Action/Crime Feature Film: A GIRL WITH A MASTERMIND, by Priya Mistry

ACTORTitle: A Girl with a Mastermind

Written by: Priya Mistry

Type: Feature Film

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Action

Logline: A bomb supplier must bring out secret of special bombs, and also prove herself in order to elicit genuine intention of her illegal business among the nation, no matter how many legal obstacles she faces.

Synopsis: The story is about a bomb supplier, Junno, and her team who runs an illegal business and deals with gangsters. As per the nature of the business she faces many legal obstacles to carry on her missions. These missions are all about humanity. Although she carries an illegal business, she has genuine intention behind this business. She must prove herself among the nation and police by bringing out the secret of special bombs which is an interesting twist of the story.