Feature Film: Sentinels of Tzurac- Zarkwin’s Revenge, by James Raven & Danielle Kaheaku

TITLE of STORY : Sentinels of Tzurac- Zarkwin’s Revenge

WRITTEN BY: James Raven & Danielle Kaheaku

GENRE: Sci- Fi, Action , Adventure

LOGLINE: When the Earth-born Sentinel’s two archenemies escape imprisonment, they join forces with the alien Treldarian army, infusing them with the stolen Xytrinium formula to enhance their powers. The Treldarians launch simultaneous attacks on Earth and its mining outpost Terra Iota seeking control of the Xytrinium reserves, and vengeance against the Earth- born Sentinel. But their efforts are unexpectedly thwarted by a Tzuracian Sentinel turncoat seeking redemption and forgiveness.