SCREENPLAY TRAILER: Martinez Margaritas & Murder, by James Helsing

TITLE of Script: Martinez, Margaritas and Murder!

Author NAME: James Helsing

Type of screenplay: Feature Film

Genre: LGBTQ comedy

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Summary of script:

Mainstream success eludes struggling Hollywood actor Freddy Martinez… while a local serial killer eludes police.

Sweet-natured Freddy is surrounded by Margarita-loving BFFs and no shortage of suspects: sassy attorney Erika, who has a thing for Testosterone-challenged older men… sex-addicted A-List model roommate Trent, who sneaks out in the dead of night and returns with scratches on his face and hands… wealthy spitfire landlady Maude, who hates Trent and has the hots for Freddy… trust fund baby Steve, who buys one of the murder houses so he can sell tickets to the morbidly curious… and Freddy’s charming new boyfriend Billy, who has an unhealthy fascination with the murders.

Like the colorful comic Telenovela their TVs are always tuned to, drama queens collide with cool heads right up until the grand finale, when the killer unwittingly blows his… or her… cover.