SACRED LAMB, by Zoe Garcia

A1c4da9198 posterIn a rural Greek village, a boy encounters a miracle that changes his perspective on faith.

Writer Biography – Zoe Garcia

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I was signed with an agency based in Texas when I was 9 and I’ve been acting since. Over the years, I realized I prefer to be behind the camera and I found my passion for storytelling.

Writer Statement

This script is based on my family in Corfu, Greece. I wanted to include pieces from my summers in the village, but this is really a story about faith. I’m interested in the things we cling to for hope in a higher power. I have always wanted some blatant miracle to land in my lap, so I wrote about it.



Elijah a drag queen has been partying for 3 days. With a dead phone and no cash will he make it to the hospital to see the birth of his son?

S A M U E L   D O U E K   P R O D U C T I O N S   L T D .

Novel: Jumbled Pieces Autism, by Jordan Keller

ACTORTitle: Jumbled Pieces Autism

Written by: Jordan Keller


Genre: Biography

Logline: At 12 years old Jordan has written his first book about his life with autism. Jordan explains his struggles and accomishments since his diagnosis at 4 months old.

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