Novel: BROKEN STORY by Tj Evans

Broken Story

(Where do you go when love is not enough?)

By: Tj Evans


Hot Chick

Genre: Romance

Type: Novel

After losing her fiancé in a car crash, Alisha is distraught and broken. Can she find hope when life hurts most? Will she let love find her again or will she be left broken again? Find out in this intriguing tale of love, grief, hope, forgiveness and redemption.

Dear Love,
If you have to leave, I hope I am enough reason to make you stay.
If you need to get out of bed, I hope loving me makes you spend an extra hour.
If you need to work late, I hope my cooking makes you run home.
If you come back tired and need a nap, I hope you want me as I want you.
If the world does not make sense, I hope I am your safest place to hide.
If your favourite game is on, I hope seeing me in your T-shirt makes you forget that game.
If you want to quit I hope I am the reason you give us a fighting chance.

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Broken Story