VIDEO PITCH: Escape To Hollow Earth, by Colin K. Stewart Book by Dan Weiss

Title of Story: Escape To Hollow Earth

Written by: Colin K. Stewart Book by Dan Weiss

Logline: “A Vietnam war draft resistor flees the US to Iceland tempted by absolute power and destiny of the world for either good or evil while encountering an advanced civilization living in the Center of the Earth.”

Genre: Sci-fi/Adventure

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA No: 1942941

VIDEO PITCH: In-Plainview, by Ken Belsky

Title of Story: In-Plainview
Written by: Ken Belsky

Three desperately out of work young women reluctantly seize upon

a last chance for success which ignites major conflicts in their personal lives and inflames a volatile community surrounding them.

Genre: Female-Centric, Drama, Romance
Type: Ltd. Mini-Series / TV Pilot
WGA Registration Number: 18666369

VIDEO PITCH: DANTE’S PARADISE, by Jon O’Neill & Carly Joseph

Title: Dante’s Paradise

Written by: Jon O’Neill & Carly Joseph

Logline: In Dante’s Paradise, a thriller, a renowned, egocentric forensic psychiatrist uses an elite assassin to find an unknown serial killer before anyone learns that the psychopath is his son.

Genre: Drama, thriller

Type: completed feature screenplay and one-hour pilot

WGA #’s: screenplay 1887449
pilot: 1872832


Title of Story: The Unexpected

Written by: Melissa Diane Hudson

Genre: Thriller, Drama, Family

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number: WG2018957

Logline: “The Unexpected” is a thriller in which a self- righteous widow struggles to protect her beloved husband’s sacred heirloom from a ruthless adversary who wants to kill her and take the birthright.

SCREENPLAY PITCH: The Ride of Your Life, by Paul Spreadbury

Performed by Hannah Ehman

A tormented psych professor tests special VR-goggles that turn mind content into realistic VR-Rides on the serial killer who murdered her mom. The psycho is sent on a terrifying ghoul-filled VR-head trip in hopes of restoring a soul so he’ll reveal the locations of all his victims – include her mom.

Genre: Sci-Fi/Thriller

Type: 1-hour TV/Webseries Pilot

Writers Guild Registration WGAW 2020337

U.S. Copyright 2019


A recent College grad moves back to his hometown only to find that he’s reliving his high school days with bullies, old grudges, crazy neighbors and his black sheep family.

  • Script Type:
    Screenplay, Television Script
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Script Language:

Video Pitch of the TV PILOT: THE TERRAN CHRONICLES by Lisa E Kirkwood


Written by: Lisa E Kirkwood

Logline: Enslaved by hostile aliens for a huge portion of his life, a former resident of Planet Earth finally manages to escape, and travels through space and time to find a way to change the course of his life, by altering other people’s pasts.

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Type: TV series, feature

WGA registration #: 1937655

Video Pitch of the Feature Screenplay: Super Cash by Enrique O. Mayers


Title of Story:Supercash:The Crime Buster

Written by:Enrique O. Mayers

Logline: When an evil villain kidnaps. Arch City’s crime fighting superhero so he can focus on polluting the world for his own financial gain, His son must take his place to save the planet and rescue his father.

Genre: Action, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family.

Type: Feature Screenplay

WGA Registration Number:1903042

Video Pitch for Madams of Midnight Rondevu, Feature Script by John Blane

To view film trailer please contact John M. Blane


A burned out veteran homicide detective, and his new female partner are assigned to investigate a series of brutal murders, that leads to a very discreet high-end brothel run by European twin sisters.


Get to know writer John Blane:
Video Pitch for Madams of Midnight Rondevu, Feature Script by John Blane