TV Pilot: Blair Hills, by D. Sidney Potter

Efa979bb40 posterSet in the 1970’s within a subdivision of Culver City, CA called Blair Hills, amongst the influx of minorities into a predominantly white neighborhood, an ethically mixed black and white child and his three siblings move in and allow us to view a changing world through the eyes of the youngest among us.


Writer Biography – D. Sidney Potter

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The author had earned his living as a real estate broker before embarking on a writing career. Mr. Potter has been a contributing writer to several of the following periodicals: American Thinker,, Inman Real Estate, Enter Stage Right, iReport (CNN), Dissident Voice, (apart of MSNBC), and The Huffington Post. In addition, Mr. Potter has a BA in Political Science, 2 MBA’s and part of a doctorate degree from Pepperdine.