ANIMATION Festival Short Script: Why Must Man’s Best Friend Be a Dog?, by Anna Patterson

Logline: Talking animals, a no no surely. But People keep writing them and so do I.
Synopsis:I wrote this some time ago — thought it was cute. I kept it. would like to see what people think.
Why Must Man’s Best Friend Be a Dog?
Why not a Frog, or a cat?
I know some cats that would so like that!
Animated, rhyming, singing story of a professor cat trying to get the animal kingdom to give cats a break!

Female Festival Feature Script: Wheat Dandy, by Anna Patterson


Dad’s death throws the wheat farm into turmoil

Sis and husband felt for years they owned the place, they had raised their children here, and worked day and night to keep the place financially stable. They had fought disease, insects, and violent weather. Now they faced financial ruin, and local politicians and a bank wanting to develop the land. Into this mix, comes her brother, disillusioned and angry, discharged due to malaria he caught in a tour of duty in a tropical jungle. Bitter and disillusioned, he briefly finds relief with old friends, but one is suddenly killed in a fiery crash of her crop duster. Torn by memories, he finds the place a haunting trap. Could the kid who was once ridiculed in school as “Wheat Dandy” because of his homemade clothes find the heart in his dark soul to save the family farm. This is a story of the things which are best in the human spirit, courage, humbleness, and its unlikely heroes.

COMEDY Short Screenplay: FAMILY CRISIS LIVE-IN, by Anna Patterson

By Romance Novelist Anna Patterson
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Grandma gets thrown out of the nursing home, reclaims her home from son and family and seeks to regain control of her extended family although she hates them.
Dad and Mom own house and he is taking early retirement to remodel house to flip it in a sale, but their daughter of an abused marriage arrives with teen pregnant daughter and driver her home is their son, arriving after flunking out of fourth college. He drives up bringing his band just as cousins family come here after losing their tickets to Europe and traveler tickets.