Short Script: AWRY PREROGATIVE by Ricky Sylvester

6ff0cd53de posterCharmed by her innocent looks and let off drug charges due to her (DEA Father). (Awry) A rebel middle class college student phases on the urban culture lifestyle and easily dodges the consequences that comes with the life. The adorable kingpin smuggles DEA evidence into her book bag while interning at her father’s department.

The Father blackmails her boyfriend (Rowe) by framing him with drugs the officer stole from the departments evidence room. The officer was under the impression that the young men he pulled over fit the description of the usual suspects. He figured they would know what to do with the product to turn him profit.

The father and daughter both unaware of the other’s simultaneous criminal actions. Continuing her deceptive behavior, she keeps her boyfriend incognito from her father. Her father’s oppressing sparks an optimistic activist in her boyfriend. The female kingpin remains oblivious to her lovers oppression struggles as she makes her profit and party’s hard.

Her best friend (Alexa) becomes one of her largest loyal customers when awarded four million dollars in life insurance claims from her mothers death of cancer. In a depression her friend self-medicates and becomes the colleges largest prestige party host. Too much evidence comes up missing and the police department goes under investigation. Pending her trial, the media hypes controversy on themselves for a comment that fostered privilege by publicly labeling her “The Adorable Kingpin”.

Awrys father gets demoted from the DEA. Court orders Awry to community service and probation. Rowe overturned being framed in a civil lawsuit that settled. Then Published a best selling novel about abused authoritarianism, disregarded privilege exploits, social conscience and disparaging stereotypes.


Writer Biography – Ricky Sylvester

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Massachusetts and Florida native Ricky J. Sylvester is the author of the screenplay Awry Prerogative. One of many screenplays to come and another in the works. A foster child at the age of six taken away from his family, placed in foster care and later adopted at the age of eight. His wild domestic life experiences
and traveling background enables his artistic creative story telling. The former professional Mixed Martial Artist dropped the gloves and picked up his pen to join the creative side of the entertainment industry.

Writer Statement

This screenplay has a message of social conscience. It brings forth crime, scandal, stereotyping, corrupt authoritarianism, privilege and oppression. It entails everything relevant in today’s social issues appealing to the interest of society’s questions and concerns. One persons bad experience with an individual shouldn’t be labeled as a representative for an entire group of people. This film takes the inverse concept approach to show conscience for one another.