TWITTER MOVIE: Don’t Mess with the Lady, by Laura Tolomei

TWITTER SHORT STORY: Don’t mess with the lady by Laura Tolomei

A story of violence and no regrets!

The nice lady I live with had a monster as a husband. Every day, he beat her blind, and I couldn’t stand her screams of pain and help. So, one night, I tripped him. Down the stairs, he fell and died. Police came and went, but no one thought to blame me. I’m the cat, after all! Miao.

TWITTER MOVIE: Black Girls’ Curse by Shelley Jarrett

Narrator Geoff Mays

Black Girls’ Curse by Shelley Jarrett
Blessed with brains, beauty…and babies. Working late; mouths need feeding, and no man. She ponders over a coffee. How did it come to this? She can’t settle on an answer. Back to work.

WATCH TWITTER MOVIE: Security, by Mary Ann

Narrator Geoff Mays

SECURTY by Mary Ann
Off to meet my sister’s future in-laws happy as can be. After the first course Sal my brother stood up and let loose with a Giant Fart. Then he announces :Better to let it out and bear the shame then hold it in and bear the pain.

WATCH TWITTER MOVIE: The Choice, by Albert Russo

Narrator Geoff Mays

THE CHOICE by Albert Russo

She was a striking redhead, he a slender, bashful young man. They
became lovers. Then one day, he disappeared. Six months later he
knocked at her door. She slapped him, he begged for her pardon. He had
become a woman. After a harrowing separation, they decided they
couldn’t live apart. and settled for a unique, platonic relationship.
Sex could be had with former partners.



Narrator Geoff Mays

THE EXCITING DOT, by Lannah Sawers-Diggins
Jill was watching for that dot followed by all that dust. It meant the weekly mail was coming.
That dot meant more surprises just might be on their way. Who knew?
If she could have seen into the future, she would have found that they also led into a lifetime following that passion never stopped.