Screenplay Trailer Submissions – Deadline June 28th

We are proud to announce SCREENPLAY TRAILERS.

NEW: All screenplay trailers made with this service will now have their video play at the monthly “Festival for Trailers” Festival. See the details of that festival HERE

We will make an engaging promotional video for your screenplay. A quick 30-150 second video that you can show to anyone right away, that tells what your screenplay is about and who you are.

For an example, here are recent SCREENPLAY TRAILERS to Watch:

Submit today and we will have it completed in 2-3 weeks.

Email your screenplay’s pitch info to in the body of the email.

A good template is the following:

TITLE of Script:

Author NAME:

Type of screenplay: (short, TV pilot, feature)

Website or any relevant info (social media etc..):

Summary of script: 1-2 paragraphs. (Can start with a one line teaser. Then a quick summary of your story.)

We will supply the rest. The relevant pictures to script describe your story visually, and the voice over artist.

For a limited time, pay only $150: 
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This month’s testimonials:

Thank you for the trailer for screenplay. This is great! I really didn’t know what I wanted, so I took advantage of your vision. I’m glad I did.
– Writer Rick Mannoia

Excellent job! Getting great response already!
– Writer R. Cook

My trailers are fantastic, thank you very much.
-Wrier B. Whiteman

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