Short Script: BANANA REPUBLIC, by Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay

Title of story – banana republic
Written by Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay

Logline :

Banana republic is a hilarious animation about how Zigi finds his best friend when he doesn’t even know what he looks like.

Genre : animation

Type : short screenplay

ANIMATION Short Script: BANANA REPUBLIC, by Emma Lindsay

Banana republic is about how a group of bananas build their society from scratch after they have destroyed it and how they survive the threatening life as a banana against humanity and other animals .


Writer Biography –¬†Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay


Jay-jay Orleans, also known as E-moll, is a proud ghanaian , a spoken-word artist , a screenplay writer, a visual artist and a freelance writer. His real name from birth is Emmanuel Orleans-lindsay ; he is mostly know by his pseudo name jay-jay Orleans -also spelt J-J Orleans . He is a lover of music, dogs , nature and most importantly reading , with a background in psychology and computer science . With his extensive reading and analysis of these subjects , he informs new heights or perspectives from research in these fields in an artistic manner to empower his readers, entertain them and inspire them . His short story living from October the third was short listed for the afroyoung adult’s anthology. Jay-jay loves public reading of his poems and live performances of his works . Some of pieces that are loved by many include his favourite poems hunt me well, I can’t forget you , God’s done, how dare you love and whose head is this , mostly accompanied by singers ,drummers or other performers.

Writer Statement


To be the best visual writer and amongst the best creative writers in the world .