Feature Film: Merek & Davino in the Lost World, by David Serra

ACTORTitle: The Druid, the Sword and the Raven (“1000: The Sword in the Stone” series, Episode #1)

Written by: David Serra


Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Adventure

Logline: Two dysfunctional men, on a fishing trip, wind up on an uncharted island where they must brave prehistoric creatures, carnivorous plants, and dangerous obstacles.

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Feature Screenplay VIDEO PITCH for MOTHER & SON, by David Serra


Written by: David Serra

Type: Feature Script

Genre: Apocalyptic, Survivor, Drama

LOGLINE: A mother and her autistic son are stuck in a bunker in a post-apocalyptic world after it was overrun by huge sea monsters. Things intensify when an injured woman soldier arrives.

This touches base with how far a mother would go to protect her child no matter what the odds whether it’s a mysterious soldier or a huge monster.