LA Festival Short Script: ALL THIS DEATH, by Kerry E. Wagner

420631d50c posterRebellious drifter, Eric Payson, is proud of his family’s name no matter their reputation. At 5, he witnessed his father’s demise on the front steps of his grandparent’s house. In his teens, he endured the unsolved murders of his notorious grandfather and younger brother. Now he inherits the responsibility to maintain the property and carry out the family’s legacy. Eric soon learns preserving the land is one thing but cherishing the memories, is something all together different.

Writer Biography – Kerry E. Wagner
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Kerry E. Wagner is a pioneering filmmaker whose artistic work explores the crux of the human condition—relationship with self and others—and the materiality of personal power and accountability. His paradoxical perspective is multifaceted, entertaining and challenging to viewers with relatable stories, piercing wit, and climactic artistry. He is a native Houstonian with a diverse blend of experience across a range of artistic media and successful creative projects. An advocate of artistic freedom, Wagner is known for his creative defiance, impudence, and radical adaptation of prevailing aesthetic traditions; for creating a distinctive catalogue of inventive work that regales and conveys penetrating socio-relational commentaries; and for manifesting the value of storytelling. Most recently, he studied screenplay writing at The Screenplay Workshop and motion picture production at KD Conservatory: College of Film and Dramatic Arts.
Originally from Houston, Texas, Kerry has been working in the entertainment industry in some form or fashion practically for more than 30 years. His journey began on a Hip Hop music label, being featured and performing with several national recording artist(From Willie D of the Geto Boyz to Ice Cube of N.W.A.). That led to writing and self publishing his own Amazon top sellers fictional works to numerous screenwriting workshops(Jill Chamberlain’s Master Class Alumnist) to earning his degree in Associates of Applied Arts in Motion Picture Production in 2018 (KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts). He’s studied acting improvisation while residing New York. Hosted literary events in Seattle, Cincinatti, Atlanta, Houston, Louisiana, Ohio. Most recently he’s worked in Dallas/Ft.Worth as Set 1st A.D. He went on to write, produce and Direct several of his own shorts. The latest, “A REAL MAN” (2018) Kerry also was the brainchild of the first Self Publishing event for authors of it’s kind in the U.S, held twice a year for 3 consecutive years consisting mostly of volunteers coming together from around the country. (Wagfest Litertainment)in 2007 -2010. This allowed Kerry to master the skill of internet marketing and developing internet communities. A testament to another required industry skill he’s learn to master… resourcefulness.

Writer Statement

This is the result of conflicts, release and peace but in this case, some things are meant to be just that, memories. And sometimes even those need to be left alone.

The idea of this project developed after book club members became intrigued with the trailer, I produced for one of my novels. In film school, I experimented with it as an assignment and it seemed to captivate classmates as well. The history runs much deeper and is relative to my own father’s attempted murder on the evening I was finally going to meet him in person.

I believe it has social impact because adult males, African American particularly, suffer with deep conflicts, due to emotional traumas experienced in childhood.

I believe I can bring unique characters, subtext and clever dialogue filler to the table of screenwriting. I am a fan of “less dialogue more action” and good transitions. My mind is on autopilot, having studied extensively in screenwriting before earning my degree in motion picture production. I am obsessed with mastering both my own unique writing and directing skills, eventually of course. It is my desire to bring an epic minded approach, presentation and delivery to a story that may or may not have been told. To paraphrase Wynn Handman, ” Styles may change, but the truth remains the same”.

My influences vary but I’m a student of Martin Scorsese. We share an interest in the same types of gritty dramas. Coming from a tough neighborhood, I believe I share his flair for seducing an audience with that dangerous charm that disarms readers/viewers.

My hope is that my writing seduces patience from you. It dawned on you. You read it but didn’t give up because you knew in your soul you were missing something. You knew to hang on because if it’s Kerry E. Wagner, there’s a banana in the tail pipe just waiting. You’re prepared yet it’s going to explode when you least expect it but you won’t mind because it’s always worth it. I hope to brand myself with my audience that way. That would be the best compliment to my legacy.

Kerry E. Wagner