Feature Script: HIT THE SWITCH, by LaToya Morgan

Title of the Story: Hit The Switch

Written by: LaToya Morgan, story by Jan Johnson Goldberger script owned by: Jan Johnson Goldberger and Beverley A. Gordon

Logline: Two rival South Los Angeles gangs, one Black and one Latino, battle for money, respect and territory in the city’s largest underground low-rider car championship.

Genre: Action/Crime, with strong Musical elements

Type: Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: WAKING THE SILENT KING, by Erik Hubscher

Title of Story:
Waking the Silent King

Written by:
Erik Hubscher

A mysterious scarred man helps an old friend to lead a galactic revolution against an evil empire of gods and monsters.

Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi

Feature Screenplay

Feature Script: LAST TURN, by Jason W. Rist

Title of Story: Last Turn

Written by: Jason W. Rist

Logline: Aaron Gates, a NASCAR champ to be, has an auto accident that ends his career. He enters a car race in the last ditch effort to get money to save his ailing girlfriend. One bad turn could end his life.

Genre: Drama

Type: feature screenplay

Feature Script: POVEGLIA ISLAND, by Matthew Fabietti

Title of Story: Poveglia Island

Written By: Matthew Fabietti

Logline: While honeymooning in Venice, a young couple becomes stranded on an abandoned island and discovers dark secrets about not only the island but their family history.

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: I323422

Feature Script: An Angel Comes For Ofelia, by Robert Segarra

Title of story – “An Angel Comes For Ofelia”

Written by – Robert Segarra

Logline – ” An Angel Comes For Ofelia” is a charming and sweet, complicated, multi-leveled, supernatural, inspirational dramedy detailing one woman’s journey from utter sadness to welcome discovery after it appears an angel has miraculously answered her prayers through the simple and mundane act of doing the weekly laundry.

Genre – Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Supernatural, Inspirational.

Type – Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number – 1270832