Freeman is fighting to find her daughter while the Army pressures her to represent women in this… Continue reading SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Sergeant Freeman, by Gloria J. Browne-Marshall

“Beautiful Violence” Short Film Trailer

BEAUTIFUL VIOLENCE, 12min., USA, Crime/Drama Directed by Joey Medina A powerful and gripping story about a white terminally ill businessman who uses racism to force an African American man he never met before to kill him in order for his family receive his life insurance money. Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

“EXIT” Short Film Trailer

EXIT, 6min., Germany, Dance Directed by Simone Cita Kieltyka The Film is about the moment before and after a “tipping point”. Rotating, spinning around, being stuck, being airborne, wearing out – getting out and exploring the leeway. which is quite elusive… Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

“Myrtle” Short Film Trailer

MYRTLE, 16min., UK, UK, Drama Directed by Patricia McCormack Myrtle, a trailer park Mom from Indiana, cooks dinner for her son. But something’s not quite right. This kitchen is anonymous, industrial, and Myrtle’s working to a deadline. As her composure unravels, we realize that 21 grams is all that separates life from death. Watch the… Continue reading “Myrtle” Short Film Trailer

“OREO” Short Film Trailer

OREO, 6min., Comedy/Drama Directed by Benjamin Jefferson An oreo named White Mike runs into some old friends and wacky strangers while waiting for a bus to a job interview

“CARLOTA” Short Film Trailer

CARLOTA, 12min., Mexico, Comedy/Drama Directed by Malu Solis Lala smokes pot ten minutes before lunch with her in-laws. Upon seeing her, her boyfriend gets angry and leaves without her. In this way, Lala achieves her goal: skip lunch in order to enjoy the feeling of freedom that comes with staying home alone.

“Omen” Short Film Trailer

Through dance and movement, OMEN tells the story of one woman’s exploration of bravery and perseverance, intimately following her as she takes risks and overcomes fears. The film tells the story of our shared interdependence – and the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. OMEN was shot in the Grand Canyon National Park by award-winning… Continue reading “Omen” Short Film Trailer